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  1. I've noticed whenever you play Blessing of Milani on a Dexterity/Ranged attack, the blessing automatically changes the check to Ranged, even when Dexterity is the better choice (e.g. Merisiel, who doesn't have the Ranged skill, converting her d12s to d4s). You can change it back manually, though it took me a while to understand what was happening. Sort of strange, since no other blessing I've seen does this.
  2. As in the title. B-1, Ezren acquires the Bracers of Protection at the Academy, but Eldritch Exuberance doesn't trigger to give him another exploration. I haven't seen any other cases of this not working so far., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  3. The boons my party is finding don't seem to be subject to vault limits. So far, in scenario B-1, I found and acquired 4 Codexes, and in B-1 I found Father Zantus, and then in B-2 I found a second Father Zantus. I haven't swapped any characters in or out of the party., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  4. Scenario B-1, Harsk, Ezren, Lem, Seelah. Seelah at Farmhouse, Ezren in Woods, Lem and Harsk at Academy, other locations closed. 1 blessing left on deck. Harsk draws villain. Extended attempts to close Woods and fails. Don't bother to try Seelah. Harsk fails combat check against Jubrayl. After damage resolution, spotlight immediately zooms in on blessing deck as if run out of time, then scenario ends. Scenario fails but victory music plays., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  5. This was a strange one, because before this, Seelah's Crusade has been working normally. B-1, Prison, with Lem. 2 cards left in the deck. Seelah uses Crusade. The deck expands, and I hear the 'draw card' sound, but no card is exposed. Only the undrawn card is visible. (Further play revealed cards were Bandit henchman and Ambush.), iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  6. I tried this; it didn't work. Can access party screen no problem on phone (iPhone 5, iOS 10.1), but it didn't fix my iPad, which now crashes with every attempt to access the party screen. However, it did give me a workaround: I created a new story/party on the phone, which I can access in the iPad. (It's only the party management screen that causes the crash, not the story itself.) Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling on iPad; no effect.
  7. I posted an issue similar to this in another thread. I also started getting frequent crashes, all related to attempting to enter the manage party screen. It also started once I got close to 24 characters, but hasn't abated since deleting half those characters. The best chance of accessing that screen occurs if I clear the game from memory, start it up again, and go straight to the same screen. Doing any other activity almost always ends in a crash.
  8. Inertia, to an extent...originally, I stuck with it because iOS 9 was breaking games left and right, so I never got around to upgrading. Now it's been so long I'm thinking about maintaining this as a legacy device, maybe get an Air 2 soon (or the next version, unless they make the terrible decision to not have a headphone jack on that, too, in which case, forget it) and keep this one for older games. But if there's better memory management, it *would* be an incentive to upgrade. In truth, the biggest thing holding me back is not knowing which iOS update will break Warhammer Quest. That's the game I'd hate to lose above all, and with Rodeo Games defunct, once that's broken, it's gone for good.
  9. I haven't tried reinstalling yet, but I suspect it's more of a memory problem. I can open all my story slots, it's just that it crashes frequently.
  10. In 6.4, defeated the Hand Chopper. Boon selection comes up, choose spell. Game draws face-down card (for reward pile?) then shows boon selection again. Choose spell again, get Goblin Plate +1. (Possible I mistapped, but I don't think so.), iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  11. Since at least the 1.1.5 update, the game has been crashing repeatedly when I try to go to the manage party screen in Story mode (drops to desktop). At first thought it was happening more when there were more saved characters, but after deleting several, the crashes are as bad as ever., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  12. On 6.3, Enchanter encountered. Deals damage before combat as normal (reduced to 0 by Amiri feat). After she's defeated, she was banished without trying to deal after combat damage., iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  13. Playing 6.3 with a weapon that allows rerolls. After failing check, rerolls beats check, but I'm pretty sure it didn't ignore the die that rolled a 1 the second time? I also think it doesn't ignore 1s and 2s when rolling to close the location? Or maybe that's supposed to happen?, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  14. In 6.2, the Warden henchmen cause damage upon reveal. After damage resolution, the die appears for combat, but you can't roll it; if you touch it, it flies off the screen, and you can't choose other cards for combat. The drop-down menu shows nothing in the check selection slots. A VRT allows you to proceed. (Note: my characters all have damage protection e.g. Sajan, which meant no damage was actually dealt to them by the henchmen upon reveal; no idea if that's related to the issue.) Upon further play, the Wardens do this every time. Karzoug also has this problem with his precombat damage rolls., iOS 8.4, iPad Air.
