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  1. Next Stronghold? Ship? No. The sky is the answer. Airship? No. A dragon. Well, we could live inside a big ancient tree. I would love this magic place.
  2. I love both Pillars of Eternity games. It's obvious that I want more content even to the first game. If not a big dlc with new areas, maybe an item pack with more soulbound, unique, class specific stuff. And a Berath Blessing with more ability points and spell casts.
  3. Yes! Cosmetic Mage! At the end of the staff it would have a lipstick. And the AOE spells would be composed of rouges And the buff spells would be based on nail polish. Hair dying would be a disguise spell.
  4. I don't think so, but I would love to see a new godlike playable. Maybe the Avians. A hair of feathers! Why not wings too? My main character is a Nature Godlike. What type of godlike would you like to see?
  5. InsaneCommander, Thank you! You are a good person. At least 5 ability points to help my build and preferences. I prefer not to use mods.
  6. Sweet Obsidian, I was talking with my druid and he wants a Berath's Blessing that gives 10 ability points. I know, he is so obsessed with more spells. What a sassy magic child!
  7. I hope to see some kind of character customization. At least the face. My hair need to be cool. I know that it's a first person game. I want to know the skills. Maybe I will be a medic, scientist, alchemist, musicist, dancer, singer, spy, lover, herbalist, astrologer...and go on and go on I want to have a personality more mystic and nature protector.
  8. I need to play the Arcane Archer. I like the idea: bow + magic. I will try Priest. I will heal you. About the Chanter, I would prefer with song focus and not another summoner type. I like music spells. Well the Druid, because Nature is all, plants and animals. I love this. I would love to see more plants spells mainly, it's hard to see in RPG. The Blood Mage, I don't know, I don't know. It would be cool with more blood powers. Why not Cosmic Mage? About the Psion, I think I will try. My soul is full of desires.
  9. Sci-fi RPG with powers, please! I don't want to be a normal person with a gun. Powers will be the spells of this game. We love magic. We love power.
  10. I don't know if the option to slow down the xp is a good idea. Some quests with low xp gain will have less xp, so they can be a waste of time to complete. Maybe the best option is to increase the level cap.
  11. Druid, Priest and Chanter party! Nature, Life and Music, all good things for you.
  12. Nature spells are so cool. I love them. Plants and animals! I want more nature spells in games. RPGs are full of the fire/ice/thunder triangle and I am tired about this. Developers need to look for more magic sources.
  13. How many levels would be good? till 25? 30? They could add more points per level, so I could get more spells and abilities.
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