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  1. hmmm, the only thing I can talk to him with is "Never Mind".... A bug?
  2. How do you build your lightsaber? I have: Lightsaber emitter fixture Lightsaber energy cell fixture Lightsaber focusing lince fixture Color crystal And 2 lightsaber crystals. Do I need something more? Who do I speek to when I got all th parts? Sort of a neewbie question but I think I have missed something. Blackeye Edit: Ouch, ouch. Posted in the wrong forums, sry. Pls move.... :">
  3. I have turned off my Firewall and scanned and removed every file Ad Aware could find. Still when I insert the Cd nothing happens. Blackeye
  4. Ok, I got the game tiday andf installed it. I whas extremly slow, took 2-3 min for the question "do you wanna place a shortcutt on your desktop" to appear. When I trie to start the game it just sais that the game whas not correctly installed, and I should reinstall it. Argh, now I
  5. How come You had a lvl 40 character when echmyr have a lvl 27 character? Are there so different ways that one reaches 40 and the otherone 27-29? Blackeye
  6. Lucky you. I typed it up the other day as part of some notes for myself: Those are all of the special abilities listed in the Strat Guide. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For me, the Jedi Master class seems extremly bad if you look at the other classes. Inspire followers, BAH! My companions wont be with me in my final battle...
  7. Hrm, hrm... Could you please mark this as possible spoilers? <_<
  8. Please mark this thread as SPOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> dude, you're IN the spoiler forum. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope, I read this thread in the General Disscusion forum. But I have found it in the Spoiler forum to. Hmm, must have happened something wrong...
  9. I am sure that Gamebnashee will put up a complete item list soon :cool: . Here is a link to there Kotor 2 site: Gamebanshee Kotor 2 site Blackeye
  10. Here is a link to a full (I think) list of all Force Powers in KOTOR2. Just scroll down the page and read.... :D Gamebanshee Kotor 2 site Blackeye
  11. What lvl were you when the game ended? I was just wondering... Blackeye :D
  12. Hi Everybody! This is my first post so be gentle... I have two questions about lightsaber forms. 1. Do they look different, i.e. do you move and attack different. Like in Jedi Outcast 2 depending on your lightsaber formed you held the lightsaber different and you attacked with different moves. Does this happen in Kotor 2? 2. Could someone give me a list of all available lightsaber forms?? Blackeye :D
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