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  1. I was playing around with a blunderbuss sp you can flank yourself. I want to try a build with serefans aoe blunderbuss since they're both single projectiles and with the modal you'll pump out even more aoe damage. You could go zerker and use the extra pen and armor from frenzy still and if you became bloodied your damage could really get crazy especially I'd you start barb smashing at lower hp. You could also use blunderbuss as an alpha strike with the modal than switch to melee and frenzy. I
  2. I haven't had time to test yet but I'm wondering if this is the case? Running a seer (ascended +sharpshooter) and since spell accuarcy is hard to come by I was wondering if the +10 from the hunters mark applied would apply to my cipher abilities. Thanks!
  3. Super excited to take a look through the changes hoping they buffed ranger a bit as ranger is one of my favorite classes. Now i can go ahead and makE a new character! Did they fix reload speeds on blunderbuss es I really want to use my streetfighter build =)
  4. I mean I just avoid the clearly broken things like never ending procs etc =). Question about the difficulty mod since I haven't had to much time to play it yet are spells actually useable? I was just concerned since there aren't to many ways to increase accuracy and with the level difference I wasn't sure if all my spells would miss and drive me crazy
  5. It depends what you'd like to like all things! Devoted could provide some crit damage and arpen which is nice along with penetrating strike. Helwalker can use dance of death and lightnine strikes which would be really great. The flurry that proc on crit is way better but it's bugged to be op so I don't use it. Rogue works quite well but stealth is currently a bit wonky and broken but if you enjoy it, it is quite good and even wi thout stealth cheese you get strike the bell which is pretty solid along with all sorts of passives and invisibility which is a bit buggy but good. Ranger is good for all the accuarcy bonuses combined with the arequebus modal you can hit and crit everything, ranger adds crazy amounts of accuracy, the pet sucks for damage but can play midline or just go for a ranged char. Cipher will add some good damage passives ,and you can reload during the recovery phase and since guns have reload insyear of recovery you can shoot cast a spell than reload during the spells recovery. You can focus on .5 second casting and just reload during recover. Paladin is really good with flames of devotions aND marked enemy and you'll be tanky. A downside is the rp needed for paladins but if you don't care about the deep faith bonuses it's not bad as they're easy to get but something to consider. Beserker would be pretty nice for the buffs and arpen, carnage won't work but that's not a big deal but you'd essentially take it to rage and for the passives. Barbaric blow would be good but it cost 2 points so it's kind of expensive. Multiclass with a chanter you can get a chant that reduces reload speed and recover for ranged weapons for your team and get summoning Are you considering rp ? What do you want? Ranger is pretty solid and the bonus accuracy is definitely useful, also remember there is a balance patch coming soon so things will change so if I were you I'd focus on a character who you like to RP as. Everyone has what's fun for them and I found I enjoy characters I have a clear identity for and they fulfill that role . Currently the difficulty of the game makes it so you can play what ever you want doe the most part no issue so I wouldn't stress to much and pick what seems cool to you!
  6. you dont have to play a bleak walker... The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga get a +1 engagement. Paladins have unsurpassed support abilities that fighters don't get and they cal always use weapons to add engagements. I think they're fine as they are honestly
  7. rogue / what ever you like. blunderbuss modal makes you flanked so you get 50% faster recovery and it's totally awesome. Other than that if you want to multiclass pair it up with something you'd enjoy! Devoted as said would be nice for the bonus pen but if you don't want a warrior a ranger or paladin would work great. Ranger gives you bonus accuracy with offsets the modal the paladin would make you more tanky and would be really strong (probably the strongest) but you would have to decide if you want to RP the paladin but you can't go wrong either way. Monk with lightning strikes would be great too maybe with a helwalker but blunderbuss is a bit short range, you cant go wrong though, DEFINITELY check out street fighter though if you want the blunderbuss.
