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  1. Ok, ok. He is. The Star Wars MASTER. Probably good about other things too, I just never see him elsewhere.

  2. You're right. :shifty:

  3. ConsolesRsuxy

    I dont get it. Sexy or sucky? Or something else? lol

  4. I like swiss cheese.

  5. Hey, I'm first in line for that pie. Did I miss it?

  6. Where the hell is the pie now? I want some.

  7. Hello, dear user.


  8. Thats what my grandmother said... uh, nevermind.

  9. Tale and Archie say you lie. Do you?

  10. Some people don't bother. I usually don't.

  11. Calm down, children.

  12. "Chad Vader wants a Woman" lol

  13. Here on the Daedalus we know where to send our ordnance. Daddy Daycare.

  14. My fleet is also a major danger. :shifty:

  15. signing off for today...

  16. “After we pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is NOT our friend!”

    If you're a grenade then I'm Micheal Jackson.

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