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  1. The breakneck speed at which KOTOR 2 was produced speaks of how badly lucas arts needs money. Bioware WOULD have done it, but lucasarts wanted it faster, and they were busy with jade empire. now, don't get me wrong. KOTOR 2 isnt a BAD game. And I certainly applaud some of obsidan's ideas. The whole...actually learning about the force from a master thing instead of just "And now you know X"...that was cool. HOWEVER. My biggest gripe with the game is that its totally lost the STAR WARS feel the first game had. Playing this game feels like playing Dark Forces 2, Jedi knight for the first time. Its a good game, and a good story. But...it doesn't have the same flavor starwars does. This game felt very expanded universe, like I'd just read a few too many novels, instead of the feeling I got playing the first game which was just like watching the movies again. Anyway, my gripes aside, if KOTOR 2 sells well, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a kotor 3. It just had BETTER go back to Reven again!
  2. *sigh* Am I the only one missing kotor 1's quests by this point? Obsidian has some good stuff, but they need a *leetle* more polish as a game developer. as a side note, I seem to recall trying to "use" that panel the first time and having it say "A wierd hand panel" which led me to believe I couldn't use it yet. But that seems to have done the trick. My graditude!
  3. Ok, so I'm in nar shadaa, and as the mara jade knockoff chick I've just escaped from the battle pit where I killed moron fuzzball. Now I'm trying to let my jedi into the facility from the ventilation tunnels. I found the big room with all the computers labled "The ventalation room" and told the damn thing to open all the security doors...but no dice on the big important door. So...am I missing something?
  4. Never mind. Turns out I had to talk to the rider guy again. That was...unintiutive.
  5. I seem to have found a game glitch. I did search the pile, which is how I knew I needed the droids head in the first place. Nikko, the helpful guy in the bar and the doctors friend did say that the droid got scavenged. But no one mentioned someone who might sell the droid parts. I went to talk to the droid outside before I posted on this board the first time, and he didnt have the head or the memory core. After checking again...still no memory core.
  6. Hey, I've just learned that I need the serving droid's head to retrive its memory to free the doctor. However, I have NO IDEA how to get it, and I've tried EVERYTHING. I've talked to EVERY person I can on the planet it seems and no one says anything helpful. Everyone in the bar is in the same conversation loops "Bring me the droid head and I'll fix it." I DONT have the head, and my journal says "Maybe someone in the bar will know something more" but I've talked to EVERYONE in the bar and thats all I get. Am I missing something? Possible game glitch?
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