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  1. Liked: Obsidian love and support to the game, 1 year of full commitment to player feedback. Artwork is gorgeous Multiclass system is really fun for me The newly introduced Turn Based System Disliked: The simple health system, could have worked if the food crafting had a system where you can mix ingredients and have custom bonuses. The boat combat, it has some good intentions, but sadly the lack of visual queues kinda kill it. If resources were unlimited, something like a simple version of Faster Than Light system could fix it. But thats just me tripping in personal ideas lol.
  2. Or do DEX thresholds so you can have a certain number of actions? (But its APS with another name) Would need Josh to weight in.
  3. Is there anyway to raise the timer on how much time you can see the giblets and the blood effects? I like then but they disappear way to fast IMO. Is there an .ini line where I could change it or would require a mod for it?
  4. Pathfinder I recently finished a playthrough. I bought back when it released and it was a mess, a bug mess. Absolute appocalypse. After waiting 8 months of patch cycles, finally managed to get in a playable state, still crashed through some bugs but nothing that could destroy a save game. Its still has that euro jank aura around it, wait for the EE that is the 100% complete game and you should be able to have fun.
  5. Can't please everyone and I play like a double agent, so yeah Aloth is not pleased with me.
  6. So much investment went into this IP both from community and developer, would be a shame to see them drop it. Devil May Cry had plenty of bad apples in their history but managed to reach its peak eventually. Hope they don't give up and go for 3, since a big question went left unanswered in PoE . Any chance we get a word from Obsidian about future plans? I know they are done with PoE 2 now.
  7. Or you know maybe use naval fleet combat and cannons to subdue mister giant, or maybe build another godhammer? *shrug*
  8. Well if you are going to flood with non questions instead of arguments very well. a)Smaller crowdfunding profile? Compared to kickstarter and know administrative experience Deadfire had a much smoother experience b)People not liking PoE2 that much? Yes my post was meant to provoke this question, so why didn't enjoy? c)Setting that doesn't play on nostalgia? If I were to say the setting touch the nostalgia of CRPGs, unless you want to tell me that islands is a no no. And we are dealing with the whole debacle of ninjas versus pirates. d)People who bought PoE1 didn't actually like it? Would had translated on Steam reviews and user metascore, you know how people look for any excuse to start review bombing something. e)Or didn't complete it, and didn't buy the sequel? Well back to b) I guess? f)The colour and humor of DoS is more markatable, then grim, serious and lore heavy focus of PoE? Humor is subjective I can't honestly say who was the best comedian, but I don't believe people are playing RPGs for a stand up show. As for Grim, well both share the Grim torture belongs to both, murder, gallows humor and so on. Lore Heavy? I don't think so PoE 2 didn't exposure bomb you like the first game.
  9. Wish we had an ending where you had this really hard fight against Eothas giant and you could avoid the will destruction ending. Getting swatted like a fly after all the preparation is no fun z.z
  10. The thing is, we are already in the second game of a IP, the stone have been carved. First game broke the million mark and the second according to fig investors didnt even break 200k back in Nov 18. Something went really wrong, I'd guess its innovation department. I can even admit that TB is not necessary its more a personal prefference after testing the new feature, but online given how RPG origins DNA is ( A social game where you bond with your friends and create amusing interactions and solutions with the interaction). I can say that it was a feature lacking since it wasn't the game mechanics fault, the artwork fault or the story fault.
  11. I know the question will be a dumb question but I guess that for TB the tiers change all around since initiative doesnt matter compared to RWTP?
  12. Gameplay wise Deadfire is a much more refined experience, artwise too beautiful game indeed. As for the story thats my beef I guess? The companions were all right and their stories were cool to follow but my main issue is the plot. Since the beginning you were there as the errand boy for the gods to plea a bargain for Eothas. Felt really powerless and didn't see much point since they could had sent an avatar to convey whatever political message that they were in the consensus in the pantheon. Or maybe I just wanted to fight a God. Something went missing for me in the main plot.
  13. On a business perspective even being a PoE 1 backer, I don't think RTWP is profitable in a level where you can fund another project. Sadly the numbers of sale out there show that people wanted to see CRPG back in its "vanilla" state in PoE 1. Turn based and Coop for RPGs were meant to be the next step, you can see how Divinity 2 performed compared to PoE 2. The fully VA was neat but I would had used the funds to add coop mode. I know people become really stingy with the multiplayer feature, sadly in nowdays Publishers and Devs use as a form to push their personal DRM ( When they don't decide to add both Denuvo and the online feature).
  14. I don't even know you mate, but I'm curious on what you said to sound so resentful now and make your post a bit more productive and with more context. There is no point in being constructive, I tried to be constructive about 3 months ago and was ganged up on by inferior intellects and shouted down. The game is already made, they aren't and probably cannot change the mechanics of the entire game now that it's set in stone, what I'm doing is renouncing people and that's what I planned to do because I'm bitter that the games revolutionary design from pillars 1 was watered down to the old bg playstyle due to nothing but peer pressure from the childish, lazy, drooling, mouth-breathing masses. I don't even understand why they were so cowardly to buckle, the original recieved critical acclaim, they already succeeded, if they were ever gonna buckle it shoulda been the first game, not when they were already successful and already knew their old system worked. Talk about fixing what ain't broke. I sort of disagree with the no turning back, there is DLC coming that might introduce new dungeons that decides to go back in. As for the context of returning to the city for stocking, can be fixed if they introduce in land mechanics of having limited access to food and water so it would have the same "campfire" effect and not trivializing wounds mechanics at the same time.
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