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  1. Make sure you've left combat. It won't level you up until your sneak status is blue. Haha come on Tale I'm not a complete idiot! It's not because I'm in combat or anything, like I've gone into the game to where I've had at least 2000/200 xp thinking that maybe if I just keep going it will eventually level up. But no it's like a real bug I guess. I googled it and there seems to be a few other people with this problem. Someone mentioned that you have to delete all of your save files and then start a new game or something, but instead of doing that I just signed on to a different xbox username and started a new game and it was fine. But yeah everyone look out (on Xbox at least) when you start a new game because there seems to be a big chance that your character won't level up.
  2. Yeah so I beat the game and started a new game but it won't let me level up when I gain enough xp. Has anyone else had this problem? I've restarted a few times and it just won't let me get past level one I've even played all the way to Primm. This is really frustrating.
  3. When I'm roleplaying a game sometimes I enjoy playing the game after I beat it. I've worked all this time to meet a certain goal throughout the whole game and all I get to see of it is a short video showing or telling me what happened. Also when I go back to play, if I have to load one from before I beat the game it just makes everything I've done in that end sequence seem like a waste of time from a leveling perspective and any items I obtain I won't have next time. I don't see why it's so hard to understand. I can see why you wouldn't care but I don't see why you couldn't understand. Why can't you people be more understanding?
  4. I'm kind of upset that you can't keep playing after completing the main story so I hope there is a dlc that allows that.
  5. So yeah when I played this video, the advertisement that played before the video started was an advertisement for Fallout New Vegas. It was pretty funny!
  6. Well you just have to wait for Kotor 3 to come out! Because it will be announced any day now!
  7. So what is the release date? Is it set in stone?
  8. Over the years of extensive first hand research I put into this game, I found that the wheels that aren't off road wheels don't do anything. They're just for looks. Just like most of the other modifications.
  9. Remember when we played Diplomacy?

  10. I wonder how long it will be before you notice this

  11. So what are the chances of silencers being a mod on guns? Or at least still having guns with silencers on them. Have you guys already found out the answer to this earlier? Don't make me look all the way through the old threads, just tell me I can't stand the suspense!
  12. WOW just noticed this ripoff thread! But yeah have a good time keep us posted!
  13. I didn't hear about this either, but I also didn't click the link, so I still haven't heard.
  14. Drop me a line next time you're on here

  15. Then I viewed his profile and yeah, nothng about that is funny. I don't want to make jokes anymore.

  16. I was going to make a joke about how I want teh kotor 3 was the last person to view your profile.

  17. Mousefrog is the bane of my existence.

  18. He made a lot of waves on the forum, but I think we all had a soft spot for him. Rest in peace
  19. Yeah I mean, one of the things you learn early on in economics is that it's riddled with "self fulfilling prophecies" and I agree. CRA's probably do make the problems of the economy worse. The guy who wrote this article seems to want to get rid of credit rating all together, and I mean, on a micro scale maybe that's fine, but on a macro scale I'm not sure how that would work. I feel like we need it but there's just a lot of room for improvement. Like with this whole housing market crisis we had that he mentions for example. Yeah they screwed up and didn't really understand what they were rating. So when mortgages that had AAA ratings were defaulting, you knew there was a problem with the ratings. I'm not sure not having ratings at all would have helped though. Like, would the people who invest in whatever they are investing in have to research it themselves? I mean in most cases there isn't time for that. I mean, this whole housing thing is just one instance, and I don't really blame the CRA's entirely for the bad ratings. Nobody really knew what was going on in the housing bubble, and I'm not sure how not having ratings would help the system. As for your specific case Wals, I mean yeah I assume a person's rating would be placed purely on a buyer/business history or whatever if we're talking in terms of a loans or investiment into the person as a company or something, and like, those other factors such as health and personal relationships affect the person, but there isn't a reliable way to measure that, so the CRA's can only really stick to factors they can reliably measure obviously. I mean, I'm just not sure that mental breakdowns and divorce and what not represent a significant enough problem to cause them to take that into account when rating people, on a large scale. Like, let's assume the grad student and the manager each want to open a business, so they ask for a loan. I'm sure their rating would be based on if they are making money now and how much, what their past credit history would look like, how long they've been working, and what not. Like, I would think that the thinking behind it would be that the 40 year old manager is less of a risk just from life experience assuming all the other points of his background are in good standing. So like, if something did happen to him, based on his history, he would be able to handle it better than the grad student just because the grad student wouldn't have the same experience in the working world. Like, the grad student could suffer any number of unknown non-business related problems. Any number of health risks or relationship hazards (we've all been there) or whatever, and not know how to handle it, or he might. The point being that there isn't a reliable way to measure those unknowns. I don't really think that's reason to throw out the rating system Also what that guy up there said about assets. I'm a big dumb idiot.
  20. Yeah I've been running it in safe mode What does that mean? When I've googled the issue I've seen a lot of mention of RAM but I don't really know what to do or how to test anything with different RAM sticks. I'm not really sure what that even means really, but it might be the solution I'm looking for!
  21. Hey so I have some Dell Laptop running windows vista, and everytime I turn it on and like, it loads up, within a minute or two a blue screen comes up saying "page error in unpaged area" or something like that, and then it just like, restarts. Does anyone know if I can fix that?
  22. Like, I wouldn't be a politician though. I would only get involved from an analyst point of veiw or whatever. I don't want to get involved.

  23. I mean I could have done music instead but yeah, I just kind of picked them because they are interesting as long as I keep an "I'm not going to get involved" sort of stand point. I just hope I never form an absolute opinion on anything. I mean the creative side of me feels I've made a huge mistake, but if I want to move to New York and afford to buy Tom Ford suits and Ray-Bans, sacrafices must be made.
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