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  1. Ok, i found out that some savegames do contain a (version?) number. Those saves can be loaded the other can't. At least i can play now with a savegame a few in-game-days before i started the voyage to the main-game-finale.
  2. Is there a way to load savegames from an older Pillars of Eternity 2 version? I was playing the game shortly after release. After playing it for many hous and even finishing it once, i decided to uninstall it and backup my savegames. Now i bought the DLCs and wanted to play again. Installed the game (via steam) and copied my old savegames to the savegame folder. But i cannot load the old saves. Is there a way to convert those saves to the new game version with DLCs or is the only way to start all over again? Even though this is a really great game, I actually do not have the tim
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