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    "But I have a theory of life," said Chumlig. "and it is straight out of gaming: There is always an angle. You, each of you, have some special talents. Find out what makes you different and better. Build on that. And once you do, you�
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    "All that belongs to human understanding, in this deep ignorance and obscurity, is to be skeptical, or at least cautious; and not to admit of any hypothesis, whatsoever; much less of any which is supported by no appearance of probability." David Hume
  1. You know how after you eat Captain Crunch and there is this nasty film on the top of your mouth that doesn't come off until you brush your teeth? Then you forget to brush your teeth and go to work, and then I feel this nasty film all day on my upper palate. I hate my life.

  2. So you are suggesting that because we cannot trust government, we should not let them have power over THIS ONE aspect of our personal lives? What made you decide that people who do not want nor have any notion or willingness or motivation to raise small people into our society should be allowed to? It seems pretty arbitrary, to me. And the results of NOT moderating people's ability to create their own abuse victims seems to have had a very predictable result. Children are regarded as chattel, to be used, abused and disposed of as their "guardians" (Ha! these people are guarding their o
  3. The end of Wall-E bugged me personally - how does a disposable consumerism society survive in a spaceship with finite resources (far more finite than were on Earth, which they left because they'd exhausted/garbage-fied)? How do they have the material to make new products when we see Giant Wall-R robots dumping consumer waste into space? How do any of the people stand when they get back on earth having (seemingly) never walked? Why do they even want to go back? The trash is all still there (Wall-E was the last working robot and the trash had been piled up, not actually removed from the planet)
  4. Yes, it's a great documentary. I'm not too sure about the use of the word "documentary", perhaps more like "commentary"... I just share the name (although mine has the "e" on the end). I'm also a prosecutor, although not a "high-profile" case expert, so to speak (but never represented the "other side" like his character did). I do have a mock-up courtroom in my basement, though, in which to practice and perfect my chosen craft. That is, when I'm not trying to enrich young minds as to the many wonders in the world of Criminal Law! Lawyer - check. Military training - check! B
  5. Yes, it's a great documentary. If you like Shark, you might like The Unit, especially after the first season concludes, as there is a legal story line. and many others!
  6. *Edit: Nope. I asked you how procreating was a "right" when it cannot be universally granted. (Property ownership is NOT an congenital trait of humans, established at birth, and it can be changed in many ways.) To continue your analogy: people have a "right" to own a car and drive it, too, yet you seem to think that "right" is somehow different to the "right" to have children ...
  7. You know, I made that comparison once too.. Then I realized how utterly fallible the argument is.. When you think about it, does the driver licence really prevent accidents? It's still the most unsafe mode of transportation, even with this system in place. And with a birth licence you pretty much assume that it's going to be a good system and that it will filter out the bad seeds. Problem is a lot of potential great parents are gonna get hit by it.. What should the critirias be? Who should determine them? How do we enforce them? It's gonna be legislate nightmare as well and any law th
  8. Maybe if it were more difficult to become a parent, there might be some more thought about it. It seems to me that a lot of parents are accidental, and have put little -- or no -- thought into providing for another human being. The parlous state of adoption and foster care seems discredit your assumption that it is desirable or even possible to clean up the mess ex post facto. If your concern is that a system cannot be created that is fair and just, I would caution you against emotion. To cite a trivial example, consider the automobile drivers license. Eveyone can get one. Ther
  9. Tigranes is statistically the least offensive person on any given forum. Mentioning statistics* is the best way to make people ignore your comments, statistically speaking. *I made this up. But statistics tell me you didn't notice.
  10. Deus Ex, we're up to the Paris level ... which I think is my favourite.
  11. Just finished that a few weeks ago. We think Milton has his tongue firmly in his cheek ... seriously, talk about making a farse of religion, with the ENDLESS pages of hymn-singing banality of the heavenly host! Still very good, though, regardless of your religious politics. Picked some verses to keep. Lovely prose.
  12. Unfortunately the fiction you are reading is "of it's time" ... which is a cop out, kinda like saying "Isaac Newton was a smart guy, even though he stole calculus from that nice Leibniz fellow and believed he would successfully complete alchemy". PKD was also a great ideas man. (Count the films made from his short stories.) We didn't think much of Electric Sheep, though the whole novel is a set-up for the , and the Ridley Scott film interpretation is a much better incarnation of the whole tale. (But only if you don't watch the dumbed-down original release with the Ford voice-over, whic
  13. Pagans and Christians, Robert Lane Fox. Very dry, but seemingly scrupulously researched. Much better than John Mann's Atilla the Hun, which should have been called "My Whimsical Theory", not Historical Investigation.
  14. Celebriamo a voi il Nostro Secondo Anniversario

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