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  1. Wait when did Undead Nightmare go on sale and for how much?
  2. Dead Money not the main game I mean. So I'll let you guys know in a few hours
  3. Yeah I'm playing it right now, it's really fun so far. It's hard to say much about it really until I've finished it since I've only put in an hour or two.
  4. So I'm really hoping Dead Money comes out in fifteen minutes. Probably not but fingers crossed!
  5. NV had that? Most people here have a really skewed perspective on the game since they love Obsidian so much. And this is their forum and stuff.
  6. No way I only wear suits! I just didn't get my rep high enough with them before I started doing stuff for Caesar's Legion. And I guess there's a quest that makes the NCR hate you, even though the NCR isn't involved in it. They just don't like you working for the Legion I guess.
  7. Yeah it says I'm a "merciful thug" and they attack me whenever they see me it's really annoying. The worst part is that I only went so far down the Caesar's Legion quest line in order to infiltrate them, gain Caesar's trust, become his person doctor, and then kill him during the operation. Then once my mission was complete, it turns out the NCR hates me! And there is no way to fix it. I'm pretty bummed out. Like, I don't care about working with them, I just don't want them to attack me.
  8. Hey so is there a way to get the NCR to not be hostile towards me after I already failed the "Don't tread on the Bear" quest?
  9. Yeah that sounds about right with what I've been experiencing trying to hit people with just my fists. What difficulty are you playing on?
  10. Hey so does anyone tried using a character who only uses their fists or like, maybe the boxing tape stuff, but no actual unarmed weapon? Like does anyone know what you base damage with fists are and how much you strength score affects it?
  11. Yeah I always thought it was weird to help them. I mean I always help them, but I feel weird about helping them because I mean, how many random people must they have killed, and they are so obsessed with blowing up people. It just doesn't seem right to help those kind of people out, but everytime I get there I can't bring myself to kill them because they all end up seeming so nice. But yeah, that's like, really messed up that they can just kill everyone that comes near their base. What a bunch of sociopaths!
  12. Yeah not only do I collect and stash everything that isn't just regular junk (ok sometimes just regular junk) but I also refuse to carry more than 20-40 Wg's of equiptment when I'm traveling around.
  13. That's where I stored all my stuff, including my companions I didn't bring along with me. You can even buy more trunks and dressers. It was weird coming home after a day of killing things to find Arcade and Boone asleep beside each other in my bed. That's the Presidential Suite, what I'm talking about is the Penthouse which is where the big computer screen with Mr. House on it is located. Also haha yeah I've walking into a lot of wierd people sleeping in the same bed situations. And it's not just companions. In Camp Golf the NCR soldiers sleep together in some of the beds.
  14. The presidential suite is so drab and dark. It's depressing to be in there. I need windows Tale!
  15. Hey so I posted this in the other thread but I'm posting it here too because I don't think it's too much of a spoiler, but has anyone put stuff in the containers in the Lucky 38's Penthouse? Are they safe to use?
  16. I've never liked Yahtzee and the fact that he doesn't understand why soda dehydrates you and uses it as a critizism of the game just furthers my dislike for him.
  17. Barbie dress up is an essential part of the Fallout experience. I can't count the number of NPCs I have murdered simply because I absolutely needed to try on their gear. Yeah I have to kill almost every Gambler I see because I want every suit variation there is, I wish they just let you like, buy gambler clothing or soemthing so I wouldn't have to kill everyone. Also I was really mad when I found out that the Grimy Pre-War Businesswear wasn't a black suit anymore and was just the same skin as Dirty Pre-War Businesswear. Also has anyone tried using the Lucky 38's Penthouse as their safehouse? Like, are the containers ok to put stuff in or not?
  18. I think it's been said before but that's a refference to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  19. Don't you mean healing 50 HP over 25 seconds?
  20. Finally! I've been trying to bust that case open for years!
  21. We're all just going to start quoting this and replying with something short right?
  22. Make sure you've left combat. It won't level you up until your sneak status is blue. Haha come on Tale I'm not a complete idiot! It's not because I'm in combat or anything, like I've gone into the game to where I've had at least 2000/200 xp thinking that maybe if I just keep going it will eventually level up. But no it's like a real bug I guess. I googled it and there seems to be a few other people with this problem. Someone mentioned that you have to delete all of your save files and then start a new game or something, but instead of doing that I just signed on to a different xbox username and started a new game and it was fine. But yeah everyone look out (on Xbox at least) when you start a new game because there seems to be a big chance that your character won't level up. I posted this in te other thread but I'm posting it here too because it's a pretty big issue that I had in case anyone else runs into it. I have the Xbox version by the way. Also when I exited Helios One a few times into the area where all the solar pannels are, like a bunch of tin cans and other junk things spawned right outside the door. And then another time a bunch of mole rats and that old lady from the scrapyard spawned there and they all attacked me and she was killed and it ruined any quests she was involved in.
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