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  1. EDIT: Ethics Gradient has a better description of what's happening in his post below. The Archer is working properly. If you look at Merisiel's stats, you'll see she doesn't have the Ranged skill, so when she attacks with a bow, etc. it's her Dexterity that's being used. So when you add the Archer, it switches from Dex to Ranged, and the die switches to d4, as she lacks the skill.
  2. This was also happening with 1.2.7. I think it might have something to do with the addition of the RotR/Goblin toggle near the bottom of the screen.
  3. This also happens in 6-5. Revelation Quill leaves you stuck, so hopefully the fix for Sandpoint is the same as this.
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention that it happens regardless of wildcards, too. Every time I've played it, this occurs.
  5. Playing 6-2 on Legendary. Regardless of party composition (4 characters), Ghlorofaex's first summoning upon closing a location always a) does 2 damage like the check was passed, though no check takes place, and b) clears the location deck where he appears. Then when that character's turn comes, it automatically offers the choice to close the location (since there are no cards left). 1.2.8, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.
  6. We should get paid for having to read your posts. They're like a master class in how to act six years old. Regardless, yes: There is an enormous amount of polish in this game. The way the artwork is blended, the effects and sounds, the character interactions and how different parties and different cards affect the dialogue, and most of all, the UI, which is, frankly, a masterpiece. From the ease which with you can interact with it, with often multiple ways to do the same thing, to the amount of information on the screen that's easily accessible--I wish all UIs were anywhere near this good. As for the bugs? Pfft. I've been here from day one, and I've made more bug reports than you've had days without a tantrum. Yes, there are bugs; yes, they can be frustrating; and yes, they need to be fixed. Nonetheless, how about you stop stamping your feet and reflect on just how much work it's taken to bring a game to iOS that rises above the crap the App Store foists on us daily?
  7. You are the reason we can't have nice things. Seriously, congratulate yourselves: when you look at the App Store, and see nothing but a sea of F2P ****, understand you and people like you made that happen. You have one legitimate complaint: that Obsidian should have made folks aware of the change in advance. But the only reason that's a legitimate complaint is that people could have bought gold with the intention of using that gold for buying adventures or characters. So if you didn't do that, quit your whining. Some of you are saying you're done with the game. To be frank: Who cares? Do you imagine you're doing Obsidian a favour by playing their game for free? Are you a loss, because you once threw them $2.99 for a month of daily gold? Do you think $2.99 is a reasonable amount for a game of this polish and complexity? Do you understand that developers need to eat, too? Or is that $25 you just blew on a crappy two-hour movie, popcorn, and soda not worth the dozens of hours you've already spent playing this game? Because if you're grinding enough gold to buy all the adventures, you have spent dozens of hours playing it. It was painfully obvious from the start (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88625-1037-no-more-gold-for-new-parties/?p=1836030) that this game could not possibly survive as F2P. It has the exact opposite qualities it needs to succeed in that marketplace. That was, by far, Obsidian's biggest mistake; if you doubt that, note that they needed to bring on a new publisher to keep the game going. As for the price changes, it should be equally obvious to you that if they're cutting off your F2P options, it's because YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT AS A CUSTOMER. So what do you imagine you're doing by complaining, besides telling us all you failed Economics 101? I have more words for you, except they'd get me banned from this forum.
  8. Is there any difference in content between buying this DLC on Steam vs on iOS? I already bought the Obsidian edition and linked it with iOS. Actually, that's a good question going forward: As DLC is released, if your accounts are linked between Steam and iOS, is it ever going to make a difference where you buy it?
  9. There is almost nothing true in this post. One would not expect the AI to take care of everything. If the AI took care of everything, who would play the game? You will not literally lose count even if you try to keep track. If you try to keep track, and have learned to count to six, then you will know precisely when the combat roll is coming. Even if you lose track, if you take the approximately one second to look at the Check to Defeat box--as Ethics has taken his precious time to show you, with all the love and care in the world--then you will know precisely when the combat check is. It cannot be five minutes before combat starts. Even with six pre-combat rolls, that would mean each roll takes 50 seconds. Does each roll take 50 seconds? No. Twelve rolls would mean each roll takes 25 seconds. Does each roll take 25 seconds? No. So what are you talking about? Or did you mean that you rolled three times, put the iPad down, went to the bathroom, then returned to roll the last three times? Yes, I suppose that took 5 minutes, and that is appalling. In 2017, the AI should go to the bathroom for you. If you cannot require players to pay attention to something for a minute, then perhaps it is time we give up on civilization entirely. Certainly reading these posts makes me want to. Regardless, Obsidian is not going to add a STOP--COMBAT IS COMING NOW box, because that would annoy the 99% of players who don't want their game slowed down any more than it already is. So perhaps it is time to move on to another useless complaint?
  10. Does anyone have an Orb of Fire in their hand? Trolls stay undefeated without fire and all I have is this Dogslicer.
  11. This is a very common psychological effect, but is almost never true. Someone gave a great explanation sometime back as to why this game feels that way especially, but it comes down to: 1. You make a ton of rolls in this game. This means you will roll many extreme rolls, much more than in the average game. This also means you will get long chains of bad rolls more often than in other games. 2. You remember bad rolls more than good rolls. This is amplified in this game because a single bad roll (against a villain, or closing a location) can basically cost you the game. 3. Because you only need a minimum roll to beat something in this game, you *really* ignore the super high rolls; they just wash past like you beat the check by just a few points. But you remember every low roll. So the already psychologically amplified effect of point #2 is hugely amplified again.