  8. Companions are useless and weak in general, also in team play. The bring nothing apart from free Flanked on enemy, which Cipher can do with Level II spell for whole screen... And on PotD pet won't tank much unless you have some priest or paladin baby sitting it. And rnemy AI resetting due to invisibility is not an exploit, it's how the game mechanic works. Blame Obsidian for it. As for reload, i would just have to use hit-n-run tactic with smoke veil and wouldn't have any problem with solo run. Not to mention Spearcaster with Skerwer. If you want I can do rerun of this area for you without reload trick- it will be longer but I will have no problem soloing it. You could easily argue that it's clearly not intended like infinite bouncing projectiles but with how the state of balance is it doesn't matter to much stealth tends to be tricky. I think the talents needs to be fairly large increases so a Rangers base pet isn't to powerful but an invested one is. They do need some base stats added though
  9. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Amira%27s_Wing This weapon right here would be perfect for the build, gives you per encounter high level druid and wizard abilities and would actually probably make the class work pretty well. With chill fog and the druid storm abilities, and wilting winds and tornado granted from this item you'd have a super great control and some really cool character flavor. I think I'm actually stealing this idea and doing it today thanks!
  10. I would suggest against lifegiver as I believe you have to spirit shift to make the best use of there abilities so an animist may work better. Regarding monk as far as I know it would override and not stack. As for the voulge itself I don't belive it adds storm power unless it's a non listed buff I'd have to Check when I'm home. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Amira%27s_Wing. There is this 2h rod for wind power you can sail to the island quickly but getting the rod may be a bit tricky you may be able to stealth grab it though if you are looking for a more of a caster approach. If you really want to combo a druid with the polearm I feel animist / devoted would be your best bet for what you described since you won't have to rely on shifting etc. What aspect of your character is the most important to you?
  11. I think a large problem is the difficulty mod I'm running makes it apparent how awful the pet is. Was use to poe when I ran a melee tanky ranger and my pet was actually putting out some good damage, and now it feels more so like a liability to have me debuffed I think aside from some buffs to the pet to make it useful they need to look st there subclasses a bit too and talent tree. There just seems to be do many useless talents it's crazy. Maybe even consider combining some of the pet passives together
  12. Just the title here I was trying a melee stalker and my bear felt pretty useless and squishy. Do they scale at all do they have a sweet spot? Bear armor please.
  13. I'd be happy with nerfs and buffs for potd. Buff the enemy and nerf the player, a lot of the martial classes are to strong. I think it is a complete missed opportunity to introduce the companion specific subclasses and not have them un lockable for the player when I complete someone's person quest they should have it unlock for the player
  14. Yeah I was using a pistol earlier but since I'm mainly casting spells through combat the sword is just for a deflection bonus! The smaler skeletons are useful since they can surround someone and physically take less space. You could always run with a troubador and that would allow you to use an offensive invocation or two. I'm actually thinking about going in and seeing if I can do a beckoner mod to use the normal sized summons.
  15. Absolutely but I found them rather dull to play currently because of that reason and prior to higher levels they're fairly boring to play =)
  16. oh man i just had to retype the guide, ill do more formatting etc later buy i fixed it up a bit. I typed it up when i was bored on mobile but i fixed it up here finally!
  17. Hey everyone, this is my first guide here so be nice! A lot of the guides I have read were abusing unintended interactions, or didn't really come into how the build is supposed to be played until later in the game which i found to be super lame. All the gear and items needed for this build are easily attainable early game, and the build starts out with its identity from lvl 1 so right out the gate you already have the start of your characters identity and it only gets better from then on. I will also say i am an avid fashion souls / fashion hunter player so looking cool > being completely optimized. Also some choices were made for ROLE PLAYING PURPOSES since this is a role playing game. Remember if you want X or you want Y do it, it's your character and if you see your character doing certain things go for it, this is just a rough outline! You will be casting dots, summoning minions, and just being overall awesome. https://imgur.com/a/eBi6OfK you'll look pretty awesome! (may have to copy and paste link not sure how to post photos on here) Starting with the class selections Druid - subclass - Fury : Now i chose the Fury druid for the bonus penetration for storm spells, i do use relentless storm / returning storm since they're awesome and they're sort of in line with my character concept but not entirely, honestly an animist would probably be the BEST but i did not want to use direct healing casting