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  1. Actually if I recall correctly Qui-Gon Jinn was 15th lvl, Maul 12th lvl and Obi-Wan was 6th lvl..... But It's been awhile so.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hm... if that's ture, either Maul is horriblly main-maxed, or Qui-Gon Jinn uses a horriblly underpowered build.
  2. You see, Qui Gon is something like level 15 watchman, while maul is like level 18 mauarader. Qui Gon was able to get maul down to 10 vp before he bite the dust. Obi-Wan, who's also probably has watchman level (so sneak attack), was able to jump up and win the initiative roll, hence catching maul flat-footed. Since maul is flat-footed, obi-wan was able to land a sneak attack, taking maul below 0 vp and killing him. And since Qui Gon is dead, Obi-Wan got to keep all the sweet experience point for himself. And due to the huge level difference, it will be tons of xp "
  3. Cos Obsidian were obsessed with making K2 different to K1 and this would be too much like a Bastila, not that I would've minded. Also, fan art Atris was much better than ingame final... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think it is more due to the fact that LA said that OB only had 1+ some year to work on the game, and there simply wasn't enough time. Anyways, I voted "Some lonely nights, the Handmaidens did more than guard her......". It was just too funny to pass up, its not like i liked the mental image or anything. Yea, that's it.
  4. The difference between a Force Cage and a Torture Cage appears to be a difference in which software module you choose to activate... Bombing planets into radioactive balls and cleansing entire races from existence (which the game indicates that the Republic has indulged in) doesn't exactly strike me as a good thing to do either. Listening to HK-47s tales in the first game doesn't paint the Republic Senate in the light of a good government with corruption, political assassinations and lots of foul play going on behind the scenes. The Jedi may be the good guys, but they don't run the Republ
  5. Let me get this right, you get a mod that give you components to bring saber damage to the 100s range, and you are complaining that exile's item pack are too powerful? Lol.
  6. Remember, the force always seek to rebalance themselves. If the darkside and the lightside become unbalanced, the force will either cause lots of sith to rise up, or lots of jedi to die. During jedi civil war, there were lots of sith and lots of jedi, so it was balanced. And afterwards, both the jedi and the sith pretty much killed off each, and again, it was balanced again. There is very little free will when it comes to the force. Which was Keria's whole point.
  7. That was one of my major beefs with K1, only if I were able to make HK-47 use melee weapon, he would totally own especially when you fully repair him. He would be like candyman on speed.
  8. Considering how many owners HK has gone through, one of two of them would probably tried to reverse engineer him, or get his schematics somehow. Also, do remember, 5 years has happened since KOTOR 1, HK-47 was apparently shot, beaten, dissembled, and had tons of his programming deleted. It is possible someone was able to get the schematics.
  9. Depends, are we talking about one on one duel cage style match that probably will never happen? or all out anything gose match. If it is the first, then Exile will probably win. However, if it is the latter, Revan will simply outsmart exile, so Revan will trap exile on some planet and then simply get his army and bomb the planet Exile is on into their elementary particles. Lets face it, Revan is the smart one. And regardless how much hp you have, it dose jack squat against orbital bombardment by captial ships. As I recall, a nuke, by D20 modern rules (I know, not SW D20) deals so
  10. Where can i dl this Padawan prestige class mod?
  11. I think Obsidian did a great job on KOTOR 2. For the most part, the game was excellent. It is very unfortunate that the last 1/5th of the game was so lackluster. But that can be forgiven once the community or obsidian (hopefully) put back the proper endings. Now, as a software programmer, I know there will be bugs. There will always be bugs. Especially when you have a small company working on such a huge project under such strict deadline. And I can definitely understand why there were bugs. (Not saying I approve though) And finally, I would just like to say despite the fact
  12. Strike team was Visia, Mandalore, and handmaiden. Since I saved handmaiden's level, she had a lot of level as jedi, so she kicked major butt. Along with Mandalore who was one heck of a tank. Keria, Atton came with me to the palace. Keria was for the stasis, and Atton was for the massive sneak attack that followed. And my exile was primarily responsible for zapping anything that came as a group and flurry anything that was alone.
  13. Why can't the exile be a Padawan. Remember, bulk of Revan
  14. Malak, Guardian for sure. He's all brute force and melee combat powers. And severally lacking subtly or planning department Revan, I would say s/he was a soldier/consular. Soldier because he did fight in the war, and consular because it was repeatedly stated that he was very charismatic leader and great strategist. his/her plans are very subtle. Not to mention the fact that s/he did built HK-47, and repair is a consular class skill. I would say pre KOTOR 1 Revan had very int and char score as well. A shame int happens to be least useful stat in the game. But I will just say s/he
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