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  1. Hurricane sirens!! Oh wait, we don't have those. WTF! What will I do in a storm?

  2. Look out Toto, we're not in Wyoming anymore. :shifty:

  3. You never finished telling your story on D_N's comments, babydol. You like stop in mid-sentence. Like Architect usually does. :shifty:

  4. Well, it wasn't the first in the list actually, but you get the idea.

  5. Besides your SGA n00b-ness, you're not so bad, Krezack. :shifty:

  6. At least I enjoy something *normal*. :shifty:

  7. You're going to break qtpi? That sounds quite manly. :shifty:

  8. A cap? I like hats, too.

  9. I like semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  10. How many lovers do you have, Arch?

  11. I thought Aussies and Zealots were mortal enemies.

  12. Shut up, strawberry. :shifty:

  13. Oh yeah... well... damn it. Omlette! Help defend your state!!

  14. Pi + Tale = FAIL

    Tale + Archie =


  15. Damn it, here it goes again. :shifty:

  16. wheres part 2 of babydols post - lighten up- take off approve comments- I will not make any attempt to abuse your box, on threat of the green dragon - just lighten up, master tech

  17. Thats right, DN. :shifty:

  18. I'm not misunderstood, just *burp* drunk.

  19. Righhhhhht.....

  20. Its the same day on your side of the world too? I thought you all were completely backward. :shifty:

  21. Hey, I'm only a Floridian, right?

  22. Americans don't know what "wankers" are, wanker. :shifty:

  23. He's gone. The only thing humping here is, well, nothing. Enjoy the view.

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