  12. Then perhaps you should acknowledge that this game is not for you and move on, because these posts are wasting your time. And ours. Whatever you want this game to be, it's explicitly stated that it is intended as a faithful-as-possible digital adaptation of Paizo's tabletop card game. In that game, cards get banished--even legendary cards you want to keep--and dice fail rolls--even rolls with a 99% chance of success. It's frustrating. I know. Many a time have I cursed my iPad. But THAT IS THE GAME. Obsidian will never get rid of banishing, and they will never eliminate unlucky rolls. If a bug steals your Sword of Greed, well, you have every right to be annoyed. But the rules? Come on. When it's your game box, you certainly may do as you please. (Though I think you might find most players balking at such outright cheating as you're proposing; what's the point of playing if you can't ever lose?) But it is simply impossible for Obsidian to account for or offer every possible kind of modification to the rules every player may want. They've already offered a huge set of cheats with the stash, runes, and charms. If you demand more, well, the physical game is always an option. Perhaps you should make it your option.
  13. Legendary, 5.1. Sajan finds Scribbler, Scribbler summons Roc. Sajan loses combat roll (by 1, blast it). Sajan is forced to discard a card, but discarding leaves game with no ability to progress. Probably caused by Roc trying to move Sajan when Sajan is still in a pending combat state (still has to fight Scribbler)., iOS 10.3.3, iPad Air 2.
  14. Legendary, Seoni in the Throne Room, Meri in the Deeper Dungeons, Ezren at the Temple, Sajan at the Goblin Fortress. Seoni encounters Orik, plays Fire Sneeze, Ezren plays Eloquence. Seoni wins, beats Charisma check, draws Flaming Crossbow, is not given the opportunity to close. I've never encountered this bug before. The only new thing I can think of is that, for the first time, Orik spoke to Ilsoari pre-battle; never seen that before. Ilsoari was in Meri's deck, not Seoni's., iOS 10.3.3, iPad Air 2.
  15. When rolling a Goblin Stones d4, the die displays a 2 when the roll is a 4, and a 4 when the roll is a 2., iOS 10.3.3, iPad Air 2.
  16. This is a terrible, terrible, terrible decision. I don't want multiple copies of treasure cards. Treasure cards, uncommon or not, should be rare; something special when you find one, and more importantly, not so common that you dilute the chance of ever seeing cards from the base set. For this reason, I've culled all but one of any copy of a treasure card, regardless of rarity (with exceptions for spells and blessings). Now I don't object to a cap, but the inability to delete cards from my collection means that I'm stuck keeping anything I find, whether I want it or not? Let me control my own damn copy of the game. For Pete's sake, at least let me delete it, even if I don't get the pittance of gold I would otherwise. Seriously, every decision being made is more evidence that the devs just don't really give a damn about mobile. And given the money, maybe they shouldn't. Still infuriating.
  17. Aaaaaanndd I just got hosed on the Quest Mode replacement. I had level 40 characters and I only got rewards for a level 1 character. Help?
  18. I've seen this stated a couple times, and I don't understand it. Unless Lini is solo, the Eagle is better off in just about anyone else's hand than hers. There's no question the Eagle is a great ally. But not for Lini. Lini has two benefits with animal allies: a) she can reveal them for Animal Trick, and b) she can recharge them instead of discarding them. The Eagle's power neutralizes both of these: you place it on top of your deck to use. Most critically, this means unless you have a second animal in your hand, you're limited to using the Eagle's power at the end of your turn, right before you reset your hand, lest you find yourself needing to make a roll and are without an animal ally to help. Much better to give the Eagle to another character, and let Lini make use of the various discard abilities of a different animal as necessary.
  19. Except for entirely new box adventures (or other similar content), this is the biggest wish on my wish list. As it stands now, chests become more of a waste the more you open them. You just keep getting the same items over and over. They're all but useless to me now.
  20. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but this doesn't sound like a bug. There's only supposed to be one combat phase with The Scribbler. He's not like Ordikon or Caizarlu (sp?), where you might be forced to fight him again in the same combat. Instead, the first time you beat The Scribbler's check, he will still remain undefeated, which means he'll shuffle into an open location just like you lost, drawing from the blessing deck if necessary. You need to beat him a second time in a different combat before he'll be defeated.
  21. If you start a new story slot, the game will allow you to play any level you've defeated before. So if you've already defeated the scenarios on Legendary, then you can choose a new party in a new slot and you'll be able to play in Legendary from the beginning (though the scenarios must be played in order). Just make sure you choose the correct difficulty each time you start a scenario; it'll always default to the lowest difficulty you haven't beaten in that slot yet.
  22. Background: at this point, I've soloed all the characters through the whole game on Normal, except for Ezren and Seoni. Obviously, that's easier than Legendary, but for what it's worth: Seelah is, by far, the easiest character to solo. She does almost everything reasonably well, and nothing particularly poorly, which is far more important for solo play than having a character who does one or two things really well but the others are a bust. She's so good that not only did I solo her through Legendary with relative ease, she beat Karzoug on Legendary with a hand size of 4. All the rest were quite decent at soloing, including Lem. Running a dual-Cure setup was more valuable, I think, then the single-Cure swap most people advocate. (Actually, I found that broadly true: two Cures in the deck make a character not only nearly invincible, but fearless.) Surprisingly, I found Sajan to be the hardest of the ones I've played. I'm not sure if it was bad choices or just bad rolls, but I lost scenarios with him more often than anyone else. But I suspect the real hardest characters will be one of the spellcasters, who both have massive strengths but definite weaknesses that are magnified in solo play, and who will additionally have a heck of a time beating the Attack-immune monsters later in the game, particularly on Legendary.
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