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  1. I approach the game a little differently from many. These include many choices from deck 6, so may not be helpful to you. 1. It is better to block damage than to heal damage. Hence.... Best item is the ring of superior protection Best armor is the spell ward shield With this combo, a character can stop up to 5 points of any blockable damage. There is very little unblockable damage in the game. There are other lower level shields and items that also block (less) damage. 2. These spells work well in all situations. With a couple divine spellcasters, you should have a couple of each s
  2. Do you have a complete card set? I just got the very last one, a Slaying Sword, while completing the weekly bonus. Playing 6.4 at hard difficulty, It came up in one of the locations. I've been playing PA from the very beginning. I wasn't even sure you could achieve obtaining every last card.
  3. I caught on a couple days ago. But the "assist with five blessings" does not work for me. No matter how I try, assisting with a blessing does not count. Then last night I had 2 quest at normal difficulty. Since all my toons fight at legendary, I can never complete this quest. so POOF, I can't get the the dice. Somehow, this seems unjust.
  4. I feel that the publishers have tried to address the players demands. Personally, I think making this a pay to play game is the only path to having a long life and new content. I'm a huge fan of Skyrim, where there are 40,000 user mods. This game is so complex that I don't know if a user community could support it in that way. Hence, we depend on game developers to expand PA.
  5. Ranzak.... What use is that spell slot when you always banish your spell? Actually, you don't. In RoR, your reward for AD5 is spell loot summon monster. It is never banished. Rather, it is discarded. Make the best of an awkward situation.
  6. I disagree with further constraining the stash. I think it is important to expand it. Expanding the stash will make the game more appealing to new players. They may have never seen the tabletop game, and are more interested in an unrestricted way of playing the game. Thus, more new players means more revenue. And that means more content.
  7. your party build certianly makes a difference. You can play an "impossible to win scenario". Try playing solo on the scenario where you have to close 6 different obelisk. I forget the name of it.
  8. Sunwrought Kyra is a fighter. I consider her the best alt character in the game. Max her strength and put the rest in wisdom. 4 weapons is about right. Don't add any more armour. Max her blessings and give her power to put blessing of Saranae on top of her deck. Max her spells. A couple greater aid is very nice. A couple of your best divine attack spells are good. Perhaps an improved find traps. I find that some items are better than followers. But this depends on your party size and your play style.
  9. Has anyone played goblins on Legendary? Does it unlock any special reward?
  10. Just my opinion..... The alt form of Kyra (Sunwrought Kyra) is the most improved (alt) character in the game. Improve her strength and give her Dawnflower's Favor and she (combined with Seelah) can escort any other player through all the scenarios except one. I would save my coin for those two. There is one scenario with 8 pillars to close regardless of how many characters you play. I find it incredibly difficult with only two in the party. A bonus is that those two can quickly complete Daily challenges for more coin. My favorite (maxed out) 3rd character is Lini. Put the
  11. I am having the same problem. Goblin groups that I create on my PC (steam) do not appear in IOS. The group I created in IOS do not appear in my PC game. The character count (12) is correct, but the characters from the other platform do not show up. Drdior pfid 2d3c0b871245c600
  12. You should note how unclaimed and stash cards can affect your rewards. If you are running a new party and you want to be rewarded the loot cards, you must be careful that your stash and unclaimed cards contain some cards that are useable at your level. If you are forced to replace a banished card from your stash or unclaimed, which is at a level higher than your characters level, then when it comes to be awarding loot cards, you will receive non-loot cards of your level instead. The solution is to always keep an array of unclaimed cards, which is useable at your level.
  13. Another good quick video. Nice work. Since there are so many possible video's, may I suggest... Party size and party balance. New players struggle to understand the impact of the number of players and why the blessing counter deck does not change in size.
  14. The tutorial includes "discard" and "bury", but it really should show on this page.
  15. Excellent start for beginners. Thank you Mikey. I really don't understand why any and all tutorials that you have or will create are not under a single PINNED topic (tutorials). Eventually, the way this is posted, it will get lost in the shuffle of all the entries under this section.
  16. The solution is to ban from your hand, then forfeit before you select a card to ban. You don't lose an item that way.
  17. In your Collection with the Owned Filter active, if you own them, you'll find the Eder Ally and Pallegina Ally cards under the B tab, and the Goblin Golem of Obsidian Ally card under the P tab. Make sure you've also selected the Ally symbol. Well, I looked as you said, and changed the filter to all (allys). I didn't get them. I purchased the basic Steam version before the 10% discount was issued. I wonder it that was a factor. pfid 2d3c0b871245c600
  18. I completed all the ambassador steps. I found the alts and goblin, and the increase in gold. However, I can't find the other two promo cards. Where should I be looking for them? update: I finally found the other two promo cards. They were in unclaimed. They never appeared in my collection.
  19. Just saw this after I posted.Mine is: 6919456783fc5ee2 I just tried shutting-down all other apps, and there is 1.8G HDD left on my iphone7 device, but "new-game" still crashes (exits the app) You have 22 characters which I believe is what is causing the issue. Unfortunately the current state of the character system is a bit unoptimized so this is what I'm going to do: I will temporarily delete some of your low level (low progression) characters. Once the patch comes in with the optimization fixes, I'll re-add them to your account. Please let me know if this fixes / doesn't fix your is
  20. Unfortunately, optimization improvements are slated for a future patch. (not this one) Seriously! Always crashing means that ,Mobile is unplayable. Is there anything that could be worse than that? This problem is far beyond "optimization ".
  21. I appreciate your anger at all the bugs, etc. I can't even play my mobile version until they figure out what the problem is. So I'm angry too. The best case for disappointment is the loss of quest mode. That truly diminished the value of PA mobile. However, I disagree that we were lied to. PA mobile is still free, and purchases will let you get new content. I feel that PA owed no one a PC version, and they were generous with the Ambasador idea. Just play your PA mobile as tho PC never existed.
  22. The worth of a character can vary dramatically depending on the size and composition of a party. Sometimes a special site may dictate that a character be in the party. Seelah: Regardless of party size, Seelah (or Formal Seelah) is my top pick, due to the combination of Ceaseless Crusade and Inheritor's Favor. With 5-6 party size, she is essential to get through those many locations by getting boons out of the way without using an ally or blessing. Ezren: The larger the party size, the more useful Ezren becomes. More locations means more Intelligence based sites that showcase his a
  23. I'll second this . I also built a master bowman Sajan. Give him a Slayer Bow and you still get to recharge all those Blessings of Erastil. I was quite pleased how he played out.
  24. I got my PC (basic) version nicely linked up. After checking things out, I deleted my Mobile IOS PA app. After reinstalling and adding a patch, I still can't play on Mobile. So far, I can play on the PC copy
  25. First: Kudo's to the dev team. PA is a tough game to implement in any PC or mobile environment. I really doubt this is a personal inventory problem. Rather, Mass Sagacity is not recognized in the Legendary/etc add-on dlc collection of cards. When I started up the Basic PC game, I linked my existing Ios tablet game with the code generated on the tablet. Then I started checking around. In my card inventory, everything that I had in the mobile game was there (yay). Every other card (I checked "all" in treasure) was there except Mass Sagacity. It was a highlighted card and I expec
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