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  1. It does get the shred cost reduction still. Also remember soul annihilation is a main hand attack
  2. If I'm not mistaken he's looking for retaliation damage not reflection and why he mentioned high con and Darcozzi.
  3. Aside from monk amd fire godlike are there any good retaliation abilities out there? Is the Darcozzi flame shield any better? Is firegodlike still pretty bad too? Any items especially early game I can look for?
  4. No idea how you can put devoted so low with the changes to armor etc they're pretty strong still. Fighter is still a good Subclass it's just not bonkers broken cleaving stance giving you faster action speed and a full attack is still pretty powerful it's just not hilariously broke. Currently running a brute and it's pretty insane with my chosen weapons being swords with the modal and with zerker and devoted that gives me access to 6 arpen not including penetrating strikes. The only thing imo is meta knowledge possibly.
  5. My beckoner seemed to be alright still. Skeletons are pretty weak sauce but ogres seem fine with high int. I'll of course need to check on it a bit more but it seemed okay, I just think a major problem is how strong troubador is in general with brisk recital.
  6. Just want to add that sharpshooter is only 10% now so it's not a bad deal If you plan on going for it.
  7. I would pair street fighter with ascendant and not assassin but you'd want to use blunderbuss for the modal. Street fighter for a ranged class typically isn't that good unless you use the blunderbuss modal which causes you to be flanked. If you aren't going to do that than use asassin if you're willing to use stealth. I'd do street fighter with ascendent and use blunderbuss it's a ton of fun and the action speed effects your spell casting
  8. I keep advocating it since I have had a lot of fun but a stretfighter / ascendant is crazy fun to play. I was dual wielding blunderbuss for the modal to proc being flanked which gives you 50% faster action speed which includes spell casting. Doesn't require stealth you just get to dual wield shotguns and it's pretty great. You could rp it as a rogue whos trip to the beyond maybe unlocked some psychic powers. You essentially blast shots with blunderbuss, once you become ascended you can spam out spells with the 50% faster casting. I did something like... Might - max Con - 7 Dex - max Per - max Int - max Res - dump It was something similar to this not at home so can't check. Int is important for the spell lengths and ascendant time , dex for faster reloads and casting, and might since it was one of the only ways to increase spell damage
  9. Not sure but I'd consider dumping res since I don't believe it will do much for you honestly. Being flanked and frenzied is going to drop your deflection pretty low. You could consider putting it into your main stats but if you don't like dumped stats seems fairly good.
  10. Completely fair assessment. One thing to consider with puppet master is creatures resistant to intelligent debuffs are immune to whispers and get charmed from puppet master so it has somewhat of a use until you get ring leader since you can respec out of it. My cipher uses blunderbuss so i'm typically in range for it but it definitely isn't the strongest ability.
  11. I'm trying to make it so when i enter combat i cast Llengrads displaced imaged > Mirrored Images > wizards double > spirit shield... now the problem i've been having is that it does cast those in order... but uses all of my spell slots so it cast some of them 2x in a row. Anyone have any clue what i need to do to get it to buff myself correctly?
  12. Scout like you said is fairly good. What do you want your character to be good at , anything more specific?
  13. Am I overlooking some cipher casting abilities (damage?). Around the lower levels as I'm currently level 8, I've mainly been spamming mind blades which is pretty solid of there are 2-3 guys are some lucky bounces but I feel I'm probably overlooking some awesome ability since I haven't tested out much at these levels. Mind you I'm running an ascended/streetfighter so I machine gun out my cast fairly quick. Ive been trying to stick to lower cast times since recovery isn't a big trouble for me using firearms
  14. I think it varies from game to game. I think early game power matters a lot more in Deadfire because due to its open ended nature the vast majority of the content is aimed at the early to mid levels. So if you are maxing some super dupa multi class that gets good at levels 17-19 by the time you reach that level the game is already over. For me the only thing that keeps early game Wizard viable is Chill Fog and honestly Aloth can be a Chill Fog bot just fine (since they don't stack). I think this early game favouring is even stronger in 1.1. The game gets super challenging super fast yet people who are loading up their old saves at levels 12-14+ are saying it does not feel much different. I will disagree with this, the early missile spells aren't that bad fireball is pretty strong too especially if you empower it. I've been using aloth as a tank since the wizard buffs last a long time and he can still empower a spell to deal solid damage
  15. Everyone keeps saying Cipher is bad yet Whispers of Treason can carry you in 1.1. An Empowered Whispers can turn a fight. Well I mean it's just that a lot of the powers available aren't that powerful. High level wizard and druid spells are incredibly powerful. They are pretty solid honestly I think a lot of it is people comparing them to POE 1. Yeah but high level does not really matter. Everything is strong at high level. About the only good offensive Wizard spell till PL 3 is Chill Fog. Druids have bad accuracy issues at low levels with spells. Just find it weird how every rags on them but then recuits as temp companions to get through the early fights (usually the hardest part of a CRPG). Well I mean Im not disagreeing just rather explaining why. Druids are fairly good with there support skills early too. I mean ciphers to me aren't bottom tier more of in the middle they just need a lot of there skills looked at honestly. Right now with my streetfighter / ascendant I think he's pretty awesome I get 50% quicker recovery and machine gun out spells I just feel my spell choice isn't the greatest
  16. Everyone keeps saying Cipher is bad yet Whispers of Treason can carry you in 1.1. An Empowered Whispers can turn a fight. Well I mean it's just that a lot of the powers available aren't that powerful. High level wizard and druid spells are incredibly powerful. They are pretty solid honestly I think a lot of it is people comparing them to POE 1.
  17. I'm a fan of polearms , double damage type and the one in the old city is pretty fun to use with it.
  18. Chanter 100% it is essentially a bard at its base. Rogue would be a combo thematically for a dragon age style bard you'll get some good damage and offensive utility. If you pair it with an arcane trickster you'll get a few illusion spells too. Paladin is the strongest for a support bard, you get great defenses and an extra aura. Just really good. Warrior will provide you with some mobility some cc and pretty solid tankiness Honesty it's hard to go wrong chanter is crazy good. I'd go with troubador since you can either focus on having 2 chants going simultaneously or chanting quickly and spamming invocationa. Skald could work well if you stack for crit greatly but probably not as good.
  19. I'll start. Loving the increased difficulty and mob density I really wanted to play a gun mage (cipher) as that was my favorite character from poe. I tried an ascendant / sharpshooter but something just seemed missing... Enter mindstalker. I got to thinking that my free casting was nice but rather slow and I still wanted to cast fast while also having decent burst to reach ascended. Streetfighter with the strongest action speed buff in the game with blunderbuss modal to proc it and holy smokes is it fun. I use serafens blunderbuss not only for the dual damage type but because it allows me backstab for crazy damage since it doesn't multishot. The alpha strike allows me to go ascended and then have the 50% faster casting from street fighter it's pretty awesome. What are you guys running on your main dude?
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