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  1. That is why you have mandatory minimum sentences. If this guy was in Iowa he would be facing 25 years in prison, mandatory. No getting out in 2 years for good behavior. 25 years, minimum.
  2. Expected more? It was a DLC, not an expansion or stand alone game. How much more were you expecting for $5? Rosie, please tell me at least one DLC for a XBox 360 CRPG that is worth 400 Microsoft Points that you consider better than BDtS.
  3. I am not saying that it will be a bad game, just a bad Fallout game. Big world of difference.
  4. I played Halo once. I didn't like it.
  5. It has nothing to do with who developed the game Lil' Miss Raven. It had to do with the publisher, and in this case that publisher being Atari. Atari published the first NWN and the second NWN, and all the expansions there of. It was Atari's choice to have all the NWN forums to be all in one place. A central hub for the entire fanbase can interact, which makes sound business sense. That way if there is a major announcement or a need to get consumer feedback they only need to go to one place.
  6. BDtS is more involved than the typical side quest. While it is still in the vein of the standard Mass Effect gameplay, there are quite a number of good role play opportunities here and there within it, but only with the main character and non-party NPCs. The main drawback is that no matter who you bring in your party, they will have nothing to say. There were some good opportunities for Wrex's usual snide remarks that Bioware chose not to have in there. The challenge level pretty good. It is much better than the typical UNC mission and the final battle varies on how you interact with the main baddie. Its difficulty is on par with the final Noveria battle, but for different reasons depending on your role play. Its length is longer than most UNCs, but shorter than the main planets, running roughly 60 to 90 minutes. Last time I went through it, it only took me an hour or so but that was my upteenth time I played the game. If you liked Mass Effect, then its worth the $5. Hell, BDtS is better than most of the DLCs that are available for the Xbox 360's CRPGs. If i was to give BDtS a grade I would give it a B+, but then again I am a Bioware (and ME) Fanboy.
  7. In ME2 the side quests, at least according to head Biowarians, are going to be more like the BDtS DLC than the run of the mill crap they stuffed in the first game. One of the reasons why I am very much looking forward to ME2. Also, ME1 > KotOR 1 and 2. Deal with it Bokman!
  8. I have already seen enough of Fallout 3 that it is most certainly not a proper Fallout game. If you are going to make a series you need to be consistent in form, story, and style. Just compare Baldur's Gate 1 to Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights 1 to Neverwinter Nights 2, even Morrowind to Oblivion. There is a level of continuity between the game in question and what came prior. Now we have Fallout 3. There is no consistency. There is no continuity between it and the games earlier in the series. That is why I am against Fallout 3. The only reason why I am against Fallout 3.
  9. Because Atari wanted all the NWN forums together in one location, thusly they are all at Bioware's hub.
  10. I am with the Times already. Best newspaper on the planet. REALLY!
  11. Eh? They only listed planets. Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. Get with the times, man.
  12. I can see the judge's point that the prison system can't cope with a man with dementia. But surely you can't just shrug and push him out onto the streets? I mean, if he's bonkers enough to strangle his own wife he might turn on anyone! Exactly. An asylum or full care facility that can handle dementia or other mental problems that patients may have would probably be the best place for the bugger.
  13. Stupid kid. Lets punish a nation because of one stupid kid.
  15. He should at least get 25 to life in prison. What the hell?!?!? If he is suffering from dementia then he should be placed in an asylum.
  16. I say both. At least you would have your last meal.
  17. Today I had a startling realization about my customers and ethnicity, at least of those who frequent my store at the late night hours. If this offends anyone I apologize. Hispanics will only buy beer or cigarettes when they come in, but they are always polite and never obviously drunk when doing so. Whites will more often come in drunk, loud, and running in at the last minute before the 2am cut off time. Younger they are the more drunk, loud, and more often than not, late they are. They also buy a lot of pizza and chips. Blacks are pretty much the same with Hispanics, though a couple may come in with obvious signs of drunkiness, but not as bad as whites. They tend to still be vertical, but get particularly defensive if you ask for their ID, even though they drove to the store. Also they tend to load up on cheese and candy, and occasionally Cheetoes. Asians are rare but almost every time they come in they always grab a Gatorade, either from the fountain area or from the cooler. Middle Eastern folks usually just buy the newspaper.
  18. Then again KotOR MMO might just be KotOR 3, and they are setting up like Guild Wars. A MMO without a monthly fee! One can hope, right?
  19. I rather see an Arcana Evolved CRPG.
  20. I decided to do a little housekeeping.

  21. There is no species on this earth that is more capable of great benign acts of compassion and despicable acts of cruelty than that of humanity.
  22. Temple of Elemental Evil and NWN1. Those two games were horrendous.
  23. Am I the only one who thought: "Hey, that was a cool sword strike!"
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