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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, To put it simply the game doesn't start. I searched all the available forums for answer/solution for over 2 weeks. I've applied every available fix, workaround etc. to no avail. I'm desperate now. The game used to run OK few years ago. Could you please be so kind and offer your help? Perhaps looking at the attached output_log.txt may be useful in diagnosing the problem. Win10 64bit GTX 1080 Ti 16GB RAM ASUS Croshair VI mobo Latest gfx drivers, mobo drivers, latest DX latest Win updates, clean system, DISM and sfc sconnow done etc. Important!: PoE 2 works normally. Thank you for your understanding and assistance. Regards Miko output_log.txt
  2. Is there a way to load savegames from an older Pillars of Eternity 2 version? I was playing the game shortly after release. After playing it for many hous and even finishing it once, i decided to uninstall it and backup my savegames. Now i bought the DLCs and wanted to play again. Installed the game (via steam) and copied my old savegames to the savegame folder. But i cannot load the old saves. Is there a way to convert those saves to the new game version with DLCs or is the only way to start all over again? Even though this is a really great game, I actually do not have the time to play it all over again and just wanted to enjoy the new content with my old character/group. regards
  3. I'm currently playing on PC (Windows 10) and I am unable to save my game. I am not on Supernova difficulty (I'm playing on Normal) and the Save Game option is just grayed out. There's also no response when trying to use the Quicksave button. I got up to the part where you get your first companion and was not able to save all the way up to this point. The game also did not auto save in any fashion, so when I had to quit the game and come back later, all of my progress was gone and the Load Game option on the main menu was grayed out as well. I started a new game and I am still unable to save. Edit: This was solved for me and multiple others through multiple methods, please check the replies if you're experiencing this issue.
  4. Hello. I'm playing multiplayer with a friend currently, and enjoying the game so far. We've had no major issues until today when we installed the 0.1.1 patch. It seems today that the game crashes on the host every time we kill an insect; gnat, ant, spider, doesn't matter which one. It always crashes when we land the killing blow. When the game crashes, the application terminates on the host (no error message) and the other players just disconnect and are brought back to the lobby. Hope this issue is resolved quickly. The game is very entertaining otherwise. Thanks in advance. EDIT: A solution was found, courtesy of TheStartleToad: It seems the quest is missing a reference to the insect you're supposed to kill, which i'm going to assume triggers a nullreference when killing an insect and it checks the quests to see if it was one of the needed ones.
  5. PC version Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.18362 Ram: 32 GB At the first elevator in the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale (in the elevator), activate the elevator to descend, crash to desktop. I have tried multiple time, gone to other planets and come back, restarted computer, still happens every time. Is there some setting that I can change that will perhaps allow me to continue? Any help at all? Update: I was finally able to get past the point where it was crashing by going back with no companions. Only the devs will know why this would be, but at least I was able to continue. I also ran into the bug at the door to Rockwell's studio, but worked around that by starting the battle outside the door. I am a software developer myself (30+ years) so I understand how things can get by even with good design and testing. This game was actually quite bug-free for me, for a day 1 release. Bravo! Also, having finished my first playthrough, I really want to applaud the whole team for a great game, a very good balance of story, gameplay, and humor. The story telling along with the voice acting was superb. I found myself feeling moved and involved with the characters often. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I am running the game on a Windows 10 PC via the Xbox subscription. I have an Intel 8700k, a Geforce GTX 1080 and 16gb Ram. I have already played some time and never had any issues. However just today on Terra 2 when investigating a distress call the game crashed several times right to the desktop without any error messages. After the third or fourth time the game wouldn't start again. I already restarted Windows, but the game just does not open anymore. What can I do to fix that? Is there an option to check game files integrity with the Xbox app like on Steam? I do not want to download the whole game again because that would take me 2 days with my internet connection. Thanks for your support. There are no errors in Windows event viewer btw. DxDiag.txt
  7. Game crashed after rerouting power and exiting a dialog with Reed. After returning to the desktop, I wanted to restart the game, but just before my cursor reached the icon, it just disappeared. The game however is installed, according to the store, and it remains in the start menu. But starting does nothing at all. It does not seem to be crashing to be precise, it is like it does not even start at all, it does not show up in the task manager, and I found nothing in the event log either. Restarted my machine then tried again. I went to use the repair and reset options in Windows 10 settings, but they did not help either. Finally I uninstalled then reinstalled the game, but nothing. Then (since I am a developer) tried to debug it, but according to VS the app cannot be started since it is not registered / installed. So I looked up that I could register it like this: This did also fail, first claiming that the APP is running, which I could get rid of by restarting, then tried again, now it failed that it cannot delete this file: I took ownership of this file and deleted it (I needed to close gamebar). Now after retrying, I get this: Any idea?
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