abilities on my character since it does not fit my concept but if you want heals go for it Chanter - sublcass - Beckoner: Now this class is a witch doctor / necromancer type so you need some summons to go with it and Beckoner provides the most minions so this was an easy choice! BUT if you hate those mini minions (can't blame you!) Choose troubador it's great and bonus linger time will provide great support for your summons and team, but i would say pick beckoner. Race: What ever you like! I chose a male pale elf with head #3 because it gives you red eyes, you're pale and skinny which is typical for a necromancer (the one i think of at least!) but choose what ever you'd like to role play as! Maybe you want to be a Dwarf witch doctor? That's cool this build can help you look and feel like one! Stats MIG: Max might, the build focuses a lot of self sustain + spell damage is hard to come by. DEX: Depends!!! now for me i dumped con + res and maxed dex, if i could do it again i'd probably drop a few points from here and put them back in CON so i don't explode nearly as quickly... BUT dex gives you faster spell cast, and your summons / spell cast are fairly long so it's a great stat honestly it depends. If you wan't to play a squishy caster you can max this and dump con, but if not bring this to like 14 and con 11 or what ever you'd like PER: Max, + ACC for spells is harder to come by and a ton of perception checks are done through the game CON: see dex You can dump this stat, but if you want an easier time do not keep it around 8+ INT: Max int, with beckoner your summons last 50% less so int is really important to have and it makes your Dots last longer which is a nice bonus RES: Dump, unelss you want a more balanced person, honestly it's not that great of a stat from my experience but if you want the early deflection and res checks go for it, does your character have an iron will? mine doesn't but yours can! Background: What ever makes sense for your character. ABILITIES / TALENTS/ SKILLS: Here we go! remember when i said from lvl 1 we have a character?! HECK YEAH. For druid your extra spell is TOUCH OF ROT an aoe spell having corrosive damage? Wow seems in line with the build For your Chanter invocation : If there bones still slept under the hills: Dang summoning skeletons already? Seems pretty ICONIC! COME COME SOFT WINDS OF, DEATH: for your phrase, woa self healing and something that does damage to people AROUND YOU it's almost like i dont know.... FROM LVL 1 YOU ARE ALREADY SORT OF A NECROMANCER OR SOME ****. Following up with spells like: INSECT SWARM, AUTUMNS DECAY, MAGGOT INFESTATION, SPREADING PLAGUE you're doing a lot of raw / corrosive damage and everything fits in line for the character. While for Chanter you are upgrading your skeletons, grabbing ogre's or what ever summons you may like, i personally LOVE having 4 ogres, just choose what ever you like! The only PHRASE YOU NEED TO HAVE IS ANCIENT MEMORY. That bad boy gives you, your team, and your summons so much healing you'll be like WOA DAWG what was i doing before i got this? ALSO: since you have 2 spell casters chosen you'll have quite a few room to pick up passives typically overlooked, of course grab casting speed, increased healing, increased health per level, or you can grab some more spells to be flexible it's up to you. NOW HERE IS THE GEAR SO YOU LOOK LIKE DR DOOM, OR SOME TYPE OF CRAZY WITCH DOCTOR MAN: remember this gear is EASILY ATTAINABLE AT AN EARLY LEVEL so you wont be playing until you're lvl 16 being like OH MY GOD I JUST COMPLETED MY BUILD IT ONLY TOOK ME OVER 20 HOURS BUT LOOK AT IT! No you'll be able to collect everything fairly easily and look fricken stylish while you do it. Helm: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Cowl_of_the_Piercing_Gaze Cowl of the Piercing Gaze: This makes you look like Dr Doom, it's awesome, so fricken awesome. It's +1 perception, religion and insight. It's honestly not that great but it's really ****ing cool looking..... - can be gotten from helping some Lady in some horse themed bar in neketaka OTHER OPTION https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Whitewitch_Mask The Whitewitch Mask: This mask is actually 100% better flavor wise, stat wise, IT IS JUST BETTER FOR THIS BUILD IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY AND YOU CAN GET IT EARLY TOO. i just don't like it for how it looks on my guy compared to the cowl but honestly sometimes i use it because it looks so ****ing cool but this looks awesome too, but honestly YOU SHOULD USE THIS MASK -can be gotten from some anime tentacle monster in a shady part of the gullet CHEST ARMOUR: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Effigy%27s_Husk Effigy's Husk looks pretty cool with the mask and works for the build but i use.... https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Cabalist%27s_Gambeson Cabalist Gambeson: This armor is super awesome, +2 armor against spells and you can get 15% hostile effect reduction, 15% increased buff time, or 15% chance to reflect spells, honestly super flavorful, but mainly this thing looks awesome on your character. -gotten from some jerk of a wizards house in neketaka Rings: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ring_of_Greater_Regeneration The ring of greater regeneration, this thing is awesome and goes with all the bonus healing our build has and continues to make you more tanky i love this ring. -gotten from some fuzzy guy in neketaka who works in cannon fortress