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  1. Mine are... 1. Mass Effect 2. Fallout 1 3. Planescape Torment 4. Fallout 2 5. Ultima 4 6. Baldur's Gate 1 7. Neverwinter Nights 2 8. Ultima 7 9. Baldur's Gate 2 10. Jade Empire
  2. Nice avatar, GD, but it would have been better if it was a McCain sign. That is a lot of dogs as well. I hope you are getting a house with a very very large yard. At most I have ever had was a hamster and he drowned. Poor hamster.
  3. The only just punishment for premeditated murder is death.
  4. Get GTA4! GET GTA4! For the love of God! Not Halo3!
  5. And how is that justice for his victims who are dead?
  6. Watch out for those RRODs. You might want to invest in some good radials.
  7. I think you mean 2 expansions, and I hope we have many many more!
  8. Here you go: http://www.amazon.com/Lionheart-Legacy-of-...9795&sr=8-1
  9. Exactly. Oblvion With Guns is more used than Fallout With Swords.
  10. It is one step closer PCifying the XBox 360! Let us install Vista on the XBox 360! You know, someone did install it on a PS3. Once installed it took the guy 12 minutes to open Notepad. http://gizmodo.com/5033157/mojave-experime...s-playstation-3
  11. One thing Bethesda does not do well is dialogue.
  12. As long as it is an easter egg and not the meat of the game it is no silly than finding a crashed Federation shuttle pod or the TARDIS.
  13. You should change your name to RRoDkill. HA!
  14. Especially when the new "GUI" is coming this fall. It will allow users to install games right on the harddrive, like a PC, instead of playing them on disc. Imagine... Lost Odyssey without the annoying disc changing.
  15. I am just saying that if you are expecting more out of something then you should know what more you are expecting.
  16. This is just sad... http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/08/04/death....t.ap/index.html Instead of lethal injection, why not use a 9mm hollow-point to the back of the skull. No need to find a vein.
  17. I doubt that, Zoma. PlanetElderscrolls.com is still going strong and getting new Oblivion content every day.
  18. Its a DLC. How rewarding were you expecting? I like to know specifics. If you were expecting more then you should know what you were expecting.
  19. I have no real expectations for the game. I probably will get the XBox 360 version to see how bad or how good the game is. I still don't get why couldn't Bethesda just make their own original post-apocalyptic IP. Putting the name of an old obscure PC game wouldn't have made the game sell any more than it would have.
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