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  1. The Gods act like a bunch of teenagers. It's terrible. To be fair that's pretty much what most people with infinite power and zero accountability would devolve into. Because Deadfire was released with no bugs at all :D The biggest reason is that the hardest difficulty level (>LITERALLY< called "Unfair", so you kinda know what to expect) kicked everyone's asses to the moon and back. Players couldn't handle it, lost bragging rights, and had to vent somehow. You have to know the system inside out and play a well powergramed, custom group, not story companions (who are r
  2. Seconded. Totally understand the therapeutic nature of games and immersive fantasy, but please seek some support, man. This and discuss with your doctor meds and side effects OP (assuming they bring them up. Just talking to someone works for a lot of people). If they're not willing to tell you more about the medicine then yeah I see being unwilling to take it but some of us need that extra push. As long as you go into it with your eyes wide open and willing to help them help you (the hardest part really) there's a sunrise at the top of that hill. It just takes longer for some of us to
  3. Pardon me but I'm not sure what you're asking here? Which companions leave? Like I wrote, Pallegina, Maia and Tekehu... Am I missing something? I'm not sure if Eder really leaves but the whole situation is kinda weird. If you play as an orlan and ask him if he has feelings for you he'll give you a pretty racist reason ("but you're an orlan... you know what they say about orlans... but you're not like one of them") and I guess Watcher reacting with rage would be understandable. But if you are a guy or a not-an-orlan-gal (what happens if you play as an orlan guy?) and Eder just tells you tha
  4. Yeah my slave PC only really had dialogue dealing with the slavers and Skaen had a comment I think. Otherwise it didn't really come up.
  5. In plenty of lore gods are extremely childish. Having vast amounts of power and no accountability doesn't lead to maturity. And I never got the impression the gods were supposed to be lustrous. That was the whole point of the reveal in POE1 was showing they were people with far more powers than most (and were still reliant on humans to do their dirty work.)
  6. Rick messing with the wheel to make a point about inept gods or selling adra as a drug/energy source two galaxies over seems perfectly in character tbh Yes but that's when they had the VAs record almost all the lines. They stopped doing that before DAI came out however it's also what made me so amused because they still recorded some of Male Shepard's VA with a continuing Kaidan romance (not all of them but enough) that it was intentional xD. That said it being a stereotype for Solas to be bi is absurd. Especially given BW's history of having their main plot related males be straight.
  7. To be fair the devs said the main reason they didn't do bi Solas was because they didn't want to have a bi evil guy. (What's Bull supposed to be in that case is anyone's guess).
  8. Yeah I wouldn't mind the Iselmyr thing if Aloth was in on it. Then I'd be like "Okay I find that a bit odd but you three have fun!" as it is though it's just terribly awkward. Well least it's easily avoidable. There's just so many minefields in that I'm just like naaah. And while I do feel Aloth can be rude everyone can be rude. It's pretty clear that an Awakened spirit and it's host can have pretty much nothing in common so the whole Iselmy=Aloth thing completely misses me. She was his past life yes. that doesn't mean they're the same person now. Especially not with how souls in Eora
  9. I thought BSN in general was a corrupted place. Glad they shut it down tbh, it was unhealthy. More unhealthier for the devs who had to read those insane rants. I am with you on Eder I liked the BSN but something in the site went completely to **** after DA2's release. It became so toxic I see why they closed it. ME3 only added gasoline to the fire. So yeah I see why the devs closed it down that constant abuse was tiresome to me I couldn't imagine how I'd felt if it was directed at me.
  10. Nah, man. Have you ever seen Tali romance threads? As a rule of thumb, I nope out of a thread as soon as a photoshopped wedding photo appears. That tali sweat thread. Jesus christ. That and the wonder if Fenris had lyrium in his...ahem. But I'm mostly eh on Eder now. I miss my bro who woke my PC up from nightmares
  11. Agreed. Once you get past the absurdly difficult fights things go back to being decent. The boar drake fight is obscene (like why are they both above the PC's level and boss like enemies? When you only have 3 people who thought that was a good idea?)
  12. I felt it was less making excuses for his father and more acknowledging the pressure he was under. He's more angry at his mother for completely ignoring the issue.
  13. Oh so they'll fix that but keep him bugged otherwise? Nice one devs really a valuable thing to patch
  14. the watcher's too creepy but the awakened spirit sharing a body isn't?
  15. And I just checked leaden Key Aloth. He also has 2 things he likes and 3 things he hates. Come on devs that's no beuno. Give him something else as a positive rep. (Not sure why they made hims no fun allowed because he really wasn't in POE1) He really should like skullduggery especially if he's Leaden Key. Not sure why that wasn't included.
  16. There's a handful of stewardship options but it's like literally a handful.
  17. Man that fight in port maje is a pain now. I can see why they increased the amount of enemies but what's with the OP mage chick? And worst part is she's in a corner so it's not like I can just ran and kill her before she kills someone. Edit: Also game's bugged in which case you wipe there and reload no one aggros for some reason. And you can't even use pull outside of combat (which is laughable)
  18. Playing on POTD now if it wasn't for chill fog my low level wizard would be useless. So how about we leave it alone XD
  19. I always took it as him going there to wait for the protagonist. He's the one who mainly wants to talk to you afterwall so it makes sense that he'd wait a bit for you to catch up.
  20. Good grief, this sounds so much like me, I thought I'd written it and got really confused lmao. :D I also made a Bleak Walker / Corpse eater to see if I could get the rivalmance, and he gave me the "u 2 trad. bruh" talk on the boat like 10 min after I recruited him and I'd done nothing traditional. I'll likely ditch that character though. I was tempted to use my current one who's still @ 0 in spite of trying really hard to please the guy to get the rivalmance as all I have to do is go to the bar and have a laugh with Tek to get to -1, and -2 shouldn't be that hard after that. But if all it is
  21. Like if you have sleep, prone abilities I'd abuse them during taht fight. Also a charm is really helpful
  22. I tried *SO MANY TIMES*. Literally like a *dozen* times, couldn't manage to do it. They run up to him to damn fast, I couldn't even get close. I did it but I had 2 wizards. CC is godlike in this game.
  23. To be fair his "romance" would consist of wham bam and thank you mam. and then him probably talking crap about you afterwards. Yep outside of the bugs (which thankfully were fixed with mods) those romances aren't particularly difficult. It's just time consuming. Least modern BW romances tend to make you initiate the romance with an obvious flirt (and shut it down with an obvious no thanks) instead of burying it in conversations and making it so hours later you're stuck in a romance with someone you never even hit on. And yeah when those bugs are fixed I'll feel better about
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