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  1. So for a TB Cipher using Spells / Ranged Attacks what is the way to go? Ascendant? Friend of mine bought PoE 2 recently and played ranged Cipher in PoE 1.
  2. So whats a strong spellcasting damage build / class for the TBM? Wizard pure or Evoker? Druid? Something else? Played Sorcerer (Fury + pure Wizard) at release of PoE2? Now i´m trying Herald and Templar (Bleakwalker/Magran). But i a return sooner or later to spellcasting classes^^
  3. Yeah, Paladin/Chanter is on my "watchlist" too. Because of the summons, he is not on my first place.^^ Maybe it will be a pure wizard... For story i read about Cipher/Priest/Druid + Diplomacy + Aristocrat + Deadfire Archipelago. Hm, will see...
  4. Hi everyone. First, english isn´t my mother tongue, so please be indulgent to my mistakes. ) I stopped playing PoE 2 a few months after release. But now, serveral patches and DLS later and playing Pathfinder i want to come back. Im that type of gamer, who plays more than one save at the same time.^^ My 2 questions are: What will be the optimal choice for maximum story experience? Class, Race, Background? Cipher i think will be one part? And what will be one of the "Tier 1" Class for Damage oriented playstyle? Prefer Magic over Melee / Ranged. One of the Builds in the Builds List Thread? CU
  5. Hey. I have a question. For an RPG / Lore wise playthrough i would take Eder (pure Fighter i think), Pallegina (Herald for sure) and Aloth (pure Wizard). So for my main i think of an Soul Blade / Bleak Walker Dmg Build (Explorer or Aristocrat Background, Deadfire Archipelago Culture and Aumaua Race). But i like the "Light Side" for this playthrough. Is this a problem with the Bleak Walker Subclass?
  6. Hi. I started a Nature Godlike Fury + Evoker recently. Lets see how it works after a couple of hours. Xont as pure priest vor buffing.
  7. I will play party mode. ) Okay, i see Troubadour and Skald both have their advantages... Hm, perhaps i should roll for the decision.^^
  8. So for Bleak Walker Melee Damage Oriented: Troubadour / Skald / Beaconer??? I first thought Skald, but now i think, that Beaconer would fit the most.
  9. Okay, so Chanter or Barbarian seems to be the right Choice for me. Which subclass would you recommend?
  10. Yep, very funny. Playing Fury Druid + Wizard. Nature Godlike. Xoit as a priest for the buff, to get Wellspring of Life (+2 Power Level). Like this very much. )
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