  15. The Favors have always worked for me for similar feats. I think it's the tag name of the god (e.g. 'Iomedae') the game is really looking for under the hood, not the title of the card.
  16. Not a chance are you paying $10 per single alt like this in a game like this. Maybe you're thinking about hardcore train or plane sims, where you're paying for all the physics modelling, etc. This is just slightly tweaked stats and a new skin. I realize you want the devs to have money so they can succeed. So do I; that's the whole point of my post. And perhaps prices this high will make them more money in the long run from whales, who knows. But I should be a day one buyer of this content, and at prices like this, they've driven me to FTP instead. That doesn't seem like good business.
  17. Thanks for listening. In that case, I'll reiterate what I said here and what's been suggested elsewhere: this pricing is WAY off anything what I would have thought it would be. The full bundles are more than twice the cost of the regular box content of the entire game. I was a day one buyer of the original bundle, and I'm happy to give you guys more money for an exceptional game, but I have to feel like I'm getting some kind of decent value. $60 ain't even close to that. I don't know about the economics of something like this, but standard pricing I've seen on mobile would normally be around $1 per alt, somewhat less in a bundle. (On a personal note, I'd pay up to $2 per alt, but I'd only go that high because I *want* to support you. I'd still feel the pricing was out of line.) I'd also echo what others have requested: lower prices on alts for those who already own the characters (ideally, those who PAID for those characters rather than FTP grinding). As it is now, it's doubly terrible value: we're essentially being penalized for having already given you money. (There's a psychological element here, too: any time paid customers get hosed like that, it's a subconscious suggestion that one's earlier monetary support means nothing to the devs. Of course that's not the real sentiment, but that's what it comes off as.)
  18. Thanks, Aarik. I don't know if this would cause problems for the fix, but the reason I noticed it happened is I completed 6.1 with one Seoni in the party, and was forced to choose a power already chosen (Lady of Graves' Favor)...so I'm guessing unless that character will lose her final power feat regardless, even if fixed, since she can't recomplete the scenario.
  19. After updating to 1.1.6, two experienced Seoni characters both had their roles switched to Abyssal Sorcerer, and lost all post-role power feats. This is true for both the Seoni in my current party, and a banked Seoni not in any party. 1.1.6, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.
  20. So, all excited about the release of AD6, I head straight to the store to buy the character alts (and support the devs with some more of my cash), and I see the full collection of alts is...C$80? Whaaa? That's three times more than I paid for the whole game! I'd like to give you my money, but holy cow.
  21. I've never had a problem with having multiple characters at the last location; all I had to do was move all of them when prompted, and the scenario completed successfully.
  22. I disagree. A solo Merisiel doesn't need to worry about exploring: you have 30 turns to go through 30 cards, so unless you're unbelievably unlucky, or in the habit of evading everything, it's incredibly rare to run out of time. And even when that happens, I'd rather just replay the scenario on those occasions than handicap myself for every scenario by wasting a power. Meri has so few blessings/allies and so few ways to heal, I don't think it's a good idea to burn through your deck when you don't need to. So since I'm not going to choose Delay, is there any value in choosing closing over hand size?
  23. For a purely solo Merisiel, what do you guys think of the viability of Thief instead of Acrobat? The best power, Delay, loses most of its value solo, so the real choice then becomes +1 hand size (Acrobat) or +2 to close locations (Thief). Is extra hand size simply too important to pass up in this case?
  24. Do all cards of a certain rarity have an equal chance to drop within that rarity or not? Because (and I've noticed this before) the duplicate drops for certain specific cards are off the charts. I've been opening a bunch of chests, and out of the ~16 legendary cards I've got, 6(!) of them were Legion Armor, and 3 were Flasks of Magic. Does this seem reasonable? Seriously, this is infuriating.
  25. After the initial confusion where cards appeared in the vault despite not being implemented in the game, I've been sitting on a hoard of chests waiting to open them until all the planned treasures are available to be acquired. Has it been stated anywhere when this will be the case, e.g. the release of deck 6?
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