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  1. With its widespread effect on class abilities, feats, and spells this should have been caught prior to release. QA staff definitely dropped the ball on this one.
  2. Yes. It is to make sure there is no mess ups during the patch process.
  3. And they charge by the hour too, right Walsh? The housing market does suck right now. Hmmm... I tried owning a house a while back but it was such a pain it was ridiculous. You have to take care of the yard, pay out of pocket if anything breaks down, all sorts of hidden costs up the wazoo. I much prefer renting. Just pay one monthly fee and you never have worry about mowing the lawn, fixing the water heater and furnace, or even clean out the gutters.
  4. Well, there appears to be a fault in the patch. A real killer fault if you play a paladin or cleric. Divine Might, and a lot of the Divine spells have been pretty much nerfed to uselessness. I do wish they had rollback patches when these issues come up. Hey Obsidian folks, TEST YOUR SCRIPTS! Sheesh.
  5. With the economy the way it is I just think it might have been more prudent to save that money for just in case emergencies. To each their own I guess. I hope it works out for you. Nothing is worse than spending a good chunk of money on something just to see it break or not work right.
  6. Never really liked the Gothic series.
  7. Indeed. RVs are probably the worst things on the road, especially with gas prices as they are right now. You would be better off buying beach front property in Arizona.
  8. Appeasement never works, but neither does being an overbearing warmongering jackass.
  9. If they ever BSGed Pokemon in some live action show, this is the route they need to take!
  10. Not really. I have been using Tony K's 1.10, with that hotfix of his, with 1.13 and so far I haven't had a problem. Also, none of my other mods are breaking the game so I think 1.13 is mostly, if not completely, mod friendly for those who used 1.12 as a template.
  11. That is a very interesting interpretation of Pokemon.
  12. Cable is evil. I haven't had cable for almost a decade. Then again I haven't watched actual television for about a decade as well.
  13. You should do better to protect them from lead poisoning. Its bad for one's health.
  14. Shaking is find. I just have a problem with collapsing.
  15. I would write about an average joe from Nar Shadda trying to survive a Hutt bounty during the KotOR era, who finds a way to reprogram a HK-50 to protect his sorry ass.
  16. Going through NWN2 again with some mods. Trying to get as dramatic of screenshots as I can.
  17. Actually, Volourn, some titles you can play on XBox Live for free. These are multiplayer games that have a "Games for Windows" equivelent, such as Shadowrun. I don't know if this is a permanent thing or a limited time offering.
  18. It's humbling. No matter how advance man becomes, no matter how powerful and mighty, the natural world will humble him and will put him in his lowly place as just another screaming monkey, powerless when facing nature's wrath.
  19. fixed Hey, we aren't in China.
  20. Its not a strong earthquake in California unless I can feel it in Iowa. That is good to hear, Alvin.
  21. Um... Why would I pay to play ME with multiplayer when it has no multiplayer?
  22. No, that was the console. The PC version I had took only minutes, if that long.
  23. X COM?!?!? No, I have to say no. While that game was awesome the wait time for the actions for the enemy and civillians were a damn killer. In one mission I had to wait 15 minutes for the damn game to finish its turn!
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