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  1. Why people is keeping the idea to restrict magic in the games? Let's create a fatigue system for the melee characters. You can hit 3 times with your sword and get tired, so you need to rest to use weapons again.
  2. I have mix feelings. I want more spells and I want more uses per encounter. I want magic all time. I don't like the resting and number restrictions. I am at full power. Always! Magic is my heart.
  3. Why people is against magic? So we need to add a system for the weapon users like fatigue. So weapon users can't fight all time because they are tired and without energy. They need to rest too.
  4. I understand your point, but if we consider that it's an adult mage and not a young apprentice, it's fine for a mage has a certain number of spells. Maybe if the experience of the class for that character was something related to the story. The class' experience is just for the gameplay. It could be strange to see a mage with just one or two spells. And I prefer spells per encounter, you feel more like a mage, you fight more using magic and not weapons. If the lore of the game can allow this, I think it's valid, mainly if the character has magic as an inate skill. If the character can use magic just by grimoires, so this vision can change.
  5. I love spells and I want all in all games. If we can't have all, so: - one more point ability per level or - two free spells per level instead of one. It's a simple way to get more for the magic lovers without drastic changes.
  6. Give us more ability points per level and add some abilities for the existing levels. One point and a few new abilities are cool to see with the expansions.
  7. Druid: - New forms: Tree or a plant based, Dragon, Phoenix, Pixie (why not?) - More plants spells Priest: - More Holy powers Chanter: - Songs spells? Chanter is more a summoner than a musicist buffer/debuffer. Spells with musical effects! - musical instruments as magic weapons Wizard: - more and more spells. I am not tired about spells. Ranger: - more pets and color option Cipher: - more spells right? More godlike races playable.
  8. What if the Ogre companion is a transmuter? Will he change into a giant? And talking about changing forms, can we get a druid subclass that can assume a groot tree form? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99146-share-pictures-of-your-watcher/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2022393 Like I said, yes for a tree form.
  9. Magic is pure love. I understand your point and there are a lot of games that are more weapon based and restrict magic a lot too.
  10. I prefer a male nature godlike with a plant shape with an unique flute weapon. A friend of nature, animals and plants.
  11. It's an adult game. Some adults are crazy about sex. Just relax and let's talk about sex, baby.
  12. Too easy? I just want to play game. I am not so worried about this. Fast max level? Well, I want to use my character at full power through the game too. Then no need to have new skills in the final level if you can't use them. Fast to max gold? So many items to buy. Why to live on misery? Money, money, money, must be funny in the rich man's world.
  13. I am sad with this few spells option and happy with spells per encounter. I didn't like the rest system. Spells are the main weapon for casters, at least for druid, wizard and priest. For cipher and chanter can be useful too. I doubt that Obsidian will change this, but I think that would be a good idea to give one more ability point through level up, maybe for single class option Casters using points to get passive abilites, they won't learn new spells at all.
  14. I would love to see a male nature godlike druid with a plant form as companion in one of the dlc.
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