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  1. The highest I've ever cracked before was 108. (I only ever play with a max of 4 characters.) And then finally, today:
  2. I suspect the reason we haven't seen the expected update, nor been told why it's so late, is because the devs are working on something difficult that they're trying to get ready for us, but that they're not sure they can do, so they don't want to announce anything until they know one way or the other. I'm speculating wildly that they're trying to figure out a way not to lose Quest Mode.
  3. Update: I think this is happening because Holy Light is incorrectly tagged with the Melee tag. After playing it against the henchman in 4-5 that does damage if you defeat him with Melee (Forgefiend?), damage was rolled for.
  4. Playing Kyra solo, 3-2 Normal, at the Guard Tower. Defeat villain, location closes, with Orb of Firestorm displayed, no cards in hand. On closing button lights up. I press it, intending to banish the Orb, but the game doesn't give the opportunity to banish anything. Instead, I simply get awarded an Acolyte for free., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.
  5. Playing Kyra solo, B-3 at the Shrine to Lamashtu. Play Holy Light against Black Fang. The game then allows me to recharge the Soldier for an additional 1d4, which shouldn't happen, because it's not a Melee check. Or do I have my rules wrong?, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.
  6. Playing Valeros solo in 6-2 Normal, Mountain location. When the start of turn Wisdom check takes place, if the top card on the location deck is a weapon, Weapon Collector is activated, adding +2 to the Wisdom check., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.
  7. When Valeros encountered a Leng Spider in 6-3 normal, he discarded the Charming Longsword. Because this weapon can be discarded for both Melee and Diplomacy checks, and the Leng Spider can be defeated with Melee and Diplomacy checks, the game (correctly) asked me which check I wanted via boxes. But the boxes come up blank (see attached image). Note that while the boxes are blank, they do work: top is Diplomacy, bottom is Combat.
  8. And here's Sajan giving Karzoug the business with some shiny new Edge of Sunrise dice!
  9. It was a bit of an exploit, so I won't object if you wish to revoke the offer.
  10. It certainly doesn't make things easier, but if you plan right, it shouldn't be that big of a problem. The thing to remember is that the bigger the dice, the less chance you have of failing. A d12 will turn to zero one-sixth of the time, whereas a d4 turns to zero half the time. So try to avoid weapons, spells, powers, etc. that rely on smaller dice as best you can.
  11. Okay, I've investigated further to get more info on what triggers it. Open up the story from the main menu and start the mission. Try to pass the constitution check with the assistance of Inspired Grace. If you pass, do the same thing next time. The first time you fail, you're now stuck with bypassing the explore phase. I've now reproduced this with three different wildcard combos--and I can only do it if I've first tried to use Inspired Grace. I've left my current game with Seelah in a stuck state, PFID-B67DFA8A7EC2D312. The two previous wildcard combos were Close Quarters/Painful Memories and Close Quarters/Full Packs. (Edit: I mistakenly wrote Crusade instead of Inspired Grace.)
  12. Rimeskull on Legendary, playing solo Seelah. At the beginning of each turn, you're required to make a Constitution 10 check or discard a card. If you fail, not only do you have to discard a card, but your explore phase then gets skipped, so your entire turn is wasted., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.
  13. I also think it's a huge disappointment to lose Quest Mode, but when the devs weighed in on a different thread, it was stated that it wasn't just because of the bugs in the Quests: I don't have any idea why this should be, but there's the official reasoning. Still, I can't help but wonder how pissed the average player is going to be; I can't imagine most players frequent these forums, so its disappearance is going to come as a shock.
  14. Just take a higher-level Merisiel (reached at least +3/+4 dex) and run her through Poison Pill (B-2) twice. Should take less than 10 mins total; less than 5 if you're lucky.
  15. Was the cause of this bug ever identified? Because while I'm not certain about this, I believe I might have discovered what is causing the bug that makes healing stop working. I've encountered this bug twice. The first time was several months ago. Kyra picked up a Mass Cure spell (can't remember if it was from an explore or the Emerald Tome). I'd never had a Mass Cure before, and I wasn't sure if it could be used on the same character as was casting, so I decided to try casting it while Kyra was alone. I played the card, but when it came time to select the character, it wouldn't let me proceed (as there was no legitimate target). I cancelled out of the spell, and after that, no healing worked in that scenario. The second time was today (, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1). I tried to use the Shaman with multiple characters in the same location. When I tried to select all the characters, the continue arrow remained greyed out. I tried poking around various characters to see if I could get the arrow to light up, but I couldn't (I reported bug in a separate thread). So I cancelled out of the healing, and once again, after this, healing from various sources (Father Zantus at least) stopped working, though it did start working again later in the scenario, when I played a Staff of Minor Healing. So I suggest what causes the bug is related either to attempting to heal when there's no valid target (which generally shouldn't be possible, which means there's another bug at play, too, like the Shaman) or it's related to beginning the healing process and then cancelling it. Anyone have similar experiences?
  16. When using Shaman with multiple characters in the same location, the "heal which characters" graphic pops up, and any number of characters may be selected. However, the continue arrow remains greyed out regardless of how many are selected, so the card can't be used with multiple characters. It works fine if there's only the one character at the location., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.
  17. This exact situation just happened to me, with identical details: Sajan, location, checks. So this is still an issue in
  18. Mission 2-2. Sajan just failed a Combat check against a Spectre in the Desecrated Vault. He was moved to the Wooden Bridge, where I know a henchman was waiting on the top of the deck. However, upon exploring the Wooden Bridge, that deck had been shuffled. That's not supposed to happen, is it?, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.
  19. Burying the Rooster on the first turn returns the blessing deck to 30, but the circle goes blank, as if there's no blessing there. No idea what happens if you'd try to play a Blessing of the Gods (didn't have one)., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.
  20. At the Guard Tower with Amiri, she finds the Collapsed Ceiling and fails the check by three. Collapsed Ceiling goes to the top (beside) the deck, and doesn't allow Amiri to move (as it shouldn't). However, upon each new turn, exploring doesn't encounter the Collapsed Ceiling, it just goes to the next card in the deck. It still does prevent movement., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.
  21. I've noticed this with at least three cards: Squealy Nord, a lock, and something else I can't remember. If a barrier has two options for a check, say Wisdom and Combat, trying a Combat check doesn't change the actual check from Wisdom to Combat. Instead, the Combat dice are applied, but the requirement to succeed remains Wisdom, with the (lower) Wisdom value., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.
  22. As the title, the Scarlet Walker's "before you act" check doesn't actually make you check. Instead, it goes straight to combat., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.
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