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  1. Windows 10, GamePass Version. Same Problem here. No Auto Save, No Manual Save (greyed out)... -> unplayable EDIT: The bat file for the Saved Game Folder worked for me! Point 11, Bat File Saved Game Folder
  2. So for a TB Cipher using Spells / Ranged Attacks what is the way to go? Ascendant? Friend of mine bought PoE 2 recently and played ranged Cipher in PoE 1.
  3. So whats a strong spellcasting damage build / class for the TBM? Wizard pure or Evoker? Druid? Something else? Played Sorcerer (Fury + pure Wizard) at release of PoE2? Now i´m trying Herald and Templar (Bleakwalker/Magran). But i a return sooner or later to spellcasting classes^^
  4. Yeah, Paladin/Chanter is on my "watchlist" too. Because of the summons, he is not on my first place.^^ Maybe it will be a pure wizard... For story i read about Cipher/Priest/Druid + Diplomacy + Aristocrat + Deadfire Archipelago. Hm, will see...
  5. Hi everyone. First, english isn´t my mother tongue, so please be indulgent to my mistakes. ) I stopped playing PoE 2 a few months after release. But now, serveral patches and DLS later and playing Pathfinder i want to come back. Im that type of gamer, who plays more than one save at the same time.^^ My 2 questions are: What will be the optimal choice for maximum story experience? Class, Race, Background? Cipher i think will be one part? And what will be one of the "Tier 1" Class for Damage oriented playstyle? Prefer Magic over Melee / Ranged. One of the Builds in the Builds List Thread? CU
  6. Hey. I have a question. For an RPG / Lore wise playthrough i would take Eder (pure Fighter i think), Pallegina (Herald for sure) and Aloth (pure Wizard). So for my main i think of an Soul Blade / Bleak Walker Dmg Build (Explorer or Aristocrat Background, Deadfire Archipelago Culture and Aumaua Race). But i like the "Light Side" for this playthrough. Is this a problem with the Bleak Walker Subclass?
  7. Hi. I started a Nature Godlike Fury + Evoker recently. Lets see how it works after a couple of hours. Xont as pure priest vor buffing.
  8. I will play party mode. ) Okay, i see Troubadour and Skald both have their advantages... Hm, perhaps i should roll for the decision.^^
  9. So for Bleak Walker Melee Damage Oriented: Troubadour / Skald / Beaconer??? I first thought Skald, but now i think, that Beaconer would fit the most.
  10. Okay, so Chanter or Barbarian seems to be the right Choice for me. Which subclass would you recommend?
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