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  1. The .bat file fix is just to download the .bat file for the Saved Games folder and double click the .bat file to run it. That's all I had to do for the fix. Nothing complicated.
  2. Nothing yet, but seeing as this is likely caused by having an irregular registry entry for "Saved Games" and it can be fixed by resolving said registry issue, I would be surprised if a blanket "fix" was released. Issues with that aren't caused by a release usually aren't high priority. I would suggest the .bat fix posted previously. If you're unsure of the legitimacy, you can open the .bat file in a text editor first to see exactly what commands it will run to make sure that none of it looks suspect to you, or you can manually make the changes yourself in Registry Editor using the steps listed inside of it. I hope this helps.
  3. TBF, the issue I had was on Windows (maybe mine, since I've done some odd redirecting stuff w/ the default folders) side since the registry was not set up properly.
  4. This worked for me! It seems that "Saved Games" is one of the Windows default directories, like Desktop, Documents, Music, etc. Apparently my registry was not set up to point to this Saved Games folder so Outer Worlds was just placing it in the base C drive directory since it couldn't see it. After running the .bat from that website to fix the registry entry for Saved Games, the saving worked properly. I was also asked if I wanted to sync my cloud saves when attempting to launch it from the Epic Games Store. Edit: This was also likely the case for multiple others who were using the Epic Games Store installation since reinstalling Windows or updating it probably fixed the missing registry entry.
  5. I had hope but this did not work for me unfortunately. I was neither prompted by the launcher to do any syncing and I also did not have any save functionality.
  6. Hello Pidesco, I have already tried this, but to no avail. I also attempted the steps that Auricle mentioned, as well as installing on my primary drive, just in case there was some weird permission issue but no luck yet. Additionally, trying to set the exe to always run as Administrator causes the Epic Games Launcher to be unable to launch the executable, but that's not really related tbh.
  7. I'm currently playing on PC (Windows 10) and I am unable to save my game. I am not on Supernova difficulty (I'm playing on Normal) and the Save Game option is just grayed out. There's also no response when trying to use the Quicksave button. I got up to the part where you get your first companion and was not able to save all the way up to this point. The game also did not auto save in any fashion, so when I had to quit the game and come back later, all of my progress was gone and the Load Game option on the main menu was grayed out as well. I started a new game and I am still unable to save. Edit: This was solved for me and multiple others through multiple methods, please check the replies if you're experiencing this issue.
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