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  1. Carth would pwn Atton, lol. Even T3 would pwn Atton.

  2. Ah. "Stargate: Mathematician" then.


  4. Hey, wheres Chewbacca? I think I smell... eww... wookie? ...Naw, thats Architect. :shifty:

  5. Not RPG or MMO! KotOR 3 will be lego! Now Architect will have a game to call his own! :shifty:

  6. Err... I don't use this profile. I use walkerguy. There is no evidence that would suggest I was on mod status. spartan117 is, walkerguy is not. The laptop charger thing was true. I'm careless. Nowadays, the laptop is often away from home and find myself unable to keep pace so I hardly visit. Oh. I have to have a punchline. Lets make it simple for your dumb*** self. Oh! There it is!

  7. New sig cause old one too big? Only logical explanation. Unless he wanted your numerals in lowercase. lol

  8. Damn, Sheppard doesn't know pi. Its not as if its like "Stargate: Scientist", you dumb*** :shifty:

  9. Yes, pooh was there. And is here. Do not ask why I am pooh, but know this: I am not *your* pooh. Not that I care.... damn that name is too soft and cuddly sounding. More suited for the likes of Architect. :shifty:

  10. 100% random, sorry for that. (Receipt)

  11. Did the general issue a receipt?

  12. Greetings from Pegasus. Send me a postcard... don't worry. The postage via stargate shouldn't cost... everything... I'll be waiting for it!

  13. Hi, pooh is here.

  14. Accept comment=Fail :shifty: Archie, no, the only gifts I got were two Baals. Uhh... forget I said that. >_<

  15. Im not big on fic, so the one I told you about is barely in progress. Im more of a fiction interest than fanfic, but Im getting around to it, so yeah.

  16. I shot myself in the foot when I heard Hammond died. WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN LANDRY!!?

  17. I'd be sad if an inner circle Atlantis died. Like Wier did. I didn't even know Hammond was dead until I came here. For your information Architect, I like it here in Pegasus. Until those damn Wraith came. All those flying saucer sound effects really ruined my sleep. :(

  18. Wow. Didn't know that either. And hi, Xard.

  19. Wow. Since 2004. Do you come back at random or something?

  20. im late, but still, happy birthday!

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