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  1. Have the devs even acknowledged this change yet? I haven't noticed. Though I really hope they consider bringing back at least some gold rewards for replaying story scenarios. I've been playing Quest mode, but I'm just losing interest. The random collection of locations and bosses just isn't as engaging as the crafted story scenarios.
  2. I'll +1 this bug report. I've seen it happen more than once. Anytime I lose a scenario in quest mode if the XP that would have been given is enough to level up a character, then the level up screen is shown, and the experience is applied. However, the reward from leveling up is not given. It's not such a big deal with card rewards, but if the reward is any kind of feat, there's no way to go back and force it to allow you to pick one. Android 6.0.1 Google Pixel C Quest mode (multiple different parties) Normal Difficulty VER-573-20160815
  3. Yeah, I'd even be ok with it being a smaller reward after you've already done it once. But to make it nothing? That just discourages people from playing.
  4. That's all I'm looking for - a way to make "grinding" for the treasure chests more fun. I prefer Story Mode to Quest Mode. It's just more engaging to have a story (even if I fill in the blanks in my head). I already bought the bundle for all of the content. I own the physical game and all the story packs. I play this because I like the game and can play it solo easily with the app. I was having a lot of fun exploring some of the new digital-only treasure cards by playing through Story Mode with characters I hadn't used in the physical game. I'm just not happy that Obsidian effectively made tha
  5. 110% agree. I've been grinding away on Quest mode. I really don't like it. Story mode is just more interesting. I really don't like that the games devs have effectively disincentiveized players from playing the main mode of the game more than once. I'd much rather try the story with different characters than a bunch of random Quest mode scenarios. For unrelated reasons I had to install the app on a different tablet. I'm still seeing the same thing. I don't think it's an issue with my account. They took away gold rewards (for Normal and Heroic at least - haven't tried Legendary) if yo
  6. Yeah, I dunno. I still don't buy it. I was honestly enjoying seeing how different characters worked, AND I enjoyed doing so with a little bit of story. I understand that the fully randomized Quest mode allows you to try a lot of different groups, but why should the main game experienced be penalized just to make the alternate mode more attractive? It really was fine the way it was - playing scenarios with character who haven't played them before got a gold reward at the end. That makes sense. To now say that you only get a gold reward the first time you play the scenario means players are
  7. I noticed a really nasty change with the latest patch. I have an existing story mode campaign. I had two different groups of 3 that I would alternate as I take through the content. It used to be, as long as none of the party members in the current group had completed the scenario before, you got the gold reward (100, 150, or 200) at the end of the scenario. Now, if ANY of the characters completed the scenario, NONE of the other characters get gold; even if the whole group has never done it before. I'm really hoping this is a bug, because if that's intentional it's a really lousy change. I
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