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  1. I personally like to multi with druid. The classes do well together because the wiz part can provide buffs and the druid part rounds out the wizard's arsenal with hard cc and heals. The large amount of different spells make you very flexible, so that you're able to act on any situation. You can heal (druid side, shift if needed for large PL bonus) deal damage (wizard side, DoT's from druid) and cc. It's nice if you like a backline, tactical role for your main character.
  2. or you could just grind everything down with Brand Enemy, Gouging Strikes, Summons, endless renewable resources, and sheer tankiness, and add in a monk or two if you encounter an endlessly regenerating enemy (and there's only one or two in the game). Who needs offense when you have defense and eternal and renewable DOTs? Who cares if your damage and accuracy is low, if your enemy can never kill you and you can slowly kill them? it doesn't matter if you miss 80% of the time and underpenetrate because even if you do an average of 2 damage per attack, you'll still eventually win (just turn the game speed to fast) because they can't kill you. Christ dude stop this crap. You are flooding the forums with cheese tactics EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS. Move on.
  3. I actually go out of my way to create a custom character who I cheat to be tekehu's classes - just so i dont have to deal with his gayness. For me, Obs did a horrible job with the new companions. On topic; there are 6 types of afflictions (1 for each attribute and in 3 varieties of potency) and then a handfull of other usefull debuffs. They definitely make a large impact on your battles. Perhaps if your party comp relies less on summoning, you could see their potential more clearly.
  4. Buffing Quite fun till you get Arcane Dampener spammed on you. That too. It's a very broken skill though. In most battles the enemy mage casts it right away, with no time to even interrupt it (0.4sec cast time). That needs patching. Either less long lasting, or hefty casttime, or a limit to how many beneficial effects it can negate.
  5. Yeah good point. Theres also troll hide cape, ring of regen, leandras devotion, blackened plate armor,fleshmender.. im probably missing a few. And weapons that heal on crit; aldris blade, sanguine sword.
  6. Use the ai pre emptively. Ie: A cheap long lasting heal over timeor a degensive spell at <75% target health. A decent heal over time at 50% and another one at 50% (both with a short non-repeat timer) Something insta at <25%. Also second wind at 50 or 25%. And try to think of a class' own spells, like knockdowns or pushbacks.
  7. Most of the time 2x casts will work. The number of fights where that becomes an issue you could probably count on two hands at the very most. And those fights are so outside the norm of the game that they don't reside anywhere on the critical path to completion. (And in those cases you can still make it work with limited casts if you know how to make it work). Personally I find boss fights to be the least interesting fights in the entire game. Mostly because there isn't a lot of creativity involved in beating a boss. Most of them are either straightforward or gimmick fights. There are not a lot of options for how to beat them due to the specific efficiency constraints with no catch up mechanics going on at all. I like them! Creating a team for the regular fights - easy. For megaboss - quite hard. Team to efficiently do regular content and megabosses - harder
  8. Going right for red skulls only tests a class' first few skills. Some shine early, some shine late. It doesn't tell you anything about a class' potential later on.
  9. It doesnt stack with other flat +acc bonuses though. And its limited per encounter. And because of cast time and moving of allies and enemies its a hassle to use efficiently. Also Barring Deaths door, Resurrection, etc. Suppress Affliction. Holy Radiance is still very nice as well as an oh **** button. As long as i have a dedicated healer i dont need bdd, nor resurecction. These things are also limited, where a chanter/pala is not, nor pollen patch from a lifegiver. Everything a priest does - others can do better. I personally interpret "better" as easier as well, priest is a horrible class to use AI on. It's potency is larger if u micromanage it.
  10. Chanter doesnt give you any sturdiness though, 2-3 should be fine. Then you can add a wiz/fighter and a ciph/pala for much more debuffs and dps.
  11. Basically, you have to choose between MIG and DEX. For a non-blood wizard MIG is the obvious choice because you want to squeeze the most out of limited spellcasts. For a bloodmage it depends, i imagine going for dex may do more for your dps if you can infinicast a few strong spells.
  12. Sounds great, good luck! I've never had that problem with squishies being targeted, I actaually feel like enemy AI should do so more often. I usually go for 1 tank and others ranged, tank walks in first and all enemies typically stick to him. Are those squishies you mention jn melee range? Perhaps the AI targeting squishies only goes off within an enemy's attack range?
  13. Yes people use it. For tank its great, paladin has the highest ar passive and goldpact has highest active. Wiz has second highest active, but last much longer. Ar is just one of so many ways to survive though, there's plenty of alternatives that dont increase recovery.
  14. Lifegiver with spine is great. Combined with priest you can also take some fire spells (with ring of focused flame, magrans favor and sun and moon weapon set) so that you can do really nice dps as well. Besides the already amazing plague of insects and insect swarm, an improved Sunlance is great for priority single targets. Keep in mind that you can shift for the extra healing pl, but not all healing spells are keyworded rejuvanation (garden of life). So those dont get a pl penalty after shifting either. Gl!
  15. Yeah i've done it a few times but it's very time consuming Anyway in the meantime I've posted this in the general discussion forum as a request to Obsidian: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107450-request-character-sheet-damage-done-reset/.
  16. Thanks nice build. I usually go for higher base might and lower dex, then compensate with DAOM. That doesn't work well with vaporous grimoire though : )
  17. The short answer is no. There are some workarounds however, like console commands or the Unity Console mod on Nexusmods.
  18. Any combination works really. Tekehu isnt a very good dps though, more heal/support. Im a strong advocate of druid main cause you can control the field in so many ways So I could make my MC in The Fate Testarossa. But then I wouldnt need Tekehu. So i need a replacement. I got a tank, a healer/debuff, DPS times 2 melee and spells. Maybe CC? Tank + healer/support + debuffer + dps + dps works. You can try make 3 dps'ers with a few debuffspells. Cipher/berserker for instance is excellent DPS and can throw some debuffs as well. wizard/x is nice for selfbuffs and various debuffs, mutliclass with fighter (Aloth) or Ranger (Maia).
  19. There's far to be many variables to calc the damage of those aoe dot spells. Also- there's already a feature; the character record sheet. It just needs a way to reset.
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