https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ring_of_Overseeing Ring of Overseeing, nothing really awesome or great but 10% size on your aoe's and chants is really awesome and can be gotten from beraths special vendor, pretty useful! https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Kuaru%27s_Prize There is also this ring, 10% spell damage, 1 perception and int but i haven't gotten it yet and don't know how early you can get it, but definitely would use this over the Ring of Overseeing. Belt: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Undying_Burden The Undying Burden is awesome, +2 con, reduction to melee damage, AND a you get THIRD WIND!! well a second use of second wind so i think it would technically be third wind? Still this thing is super awesome since a lot of your spells and chants are shorter range so you want this bad boy 100%. -gotten from the shady part of the gullet. Cape: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Mirrorback Mirrorback, looks really cool with your shield, the bonus deflection to ranged attacks is good for ship battles and the ability to reflect spells with your armor too means you are pretty good against other spell casters which is nice. plus is just looks fly as hell. -gotten from some vendor in neketaka, i beleive it's sold near a holy place or in front of the biggest house in town. Gloves: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Gauntlets_of_Accuracy_(Deadfire) +3 ACC and you get these early game after you find your nephew, these things are fairly good and the accuracy is good early game, id probably swap them out for... https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Gauntlets_of_Ogre_Might_(Deadfire) Gauntlets of Ogre Might: +2 might pretty straight forward and good for a spell caster and you can get early game. Weapon: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Gladiator_Sword Probably the first yellow weapon you find after finding your nephew, incredibly cheap to upgrade and you grab it for the skrim which gives you +5 deflection with a shield, it's a nice little defense boost and you find it SUPER EARLY IN GAME. Honestly for your melee weapon choose a 1h you just like, this looks pretty cool and i like it so it works perfectly for me and this build. Shield: i am underlining this shield, its ****ing amazing and synergizes so well with the rest of this build. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Lethandria%27s_Devotion Lethandrias Devotion, Bonus deflection, a healing aura THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE TO BE STRONGER AT NIGHT which is just so cool from a flavor standpoint, this shield is a must and makes your healing just so much better. NECK/BOOTS: These are what ever slots for me i'll just post a few things here https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Boots_of_the_Stone boots of stone + dex + resolve +resistance to might pretty fricken good and you can get it from the blessing vendor. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Wise_Teeth_Necklace +1 int + 1 history + 1 insight you get this early from some wierd pig man. Not the greatest but i like the + skills. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Protective_Eothasian_Charm Protective EOTHASIASN Charm: +1 perception And a really fricken awesome ability that activates when you have low health. YOU GET THIS THING SUPER EARLY TOO. So that's it, you can get all these items early, they work well together and your guy is pretty awesome. Hope you all enjoyed!
  18. Okay so I'm choosing between a beckoner and a troubador and just have a few queations. Are you able to have multiple instances of the same or different summons out? So am I able to summons skeletons plus ogres with the same character or would the ogres override the skeletons and vice versa? Do summons from multiclassING work? Could I pair with a druid and have bother druid and chanter summons up from the same character or do they over ride each other?
  19. Blunderbuss modal works, it causes distracted on yourself which makes you flanked in order to proc it and it last for a few over 10 seconds I think
  20. I was thinking of running this but I found ranger to be lacking in abilities other passives other than true flight. I settled on a devoted/streetfighter swashbuckler and it works pretty well so far. The fighter allows me to be tanky and gives me the critical damage to offset bounderbuss crit reduction, extra penetrations, and pretty solid tankyness since with a BB and using the modal I'm pretty much in melee range. I'm about to hit 7 and get the armor piercing warrior which should be nice im just unsure of which rogue abilities are best to use with range weapons, I think maybe the smoke clouds but unsure yet still. It just seems arpen is pretty good for the blunderbuss with how it works, I thought of using a bleakwalker paladin but it just seemed devoted was better.
  21. So for me I've been having a lot of fun with my seer (soul blade + stalker) Been using a 2h the whispering endless paths to get the AoE effect since it let's me actually have some aoe on my attacks With marked target and stalkers link I get +20 accuracy for annihilation which is pretty great since dumping your focus and missing is pretty ****ty. Wounding shot gives you fairly reliable damage and the 50% increase from the dot for your pet. Also being using aeloths laden key helm for the flanking damage and more accuracy, being able to use ectopsychic on your pet is nice too.
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