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  1. Back off man, I saw him first! There is enough of me to go around one time. OH HEY
  2. Haha hey Hades, still doing that I see. cam2cam? I've said it before (a few seconds ago in your profile) and I'll say it again. I want to be in your life again. I want to see our son. That's ok, I love you enough for the both of us. I won't fight back. It's alright. I'm majoring in Economics and Political Science. Except right now school isn't going so well because of personal reasons, but overall I think I've had a good run. I heard you got married, is that true? I mean, Surrep told me that like a long time ago last I talked to him on MSN but he has made that joke before so I wasn't sure.
  3. I want to be a part of your life again. I want to see our son.

  4. Hey guys so like, I haven't really been here or posted in a while, and like, I'm trying to ease into it and you know, rekindle all of our friendships.
  5. You last comment is from a little over a year ago. From me

  6. I mean weapons. Where do I get new weapons? Are there just like, no new weapons or soemthing?
  7. So I know I'm quoting myself but nobody responded to it, and I was wondering did anyone else noticed this?
  8. Also I haven't noticed load times being nearly that long on the 360
  9. Yeah so whenever you unlock one of the specializations, it applies to previous saves, so if you save it before you unlock it, you can unlock it and then just reload you save and it will still be unlocked. That way whatever you had to give up or do to unlock it you won't have had to.
  10. Yeah I was afraid of that. It seems like so much management though. I mean I even put the game on casual and my party members don't last long and then I'm not far behind. I'm a mage but I've put all my spells into shape shifting and like, the "primal" spells, and none in the other things. I also messed up my character by putting points in dexterity and strength. I wanted someone who could use weapons and cast spells. My bad.
  11. Alright so someone who has already played this game help me and give me tips on
  12. Yeah so my number one complaint with this game is that I somehow managed to make a character that looks exactly like Alastair. It's maddening because I always have him in my party, and like, ever time either of us are on screen it takes me a second to relize if it's my character or him.
  13. Yeah I mean the problem I always had with weapon condition was that I would get really obsessive compulsive and want my weapon in top condition for every fight and it just drove me mad, and I'd go out of my way all the time to fix the weapon.
  14. Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder "does he still remember me?"

  15. Someone has a birthday coming up.

  16. I hope you're making a bad joke
  17. I don't think it will be too hard for us to all suspend disbelief and just accept that they are immune to pain. Or immune to fire. Or something.
  18. I'm pretty sure there aren't any spoilers in that video. Hey guys
  19. Why no, no, of course not. It's just a cold. I swear! In between my mother's tears she tells me not to worry it's only a cold. I'll be in a better place soon.

  20. Just to be clear that means in an inapropriate way.

  21. I want to touch you in a non fable 3 way.

  22. I don't know if you remember me, but we sure did have some good times in the back of my dad's '71 Plymouth Valiant

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