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  1. There was a discussion of it awhile back: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86876-store-gold-temporarily-on-the-device/?hl=gold Basically it would be WAY too easy to hack, all someone would need to do is create a save editor then all the content would become free...
  2. Ah ok. I didn't know if there was some other significance. Thanks!
  3. Use the Cat instead of the Tiger. It will solve your wisdom problem. Also, with all her d4's the Scythe is a decent choice, So I use that instead of the Ally. Then I replace Find Traps with Augery (Lets face it, once she gets animal trick leveled Find Traps is kinda just wasting space in the hand). My spells are Augeries, Holy Lights, Cures, and Greater Aid.
  4. This seems like way more work than (total sides + number of dice)/2. Though you'll find them mathematically equivalent. Nope. Rolling 10d12 (total sides * number of dice)/2=(12*10)/2=60 ((sides/2)+.5)*#dice=((12/2)+.5)*10=65 (sides/2)+.5) is a quick way to estimate the average, and is the equivalent of the sum of all sides divided by the number of sides. The ".5" comes from the fact that you can never roll a 0. Where it gets fun is the scythe. :D
  5. Masterwork Tools, Spyglass & Khol for the rest. This way she can organize the deck in her favor.
  6. I prefer check +1/3 (rounded up), that way it accounts a bit better for the bigger checks. averaging is easy d4s #dice*2.5 d6s #dice*3.5 d8s #dice*4.5 d10s #dice*5.5 d12s #dice*6.6 or ((sides/2)+.5)*#dice for each dice type.
  7. AD 3 Ranger Stash is a GREAT way to find it. after you encounter one, if you don't get it, forfeit and start an adventure again.
  8. Controversy mostly. They add to the available pool of cards found while exploring. They go into the Gallery (collection of all cards available in your game) and the Vault (collection of all cards available to each party).
  9. There is something like that in the suggestions thread. Poop over and look.
  10. I'm also not trying to tell people to stop buying it. The game is great without the treasures, they are just a bonus. Obviously Obsidian is committed to making this a great game, you are just seeing the awkward beginning stages. Obsidian knows there is a problem and they are working to fix it.
  11. Like Nathan said, card development will stop. Eventually it will dilute the game. Additionally, if previous comversations are any indicator, there may be a way to purchase card sets.
  12. I see where you are coming from but you are wrong. There are 2 other options. 1) They wait and don't release them until they are all done (so....6 months from now?) 2) They don't release any. I'd rather have our current predicament than either of those. As for your analogy, it makes absolutely no sense in this. It is more like "Would you buy a phone that is the ONLY phone that does what you want, but has unnecessary apps that are still under development?" The answer is yes.
  13. One thing I know 100% for certain is that Obsidian is actively developing new cards for the game (see Hawkmoon's song, named after OUR forum member Hawkmoon). As well as actively integrating cards from other sets. This is all in addition to just adding new Adventure Decks. They are not deliberately withholding cards, they are releasing them in batches as they get made. Additionally these are all cards that are not in the core game, and are not required to play.
  14. Cut grass, hike, coerce my wifey into hiking, monitor the new software I pushed to robots in Turkey.... not much. How about you? How was the gig?
  15. To some it does. They are trying to get a specific card (like the healing Staffs in AD3), and no one has. Suddenly, they realize that these cards may not be available yet, or may be an artifact of play testing, and they feel they wasted time grinding for gold.
  16. Uh, if you're in Seattle, WA, you're near Paizo HQ. Check the website under Events for card events in your area. If nothing else, you should try to hit PaizoCon when you can. B-) ZOMG, With some winsome smiles and a case of beer, maybe he could game WITH the Obsidian team!
  17. No, The treasure chests in this game are all bonus cards that Obsidian has added. Some of these cards are from different sets (Skull & Shackles, Class Decks, etc.) and may be available at a point in the future without chests. Other cards are wholly created by Obsidian and not at all available in the physical game (although I would love it if we could get some printed...).
  18. Yes, but Treasures are tracked separately from normal cards. I.e. there's a set amount of Treasures when locations are built (let's say 10%) - that means that all your quantities of Treasures compete only between themselves. This prevents your game from getting flooded with Treasures even if you have many un-salvaged cards. I don't believe this to be true. Unless a dev chimes in saying otherwise. I was doing Mersi Poison Pill runs and never saw a deathbane x-bow or Poog until I turned off treasure chests. Sometimes I saw two or three of the same treasure chest weapon. The reason you are seeing that is that if 10% of cards are treasure cards, and you turn off treasure cards, then that makes another 10% available for standard cards. These two cards are a limited quantity and generally hard to find.
  19. Sure. But some of the ones I haven't gotten have been obtained by people here on the forums. I'd be happy if I'd gotten some of those. Three of one and Two of another seems a bit skewed to be actually random. fair enough.
  20. I have heard tell that if you stand in front of a mirror in the dark and say his name 10 times, the great Nathan Davis will appear. If you then succeed at appeasing him with pizza and beer he will grant you prerelease access to the next content block; If you should fail, however, all of your saves will be corrupted.
  21. Post that idea up here! That would add some AWESOME variety in wild cards that is currently missing. It could be one wild card called "Alternate Damage", or a few wildcards. Heck, it could be an alternate game mode! It would make the armor that blocks certain types a hell of a lot more valuable! https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87029-suggestions-and-ideas-thread/
  22. Lets just say I have a suspicion that some of the cards shown in the gallery are unobtainable at this time.
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