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  1. A paladin/chanter can entirely ignore summons. Just using Hel Hyraf and Killers Froze Stiff is enough to crush almost everything on PotD.
  2. I’m trying this on my current run and really enjoy it, it’s a nice break from my usual contemplative go-to for a priest. Thanks for updating it. I found it to be particularly hilarious when paired with a watershaper dumping foe-only chill fogs around.
  3. That's an impractical goal to have anyways. Having stats so finely balanced that not having the "right build" kills your run turns players away from the game. Especially in a game like this where building the character you like is so important. Cookie cutter build optimization is a part of what ruined MMO games for me. Oh for sure. Having a tank need X resolve or die in 3 seconds MMO style would be terrible for everybody. I didn’t mean that as negative as it sounded.
  4. I’m still in the “dump resolve, almost always” camp. There are a lot of interesting points here but I still don’t see it being worthwhile vs. other stats on PotD in practice. Say on a token herald tank, would 7 deflection (assuming base 10 vs. dumped 3) consistently be the difference of getting hit or not? Or further would the extra hits or debuff duration make a realistic difference on the outcome of the encounter? (In the game proper, not so much thinking about starter island) In my personal, anecdotal experience the answer is no, those points in or out of resolve do not make that difference in a noticeable or consistent way. I know that’s hard if not impossible to concretely answer given gear/levels/buffs/debuffs/party comp/enemy variables. Making that kind of consistent fight-in,fight-out difference in survival is sort of the only thing I can see making me not dump resolve though. In the end it hardly matters if your tank survives with 80 hp or 300 hp, just so long as the job is done...so it may as well churn out as much damage as it can and invest in other stats. All that said, game balance still isn’t tuned to the point those stat points are going to make or break a run wherever they are.
  5. @Skie Mine didn’t, upgraded to a new mobo/cpu a few weeks ago and had 0 berath’s blessing points upon reinstalling. I never use steam cloud if that matters. At least I always use magran’s fires haha.
  6. Yeah, once as a Beckoner back before the great nerfing, and my current run with a mc Ghost Heart/Troubadour (potd triple crown, just hit lvl 14). Ghost Heart gives an instant summon if needed and you've spent phrases on non-summon invocations and no pet when you don't want to deal with it lol. I play it as a ranged caster/summoner/pew pew. Early I just focused on summons and let my Herald take care of paralyze spamming, ~lvl10-13 the good ranged invocations start to open up and it gets a lot more interesting to play. I went with bows just for flavor but any sort of ranged weapon options work. For stats I dumped constitution and resolve, maxed dexterity/perception/might and put whatever was left into intelligence. Beckoner would work if you just want to summon as you can cast them right at the start of a fight most of the time anyway, otherwise Troubadour is generally better. Despite the Beckoner nerfs people tend to underestimate the power of summoning 6 of the sword things right on top of a squishy priority target like a caster. But in general Wildrhymer is ok...nothing earth shattering or highlight vid worthy but dependable ranged support and decent dps. I don't know about solo though, I never really considered it with this build.
  7. Flurry doesn't work on ranged weapons. The other two do though. Ah, habit there...meant lightning strikes, probably the only time I've ever taken it.
  8. Very neat. I’ll try that later today :D. Oddly enough the unity mod class change finds the unused priest of woedica and Rymrgand as well as the steel garrote Paladin order. Actually changing a character to any of them causes problems and they have no skills.
  9. I have a character using EI as a helwalker/Beguiler. It’s my “I haven’t ever used Beguiler or cipher in general outside of soul blade” character. Devoted and maybe berserker would be ok too. Between EI summons and the charm spells it’s pretty nice, and damage is fairly good with it sitting in the back using dance and flurry and the extra spell range helps keeps the dance going.
  10. I like it enchanted for the AoEs, but they’re all decent...2s stun on crit is nice but probably better for a berserker or something. There are a lot of decent options for off hand...kapana taga and squids grasp make decent tanking picks.
  11. I think the main issue folks have is if your focus is shifting and melee, you really don't do much other than watch the character auto attack. I did potd as a tempest (berserker/shifter) and it worked ok, I never felt like it was lagging behind, but it was pretty boring all told. They at least need to let the shifter use the beast spells (and only those) and maybe get +1/+2 power level to them.
