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  1. I wouldn't have to. I'm looking only for the best band for the buck, without much additions or removeals, so I won't lose a lot.
  2. Why get a new engine when they can improve the one they already have? All the things you just said can be added to it; it's just if LA is willing to.
  3. This reminds me; Maybe it's time for a minor cpu + memory upgrade.
  4. It's not Obsidian Entertainment's fault; if you ask me, Lucasarts has more say when it comes to when to release games.
  5. Well, I have disagree with that. This is only the second game they used with this engine; if you ask me, it could still go a fwe games. Just look at Quake 3, and to a lesser extent, Max Payne. Quake 3 has tons of games made on this engine, and even though I doubt anymore games will use it nowadays, remember, Jedi Academy had it; they apparently pushed it far, and it was pretty good and stable game, IMHO. Max Payne looked bad, and ran okay, but its successor Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne looked absolutely gorgeous, and ran without a hitch on my computer.
  6. And yet, Vampire: bloodlines, which uses the Source Engine, is buggy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's what I said eariler. However, I have played some Troika games before, and my general feeling is that they are quite buggy; and in my opinion, Bloodlines is the leats buggy one I have played. :D
  7. Let's say they get the Source Engine. It only went through a 5 year development cycle with massive bug squashing. It's stable, efficient, can run an RPG, and has wonderful realistic physics. Imagine force effects affecting everything around you. Imagine facial reactions and emotions from the NPCs around you. Imagine swoop-bikes flying through levels. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As much I as like Half-Life 2, I disagree. It's a FPS Engine; I know Bloodlines used it, but my friend has it, and it says it has ton of bugs. Probably Troika's fault, though. I still think they should the KOTOR engine, for ease's sake. I mean, it's not out of cycle yet. I mean, look Jedi Academy; it uses the Quake 3 engine, and even though they made heavy modfications to the engine, it is still the Quake 3 engine at the core. They could still make the KOTOR engine even better; the question is, is Lucasarts willing to shove money to do it?
  8. If you ask me, Lucasarts should really pay Bioware or Obsidian Entertainment to fine-tune and update the engine they already have. And here's why they should have a new engine: 1. New Engine = New bugs 2. Takes up time that can be used for other things 3. May look better, but may run slower and if they have more benefits if they use the engine, but only if: 1. Find and kill bugs, because the engine has been tested 2. Optimize the engine for maximum speed, at least for X-Box (I'm a PC'er, btw, and if you ask me, it's too hard to finet-tune to every PC..., but to have a slow and buggy on a console is not an excuse, Lucasarts) 3. Add new nice graphical effects, not to hard 4. The engine is already there, time can be used to fine tine gameplay and story instead And that's why I think they should use the old engine. But really, it's up Lucasarts, and if they interested making the best product possible as much they are interested in sales, they should think about this. I'm open to any debate, however. :D
  9. Well, I heard that high Intelligence, Wisdom, and Awarness matter in dialogue, along with Persuade and Charisma, so I'm guessing that consulars wouldn't actually be bad idea...
  10. Yeah. I don't have it, because my computer cam't handle it well, but my friend has it. Very good game.
  11. I doubt it's Obsidian Entertainment's fault that there are no mod tools. If they were against modding, why give it to us with Neverwinter Nights 2? And on Jedi Academy, it was based on the Quake 3 engine, and if it's drastically different, it wouldn't be a stretch for someone to be able to adapt tools for Quake 3 engine, so it was pointless to try. However, with KOTOR, it was a new engine; and the property belonged to Lucasarts, so they apparently thought that it was in their best interested to preven us from having any serious modding.
  12. Yeah. I remember baeting Jedi Academy when I was dark side, but I had to fight Kyle Katarn, and it was very hard.
  13. Its not a big deal, but one of the Mandolorians on Dantooine refuses to recognize Mandalore as "Mandalore" and they fight (with your help, which makes for one very dead Mandalorian). The others with the now deceased blowhard agree to follow the new Mandalore (very ethusiastically too, lol). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool. How about Azkul?
  14. Well, I don't have the game yet, and I can't , until feb, anyway. I don't spoilers, so go ahead.
  15. Just a minor correction. Stupidity is the lack of ability or willingness to gain more intelligence or knowledge. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Are there any convos between Mandalore with other Mandalorians, especially Azkul, outside of Dxun?
  17. I actually don't mind spoilers, but I concur. While I myself don't mind spoilers, spoilers should still be placed in the proper forums.
  18. Hey I got the prima guide: It says the weapon master and marauder don't learn niman, but the Watchman or Assasin get Niman.
  19. *securrity skills a box* Dang it won't open! *critical strikes* *BOOM* :ph34r:
  20. I was wondering, if you guys ran arround aimlessly, with two party members, for not a lot reason, would conversations pop up?
  21. Dev's warned us about that, kinda. They said that slashing at boxes would break the contents iniside. We could extrapolate that, and expect that if, for example, a grenade breaks, it's likely to explode. :D
  22. Don't worry - all of my wrath is squarely directed at LucasArts. Obsidian wasn't given enough time to develop the game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Time maybe not issue... it maybe that this how Lucasarts wanted it. Just a thought.
  23. Maybe you should be mad at Obsidian Entertainment.... maybe you should cosidere this could be the publisher's doing, Lucasarts.
  24. Is carth alive if Revan is Male DS?
  25. From what I heard, they are gone forever. Just lie to grenn to reward if you want to.
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