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  1. Hi, I like concept of your interesting build, but can you post also list of useful abilities/spells per level? I just have troubles to decide which spells I should pick on druid and which spells must have on priest (besides devotion of faithful and shields of faithful ofc). I just trying to create custom support for my party.Also Touch of Rot are default spell for Priest of Berath, which spell on first druid level I shall pick instead of this?
  2. Thank you for answer, subclass for rogue any of without subclass? Thank you for suggestions. My condolences about Paladin nerf, it connnected with latest 1.1 patch?
  3. Thank you for suggestions, I will think about it. I knew somebody would saying this, but decided not to make assumptions before comments. Well I don't know noticed your or not, but my RP mostly about using specific weapon (guns), base character class (rogue), race of character (human) other stuff would be in dialogues/actions in game. Which part of my setup "not compatible" and why? I mean as much as I remember devs was against min max builds, so whats the problem with making walkthrough with base components like mine?
  4. *Priest of Wael, not "weal", it's strange that nobody noticed. Don't mind me, just little friendly correction. After all it's a name of god.
  5. Hello everyone, I suspect that topic with similar title was already created, BUT I wanted ask not about theoretical "best ranged build at the moment in game", but more particular RP build which will fit to my character. My character in PoE was Human Rogue with dual stilettos. However (according my character's story between first and second games) he tired risking with his life in melee combat and was impressed by Arquebuses and pistols, weapons of new Age of Discovery. So he decided to learn a way to fight with arquebus/pistol, leaving close range for more sturdy and hot-headed people. Also, since gunpowder weapons are loud, he decided to attain a new power to help him in combat (what power it will be depends of second class during multi-classing). Now (sorry if bored you with my RP story) I just trying to decide which rogue multi-class would better fitting to human shooter: 1) Rogue(Assasin)/Cipher(Ascendant) (his experiments in Caed Nua allowed to gain cipher powers), 2) Rogue(Streetfigther)/Ranger(Stalker) ( during his hunt in forest of Caed Nua, Watcher found a helpless animal and decided to take in Caed Nua) 3) Rogue(Streetfighter)/Fighter(Devoted) (Watcher noticed how Eder roll his eyes up after "Powerful" Watcher of Caed Nua can't stand a xaurip in open fight, so he decided to be more sturdy) Which one is better? And if you think there better subclass combinations or multi class for ranged gun wielding Human, please write in comments below, I would be interested in any suggestion. If you want to share RP background for multi class, you can write it too. It would be interesting to read. P.S. Sorry for any grammatical mistake, English is not my native language.
  6. Why The Bleak Huntress Build (in Holy Slayer category) linked to The Healing Wall from Herald category? I mean multiclass rogue/paladin is different than paladin/chanter.
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