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  1. I believe that Soul Whip was specifically identified along with Carnage as class abilities that would be subject to scaling with the class power source (source: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3807509&pagenumber=52&perpage=40#post469029383).To the extent that you focus on boosting the perks related to Soul Whip, your spells through another class would be comparatively weaker. Also, unless Soul Whip changes, the damage bonus will vanish more quickly if Focus gain is allowed through the spells of other classes (though that obviously raises some concerns of
  2. Ah, my mistake. I see where you were going with it now (that you've explained it to me). (Edit: but pre-buffing contributing further to this state of affairs only follows with per-rest spellcasting, which is currently off the table outside of the Empowerment mechanic since the current plan is to make spells per-encounter in Pillars 2.)
  3. I don't think you actually meant narcoleptic here, maybe OCD? Actually, you can generate wounds outside of combat in Pillars 1 already by having a companion slap your monk around a bit. The problem with that is that they disappear so quickly that you probably wouldn't be able to get more than one or two (edit: actually, I just tried it with a greatsword wielding barbarian and Zahua with Transcendent Suffering 4 and they were able to bring the wound gauge up to seven in the time that's available, but they're also getting damaged by Rooting Pain at that range) for an upcoming battle for
  4. I'd also like to see them avoid relegating details about monsters (e.g., the tendency of Will O'Wisps to follow travelers, the tendency of shadows to afflict villages with nightmares, the fierce competition for food that's said to occur amongst wurms, finding the occasional victim in spore colonies that's been kept alive for extended feeding, etc.) to bestiary notes. Some of these things seem like good hooks for encounters/quests and others would make for potentially interesting visual perks for stealthy characters to come across.
  5. 1. Invisibility spells could have an edge in regards to visual detection but provide no advantage in avoiding detection by sound, since Pillars 2 will base detection on both sight and hearing. For monsters, like skuldr, that track by hearing or other non-visual senses, this could be a major shortcoming for invisibility magic. (edit: whereas a stealth skill could also logically encompass a knowledge and mastery of techniques to fool such senses) 2. There could be areas that are harder or easier to be stealthy in, with ranks in the skill mitigating environmental penalties while invisibility wou
  6. What it does leave room for, however, is minor/regional/racial aspects of deities, which can accomplish much the same thing - I believe that the Huana have already been stated to revere Ondra under a differ name/likeness, though I can't recall the actual name right now. Conversely, it also isn't inconceivable that a given culture would see distinct deities as aspects of the same divinity (e.g., Gaun, Berath, and Rymrgand is a singular death god that goes through seasonal phases or is seen through different aspects based on the life that one has led), which can have significant impacts on how s
  7. I'm definitely in favor of having spells/invocations/powers/potions/etc. available outside of combat. It seems like there'd be various ways in which to ensure that pre-battle spell preparations don't get completely out of hand, some of which were already in the game (e.g., bonus stacking limits). I also agree that going to the trouble buffing yourself extensively before a fight should probably make it easier, but to keep it from getting to the point of completely steamrolling encounters, a few possibilities come to mind: 1. Piling strong enchantments on the party could increase their visib
  8. Having the choice between three as in Tyranny would be great, as would anything beyond that (though with the far greater number of races in Pillars, I'm less sure we'll see this carry over). Fingers crossed for added NPC variation especially since they wouldn't necessarily have to make them cover all the different forms of armor/clothing that the Watcher and companions/sidekicks can wear.
  9. The developers have already mentioned that they plan to have watercolor portraits for quest giving NPCs. See https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=245#updates for more details and some examples. 1. We've seen unique idle animations for party members such as Eder and Aloth already; will all full-fledged companions have these and/or can we expect to see these occur among important NPCs as well? 2. Where recurring monster types are concerned, assuming that there are some, would you say the focus has been on refining established designs or adjusting them to better fit the different
  10. The developers mentioned in past Q&As that there would be unique dialogue options for characters who are from the Deadfire Archipelagos. They've also mentioned that they would work on integrating background options into dialogues as well. That said, I highly doubt your character will meet their family in Pillars 2. The Aristocrat option is open to all races, so in order for them to introduce your character's family believably, they'd not only have to come up with versions for each race but also relocate the versions to areas in which the presence of aristocrats of that race would make
  11. If you mean changing your paladin's order from what it was in Pillars 1, then yes. When you import your save, you'll be able to select a new class or subclass as you see fit. I wouldn't expect companions or other NPCs to react to the change, though.
