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  1. You should go straight for the Free Jazz.
  2. And time goes by so slowly,

    and time can do so much.

    Are you still mine?

  3. I've hungered for your touch

  4. This just in! Pixies is back, grown man cries. More at eleven.
  5. I was about to sent you a PM but it says I'm not allowed to until 1:14. This is peculiar

  6. What I want to know is why I'm not newsworthy anymore.
  7. Yep, that's right, just sitting in the catbird seat.

  8. I'm sitting in the catbird seat

  9. Let's do something fun

  10. Hey, long time no see

  11. Keep in touch cutie

  12. I actually just started the getting your xbox fixed process by emailing xbox support, because not only does it have trouble reading disks, but it now won't show any picture but still has sound. so yeah, I actually kind of just want to not deal with getting it fixed and just buy a new one.

  13. I just had to come back and see you again.

  14. But I'm not like them Kyle.

  15. Dangit Michigan, you had to have a possible case of Swine flu didn't you.
  16. Actually I think Fallout 3 was pretty weak there. The stuff they had was good I guess, but they needed more, and also, most of it was really from the 30's and some 40's, but they didn't really have anything from the 50's that I heard, and that was a shame, they really should have.
  17. Oh I thought you were talking about season one for some reason. But yeah I still feel that as long as something isn't lodged in their brains, they can survive anything, even an oblitorating blast, unless the blast lodged something into their brain, but then the blast would probably destroy whatever was in their brain, and then they would heal.
  18. I'm a firm believer that Peter surviving his own nuclear blast is understandable because no one with that power has ever been hurt by their own nuclear emissions. And I mean, I could believe Claire too because her body might regenerate faster than it gets deteriorated by the blast. And she was never in like, a full scale explosion by it, the one in her house was kind of small. I'm content in believing that she needs something to be lodged in that part of her brain and not just something to like, shoot through it or blow up through it.
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