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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure he hit him in the wrong spot. Like, it looked like it was directly in the middle of the back of his head, but I am pretty sure the spot that they said would take them out was off center a bit.
  2. Soap bubbles carry my dreams up h-h-h-h-hiiigh Bubblegum kind of keeps my heart from getting heavy and cryin

  3. Don't you get it? She stole the socks in the first episode for her sister! It all makes sense now! I'm glad they tied up that loose end.
  4. Shaking that thing.

  5. What are you trying to say?

  6. Obsidian Forums Virtual Dating Service here I come!

  7. I want to be your truth.

  8. Are you just faking it so that you can make it? Because you don't have to fake it with me.

  9. You're the only reason

  10. There's mods for that. I'm only level 10 and have been playing for many many hours. I don't undersatnd why anyone would stick with the default leveling scheme if they can use mods. Are there mods that let you go higher than level 20? I thought there where just one's that slow down your leveling.
  11. I really liked this episode. It made me not hate Claire as much, and reaffirmed my beliefs that I like Nathan. And we already knew he could learn powers without cutting people's heads off.
  12. I thought I told you webcam sex is no good.

  13. A pentatonic scale is a five note scale, and the pentatonic minor scale is the "blues" scale.
  14. You gotta fake it to make it gurl

  15. If you're planning on playing guitar for a while, I'd say not buy equiptment that you feel is at your "level", and just buy good stuff. Not only will it last longer and you'll actually want to play the stuff when you get better, but if you spend some more money on a guitar that's built better and is easier to play, and sounds better, you're likely to want to play more. You're better off getting any Mexican made Fender for around 300-400 dollars than getting a Squier.
  16. tough talk, but I like it! You're saying I need to land a role in a major film!

  17. (Brothers to the end) I know, we're all comrads under the skin. (brothers to the end)

  18. Well you touched me and smiled as you let yourself go. Oh but soemthing was wrong because your touch was so cold, like you'd been in the ground and you asked if you could stay and I said NO!

  19. He said all things pass into the night And I said, oh no sir, I must say you're wrong I must disagree oh no sir, I must say you're wrong Won't you listen to me? GOODBYE HORSES I'M FLYING OVER YOU GOODBYE HORSES I'M FLYING OVER YOU GOODBYE HORSES I'M FLYING FLYING FLYING OVER YOU
  20. Tell me your secrets telll me your name, tellllll me your secrets

  21. Here's some thing to think about. where would we be now with out. NASTY HABITS

  22. I kept slipping off of the bed : (

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