  12. I've seen various ideas on approaching the matter, like giving godlike parent race attribute bonuses on top of or in place of their own, racial abilities that scale more strongly, having "inherent" customizable headgear of their own like Devil of Caroc's armor (I've suggested this myself, suggesting that the features might emerge from talent selection, but rjshae also proposed a variation on the concept where the headgear would progress like a soulbound item), allowing access to lesser model-free headgear, etc. A lot of these ideas can be found here (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91650-what
  13. That's more of a problem with godlike racial pros and cons than with enchanting head gear. Hopefully, the developers have something in mind to make godlike racial abilities/their progression less abjectly out of sync with what the race loses. If not, then I don't think that headgear enchantment options are going to be the thing that tips it all over once and for all since the equipment itself is likely to do that anyway. The new level cap is 20 and what godlike miss out on through lack of access to headgear may be that much more pronounced given the likely introduction of new and more powe
  14. If nothing else, Pillars 2 is supposed to be easier to mod. So maybe its a problem we'll be able to fix ourselves.
  15. If memory serves, her waist is bared in normal and fine hide armor, including the set she starts with, but the skin difference is really only noticeable from the inventory screen in my experience.
  16. The claim that having in-game effects and mechanics tied to animancy requires an animancer class is a non-starter. Animancy-based effects can easily be based on the use of items, as is appropriate for the discipline given its dependence on machinery and tools, and the risks associated with the use of such items as well as their efficacy can be influenced by the skills and talents of the user (as well as the power and characteristics of the items themselves). Things like creating flesh golems and animats could be approached through the use of skills and items as well, and the actual process cou
  17. Generally speaking, it'd make sense for traps and hidden items to be harder to detect while running. That said, I agree that introducing a whole bunch of punitive mechanics for running under inappropriate circumstances is just going to piss a lot of people off for no appreciable gain.
  18. Yeah, it's one of the changes I'm most looking forward to. On the subject of dialogue, I think they also mentioned Insight, Intimidation, and Persuasion skills, so there's probably going to be a lot more competition for those skill points.
  19. Keep in mind that the range of skills is being expanded. Currently, there's something like 17 instead of the original five. Lore, for example is broken up into Religion, Metaphysics, and possibly others, while skills overall are divided among the active skills (which you use in game) and the reactive skills (which you use for information/dialogue options), if memory serves, with separate points for both groups. Mechanics seems likely to remain an active skill, though, but it might be subdivided like lore was. Or not, part of the reason for the change was to allow for more character definition
  20. This really varies with particular classes, but I'll grant that animancy does suggest a great deal in regards to profession and perspective (even if there are bound to significant procedural and philosophical differences between animancers both regionally and individually). That said, I think there are other ways to get animancer out there as a label/character identity without subjecting animancers as a whole to the thematic constraints that come with the class format, such as backgrounds and faction allegiance. If animancers are relegated to a specific class, then their most dramatic and
  21. Some of them will be reappearing, but Sawyer said you won't necessarily have them from the start. Rather, you might regain them as you advance in level or through the story. As far as specifics go, I think that Gift from the Machine and the Effigy's Resentment were mentioned as examples (probably also the gods' blessings, but my memory's less clear about those). I hope they transfer them all over, but at the moment they appear to be leaving themselves some leeway in regards to which reward talents make it back.
  22. We saw some out of combat uses for offensive spells during scripted interactions in the White March. With the developers planning to make more extensive use of scripted interactions overall in Pillars 2, we might see such applications for defensive spells and those few utility spells that are in the game as well. Just having a chance to put such abilities to less conventional uses is great, but I'd also hope that they also take advantage of the opportunity to show off a bit more of how these spells/powers/invocations/etc. work in greater depth than we'd normally see while using them in combat.
  23. Yeah, that's what I meant: the ability to keep an animancer like Ydwin as a rogue throughout the game demonstrates the separation between animancy and magic (or powers, prayers, etc.)
  24. One thing about animacy is that it proceeds from the use of machines/tools and the effects that they induce in the souls of subjects. Arguably, then, the class progression format is fundamentally ill-suited to it since its capabilities are separate from the personal power of its practitioners. Take Heritage Hill, for example, where , or Caedman Azo, who had I agree with darqleo that backgrounds are a more appropriate place to introduce the Animancer for those who crave the title (though arguably it is already encompassed by the Scientist background, which for some reason only peopl
  25. No more than a character's steady decline of health after taking damage over time as in Pillars 1. Less so at the moment, actually, since it sounds like you'll only gain injuries when you get knocked out, whereas health would diminish in response to any damage. That's not what empower does at all. Empower increases the character's effective power level while using a given spell by +3, increasing damage and anything else about the spell that's tied to level. Standard ranged attacks will not be comparable and most likely won't serve as a viable replacement during battles where you
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