  12. My current MC is a wildrhymer beckoner. Would not recommend lol. Its my first beckoner and I had to try it though.
  13. I dunno about weak, but unnecessary or superfluous would be a better description. Like others have said, getting the level 8-9 skills you’re on the victory lap of the game. Who cares if you can summon a dragon when there’s basically nothing left worthwhile to summon a dragon against. There’s nothing like (insert powerful enemy) to try and fight late game. May as well just keep spamming Killers Froze Stiff while half afk watching some Netflix and call it a day. (An exaggeration, but still) That’s not at all specific to chanters. To me the biggest reason to multiclass is most builds are online and doing 90% of what you want in the 10-13 level range. Anything accessed higher than that has very little appeal as you’ve taken on and beaten most, if not all, challenges to get to that point. I don’t think single classes are all that weak otherwise. The next 2 dlc pretty much need to be all level 18-20 content to change this imo. There needs to be content to make me say “damn, I need/want a dragon for this”.
  14. If you cheese the fights hard I’d say level 10 or 11. The fight outside the cave where you get sungrazer is worse than the fire nagas. It’s easy to sail around stealing superb and exceptional gear from places to make it easier. Outside fight I make sure to run down the ramp away from the naga caster as it won’t follow or leave the area of the trap thing.
  15. I'd definitely drop greater lay on hands, the +1 zeal cost makes it not worth. For armor I'd say DoC for more FoD spam, I doubt anyone else would get as much mileage out of it. Edit: I always use Magran's Favor on pally and it used to be Sun and Moon off hand, but since the nerfs there are a bunch of off hands that work just as well.
  16. Not sure how this competes with the red hand but something with bleak walker using dual pistols puts out great single target damage. By spamming flames of devotion you attack with both pistols without having to reload one at a time.
  17. Yeah they’re all pretty terrible, relegated to “use it for flavor” mostly. Citzal's spirit lance is about the only one really worth using and it’s a spell...even then only on the cheesy sage that spams monk cc non stop via shattered pillar wound generation.
  18. My holy slayer “all challenges” solo didn’t run into the guardian either... Now the eternal question: bug or feature?
  19. Holy slayer was my vote. I don't see how the other two make up for FoD or lay on hands. Swashy is good but for pure min/max it won't touch holy slayer. Also HS is a bit more fun to micro. My standard usage is first 10-20s use a shield and then swap to dual wield after the initial pressure is absorbed and your party does its thing (works solo too more or less). Once the dual wielding happens its FoD spam time, bonus to set the AI to devastating blow at 50% target hp. Hunkering down with a shield all the time just hits the breaks on the pain train, and that makes the pain train sad. Choo Choo.
  20. I'm about 80% done with a full Magran's Fires run with a solo holy slayer (bleak walker/trickster). There's not an enemy or situation in the game that a holy slayer can't give a middle finger to and annihilate. All 3 you mention are strong, but holy slayer is on a different level. oh and unity console mod can change eder or anyone to whatever class, even watershaper or gunhawk if you want.
  21. Monk is always decent and worth considering ...has tenacious, swift flurry, duality. Monk/barb/fighter/rogue are all pretty much the same pure “pew pew” character. Going cipher (I’d go ascendant myself) adds a new aspect for buffs, debuffs, cc and damage spells...though you’ll probably out dps most damage spells just auto attacking. Edit: I don’t have any hard numbers to back it up, but I’d guess that best dps would go to ranger/Paladin (bleak walker) spamming flames of devotion with dual pistols.
  22. But you're focusing on weapon dps that way, right? I mean I gotta hit stuff either way, so yeah might as well. If you’re not going the “melee and spam” route there’s really no reason to pick skald, troubadour will be much better.
  23. Skald pretty much begs to be paired with berserker for it's 30% crit conversion. It’s honestly an absurd combo.
  24. I ticked all the options for Magran’s Fires, only issue so far my solo arcane knight is having is enemies have a tendency to agro despite being pretty far away..like half the map away. I’ve been locked in combat for quite a while in some places. Not sure if bug or feature lol.
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