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  1. Yessir! Biggest rolls Most dice Honorable mention (worst roll on most dice) Fastest (turns) per scenario Fastest per adventure Most XP per scenario
  2. True, but you are still assuming your high charisma char will have a sufficient number of cards that further exploration. You could put some high explore or deck manipulating characters there, figuring that IF you fail you at least have one less for Ol' fatty to eat.
  3. Yes, but what Longshot and Brainwave are doing with their strategy is allocating MULTIPLE bad charisma characters to Village House, and wiping it out asap. While using the Good Charisma characters where they are more effective. Keep in mind, a significant amount of most of characters' decks are not always devoted to maximizing exploration. So while in some situations, having a crossbow and a dagger and an armor in your hand is Good, in this scenario they are a liability. Here you can discard them for a useful purpose, allowing you to get an ally AND possibly get a card that allows you to explore better when you reset.
  4. After a scenario, new cards glow green, but what does the blue glow mean? It will pop up seemingly randomly around cards that I had in my deck for a long time.
  5. Any of the ones that require a certain element in the check to defeat. With the wonky shuffling I will get a string of encountering nothing but ghost or whatever.
  6. No, Magga has eaten 29 CARDS. You don't know how many allies until the end. The strategy is to mine the location decks as fast as possible to gather allies. You can use Augery to either bring them to the top, or drop everything else to the bottom (for Magga to eat). Use spyglass and Kohl to bring allies to the top. There are 2 sources of allies, the ones in the Ally section of the location cards, and 1/3 of the ones in the "?" section. Figure out these numbers at the beginning of the scenario, then count allies as you get them, once the ones mentioned are gone MOVE. Let Magga eat the rest. If you are unsure because Magga ate some "?" cards, MOVE to a location that has verifiable allies.
  7. I'm planning on doing the same thing. I am going to run a Lini, Sajan, Meri party. Lini - Beef STR to prep for scythe later Sajan - Prep as you said (and use the mule thing to gank healing potions for later) Meri - Nothing, she is fine for Acrobat
  8. For someone who feels entitled to tell people to "stop whining", I sure hope you start reading the threads you comment on. No one is asking to get the Treasure cards for free. It was exactly the opposite - people wanted to have an option to BUY the Treasures at a flat price, in case they're not interested in absurd grinding and in the ridiculous Legendary difficulty. Also, I apologize for not having handy a sarcastic "completely missing the point" emoticon. Post # 2 in the thread, and a good chunk of the 2nd page are dedicated to what I am saying (granted looking back on it now it is all the same person). And it's not just this thread, this has come up a few times before. And as for Kamikazi's posts, my take away after reading them was that you wanted MORE from the season pass so that it would be more exclusive from FTP. IMO that falls under the same umbrella.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. That would be pure gold if realized. hopefully not too distant a future. It's exactly what I think the questmode could and should do to prolong the longevity of the game in offline mode . Ooooo!
  10. Hmm that doesn't look a horse to me. A goat more like It is a hybrid I call a "gorse".
  11. I have naturally beat the check, and still had to do the second check. So it is not about beating the check itself.
  12. This thread is what annoys me. There will always be people who want EVERYTHING for nothing, and yes, that is what you people are asking. For $25 you bought the ENTIRE RotR campaign, with Promos and the Addon. You can't even buy the base set for that, AND you don't need to get a gaming group together to play. I understand the OCDishness for ALL the bonus content, I was a good little M:tG slave for many years. But if you have that level of need, then it is YOUR problem to deal with it, not Obsidian's, and it is their right as a business to make some money off of it. BUT they still give you the option to earn it all for free by ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME! As for all the other bellyaching on this forum, Yes, it would have been awesome if the app wasn't this buggy. Yes, it is unfortunate that all these bugs made it through V&V and Q&A. But I have dealt with quite a few companies with testing, including the one I currently work at, and of all of them weren't as forthcoming, as committed to ironing out and investigating every issue, and as publicly responsive as Obsidian (with the exception of my workplace, where i can walk up to people's workspaces and annoy them). TL;DR: Quit whining, you are getting more than you paid for.
  13. Encountered it again. It seems to be when you are on Heroic or Legendary and get Painful Memories or Full Packs. Any time you acquire one of the things mentioned in the wild cards you get hit for force damage. Attached is a screenshot of a scenario I have termed "Hell".
  14. He wasn't that bad for me. I beat him a lot, until it was the FINAL battle, then he would seem to get harder, taking 2-3 tries.
  15. This little comment belongs over in the Augery discussion.
  16. You can test after 1 Augury, just by recording the next 3 cards.
  17. I can also say that it is more than just "feeling". I THOUGHT it was just me being biased until I read Feywood's post and realized that 2 people experiencing the same issue, with this frequency is statistically less likely. The only reason I finally killed that troll was I drew Poog. Poog rescues me often. Also this: "It's pretty astounding how many times I catch the Villain on top of whatever location he travels to after he escapes." I had a suspicion that I was closing locations faster than normal. But this is just a suspicion. Also this could be related to the Malagus Kreeg thread I started in Tech Support, He could have been jumping to the top and I was just Lucky enough to encounter him.
  18. Yeah, I think the algorithm for shuffling is a but wonky. I encountered the same bane 3 turns in a row because I couldn't defeat him due to not having fire or acid traits. It was a 12 card pile! I have also seen the Augury thing too. ADDITIONALLY I have noticed that cures and Healing staffs pull heavily from the bottom of the discard rather than a random selection. This, combined with not being able to auto-fail boons has really been hurting my Sajan and Lini team, which can't afford the junk in their decks.
  19. I think your luck is bad (or it could be dependent on your level), I went over 1/2 a week without seeing it a bit ago.
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