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  1. Its been such a long time since I have used them, the email accounts they were tied to are long gone.
  2. I think the only one you remember the password for is mine.
  3. Why does everyone wants to draw lines on me?!?! FELT TIP! FELT TIP! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGH!
  4. LoF fails at sarcasm. I don't get why Islam gets all up in arms what women wear. Let them wear what they want and not force veils, hijabs, burqas, or whatever. Hell, let the women run around naked if they so wish. The same if they want to be covered to. I don't see why it is anyone's business what a person wears or not wears except the person him or herself. That is one thing I hate most about religions. They try to tell you what to do. Let people live the way they want to live. Religious nutjobs need to mind their own frakin' business.
  5. LoF, you should know by now that it doesn't matter what an organization is, or what a product really does. It is all about public image and public relations, and how well something can be spinned so it can be accepted by the idiot masses. That is the image of Islam for many people and even the moderates have done very little to combat that perceived image. Perception is reality even if that perception is wrong.
  6. Lets see here, maybe because Islam is seen as a violent blood crazed religion that treats women as property and wants to take over governments by making them into theocracies. Right or wrong, that is the image it has in many areas in Europe and the US and the extremists and Iran have done little to change that image.
  7. Lightning is the best spell chain in the game in my humble opinion.
  8. I still say the Palestinians got what they deserve when they chose to go to war with Israel back in the 60's. They were given a chance for peace then but chose war. Iran is alao part of a culture that believes martyrdom will get you 72 virgins in heaven. I don't think that the leaders of Iran are worried about MAD.
  9. Don't worry, when Pakistan tries to launch a missile, it will probably crap out inside the silo and blow up right in their faces. I thought that was North Korea's routine.
  10. I can see Iran giving a nuclear weapon to Hezbollah if they intended to use it on a Israeli target.
  11. True enough. I am more worried about Pakistan having nuclear weapons than Iran might be making nuclear weapons. In any case I am expecting Israel to do a preemptive strike on Iran soon. Israel has taken Iran's threats for its destruction very seriously, as it should, and probably attack Iran.
  12. I haven't bought a Ubisoft game since PoOR2. I probably will not buy these games as well.
  13. EA and 2K should merge for a brief time. Just long enough for AC2.
  14. No one has done it like the Nazis did, LoF. Not before and not after, thank Joe Pesci.
  15. Resistance organizations primarily go after military targets. Terrorist organizations primarily go after civilian targets. Hezbollah primarily goes after civilian targets, thusly is a terrorist organization.
  16. I am just against the political correctness. Just call it for what it is. They torture and killed their captives. Should we not do the same?
  17. Yeah, what a joke trial that would have been. Locally tied, Osama would be found innocent of all charges. Only an idiot would believe such a trial would give any other verdict. The Taliban was a vicious, bigoted regime that treated women like property, killed anyone who didn't follow their form of Islam, and supported Al Qaeda. As for the executions, you wanted proof and I gave it to you and I am sure as the opposition continues more people will be judged as "enemies of God." The only reason why we have a threatening posture against Iran isw because they support terrorism. Same with Yemen. Israel's attacks on Palestinians are only reciprocal on the attacks against them. If the Palestinians didn't attack Israel, along with a small host of other Islamic nations, in the first place back in the 1960s they wouldn't have these problems now. The Palestinians brought it upon themselves. Am I suppose to have sympathy for those who are stupid?
  18. http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/02/11/...?iref=allsearch Al Qaeda was what kept the Taliban in power in Afghanistan prior our invasion. The TRaliban is pretty much Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda is pretty much the Taliban. The Iranian government has made continual threats to Israel, fund and support terrorist organizations known to attack civilian targets, and seek to enrich uranium to the point that it can be used for nuclear weapons. Sure they don't invade countries. They prefer to act like cowards than seek a straight up fight.
  19. If any of the opposition complained about the ayatollahs they would be declared enemy of God, then arrested and executed after a brief show trial. Also, we may have invaded a nation or two but one nation attacked us first and the other defied UN sanctions to the point that only way they would comply is if we invaded. We aren't trying to commit genocide, nor have our leaders continually spout off genocide of an entire people which the Iranian government has.
  20. I do not defend it. I simply see it as a consequence of war that the Palestinians started and lost. If it was up to me I would have placed the Hebrew nation in Europe, taking chunks out of Germany, Italy, and Austria, but the past is the past. Palestine was given a choice and they chose war. They have no one to blame but themselves for making the wrong choice.
  21. Iran is primarily a theocracy. Until the theocratic ayatollahs are no longer in power any resemblance to a democracy is simply a joke, facade. The Iranian president is just a figurehead, with no real power. The ayatollahs have all the power thusly they are a theocracy. Only through a fully secular democratic government can there be equality for all that are governed.
  22. I say the US stays out of it unless the opposition party specifically and officially asks for US help in restoring Iran to be a proper democracy. I stand corrected on the uranium issue but I am wary of any more nuclear weapons of being made, regardless of the nation that seeks it. The Iranian government wants to eliminate Israel because it is controlled by Jews. The Arab people, specifically the Palestinians were given a choice of a peaceful option back in the 1960s, but they chose war. War that they lost. Those who lose at war that they themselves started deserve their fate. Iran is too volatile and supports terrorists to have highly enriched uranium because it can be used for military weapons. It would be too much of a risk.
  23. Peaceful? Didn't their current president, who won by voter fraud, want to commit genocide by wiping out Israel? That doesn't sound to peaceful to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Iran having nuclear power, but I do mind them having nuclear weapons given their ties to Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. If their nuclear ambitions are peaceful, why do they need weapon grade enrich uranium. The only reason to have weapon grade uranium is to make a nuclear weapon.
  24. They should come to Iowa. We have plenty of snow. WAY TO MUCH FRAKIN' SNOW! No, I haven't been watching the winter Olympics, but I have heard about the death. I am surprise that there hasn't been more deaths in that event. I mean, speeding about 80 MPH on ice with minimal protection?!?! One small mistake and SPLAT! Its Sonny time. I really hope they rethink about having this event, or at least allow the athletes who participate wear some form of protection.
  25. http://io9.com/5471898/jedi-flash-mob-libe...-british-empire
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