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  1. Which shows that Story mode IS much easier for farming than Quest Mode, both because of specific conditions on scenarios and because of the high possibility of creating a routine (party/scenario/strategy) to optimize going through a scenario, given the fixed conditions of Story Mode, which cannot be as easily achieved in the randomized and higher choice of Quest Mode. Is there a font larger than block capitals on this forum? We are proposing gold only for NEW PARTIES in a NEW STORY SAVE. You can't game the system because you can't tailor a party to a scenario. Unless you're saying replaying Brigandoom with an ideal party in a new save over and over again is gaming the system, in which case I have to tell you: you're never, ever going to get a cent out of someone so cheap they'd actually do that. So what do you care what they do? Seriously, guys, you have to consider who this game is for. Anyone who imagines Obsidian is going to make enough money off the F2P aspects to keep producing a game of this quality is deluding themselves. As plenty have pointed out, you need whales to succeed like that, and whales spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. There isn't anything here to generate that expenditure, because for that you need a combination of at least a few of: 1. A simple game, with constant brain-triggering rewards; 2. A constant influx of new material; 3. Competitive multiplayer with pay-to-win ability; 4. Energy timers or the like that frustrate players into paying to remove barriers. This game satisfies none of these. Treasure chests will not do the trick, because there are too few items which can be gleaned from them, and unlike games like MtG and Hearthstone, you don't get to actually use those items unless you find them through play--and as most of them are high level, you have to play a lot to even get to that point. And once the party has those items, there's nothing left to trigger brain rewards. Frankly, they'd be better off making gold only for treasure chests, and requiring folks to actually pay for episodes/characters, like Sentinels of the Multiverse.
  2. What?! With respect, this is a transparently false assertion! You can take a high-level party through Brigandoom and experience no more challenge than what a fresh all-basic party would encounter. I said a NEW party in Story mode, not an experienced one, which expressly excludes what you're talking about. I also made it clear in the next paragraph that I'm advocating for a NEW party of characters, none of whom have completed that scenario before, should get gold as if it were the first time you're playing through it, which is the exact same thing you then agreed with. And as for the gold, even if it was too generous: as you pointed out, the current system STILL doesn't make sense, because who would bother to farm gold on Normal? A high-level Merisiel can finish Legendary Poison Pill in the same amount of time as Normal, and get double the gold for it. (I've been able to do it in less than 2 minutes.)
  3. This "gold was too generous" bit has been claimed several times, and it doesn't make any more sense now than the first time it was said. It's no easier, nor quicker, to get gold with a new party in Story mode than it is to get gold with a new or experienced party in Quest mode. All removing gold from Story mode does is disincentivize players from playing the story again. Why do this? It doesn't make any sense. It's fun to play the story with new and different parties. I can understand denying gold to a party if a character has completed the scenario before at that difficulty, but if this is their first time through it, then there's no attempt to farm gold. You're just playing the damn game like it was meant to be played. So if it's just as easy to complete a Quest, why deny the party the same amount of gold?
  4. Any progress on the issue with Quest locations looping (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87602-bug-quest-location-looping/)? It's pretty boring to play the same 8 locations over and over...
  5. Answer here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87611-chest-drop-issue-has-anyone-unlock-these-cards-in-gallery/?p=1821405
  6. Devs, could we please get a response on this issue? Considering many folks are paying real money to get these chests, it's only right that we get clarification on what we actually have a chance of acquiring.
  7. Played some more and there's definite looping going on in various places. Even when it's not specifically looping, there are tons of locations that simply don't show up, ever.
  8. I noticed that Paralyze sometimes doesn't give the opportunity to cast when it should. I can confirm it doesn't work on Carrionstorm, for example., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  9. I think my Quest party is stuck in some kind of location loop. For the past few dozen quests--I think since I hit level 20--every scenario uses the same 8-10 locations: Apothecary, Junk Beach, Prison, Rusty Dragon, Farmhouse, Old Light, and a couple others. This has been going on way too long to be anything but a loop. Anyone else notice something similar?, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  10. Quest mode, Seelah's closing the Wooden Bridge. Uses a Blessing of Calistra to add 2 dice. Then uses Inspred Grace. Check switches to Dexterity, and should add a d6 (3d4+d6), but only changes one of the d4s into a d6 (2d4+d6). Cancelling returns Calistra to my hand (and removes one d4), then discarding the blessing again adds two dice as it should., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  11. Quest mode, get something like "whenever a henchman is defeated deal 1d4 Force damage" to start for the scenario power. However, the power does not activate when a henchman is defeated, nor does the scenario power show up as existing on the display to the left where is should be stated., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  12. Actually, I seem to have the same problem despite the hotfix: last day of daily gold, but just a timer and no option to collect. PFID sent via email.
  13. Quest mode, the scenario power states: "If you defeat a henchman but do not close the location, shuffle the henchman back into the location deck." However, when you defeat the henchman, before even having the chance to make the close location check, that henchman is shuffled into a *different* location deck. Then you are given the opportunity to close the original location. So either this is a bug, or the way the scenario power is worded is wrong. 1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  14. This is definitely not a simple connection issue. As others have pointed out, the game is awarding gold for in-scenario actions (killing things, closing locations). Also, it only appears to be selected scenarios that don't award the gold. For me, Quests and Here Comes the Flood Legendary give no gold, but Poison Pill Legendary does give gold. What's more, this behaviour is recent: I was getting gold for quests up until Tuesday, and gold for HCtF legendary until yesterday sometime around 9-10am EDT, when it just stopped giving it. (I actually thought this was deliberate by the devs to stop the HCtF exploit.)
  15. This might be my own misunderstanding, but I think Mail of Escape has a bug. The card says "Bury this card to evade your encounter. You may not use this power during an encounter." Which I assume means you can choose to evade before meeting the enemy (which works) but you're not supposed to be able to evade once you've started the combat. However, upon starting combat, Mail of Escape still lights up and offers me the option to bury it. 1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  16. Playing with Amiri, attacking with Horsechopper +1 adds 4 to the difficulty check to all enemies despite Amiri's proficiency. 1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4. EDIT: Well, that was unexpected. Never mind!
  17. Others have already pointed out that summoned henchmen are triggering the Heroic/Legendary effect in 3-5, but this is happening elsewhere. Quest mode, and summoned henchmen triggered both the scenario power (roll 1d6, on 1 discard blessing) and close location. This happened for both the Guard Tower (summon henchman at start of turn) and for Goblin Raid. Each Goblin Raider triggered the scenario power roll, but only the first summoned Raider triggered the close location roll. Note that this is not happening uniformly; other scenarios have had raids without triggering anything. 1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  18. When I succeed a mission in Quest mode, I get the victory screen, and the animation that awards gold for the victory. The gold number appears to go up. Yet when the new mission selection screen comes, my gold total is the same as before the victory screen. I think this is new today; I'm pretty sure I was getting gold for Quests as normal yesterday. 1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  19. I seem to have permanently lost characters from the Story I was playing. Using 4 characters (Merisiel, Harsk, Ezren, Sajan), finished all scenarios on Normal (permadeath), Heroic, and Legendary up to 3-2 (no permadeath). Decided it would be easier to finish 3-3 with Sajan alone, so I removed the other three from the party and won the scenario. Then when I went to add the others back, they'd disappeared; neither in New or Experienced tabs. Can't find them to add to any other Story or Quest mode, either. Version 1.03, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
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