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  1. I'm not part of Obsidian, they should be along later. i just want to make sure they have enough info so that they can get back to you quickly. If it isn't answered today it probably won't be answered until Tuesday.
  2. log in to pathfinder and in the settings is a pathfinder ID, (PFID) they will need this to look into the issue. Most likely it is a sync issue with the cloud.
  3. What is everyone up to this weekend? I have a "free" (read: chores & errands) day saturday, then a birthday party on Sunday, a 4th of July party Monday, and my anniversary on Tuesday.
  4. I think it is very safe to say we will not see an update until Tuesday July 5th (my anniversary!) at the earliest. This is a 3 day holiday weekend, rolling out updates before it is NOT a good idea, for obvious reasons.
  5. Additionally Kyra has been revamped in the class decks. As for Lem....*shrug*
  6. I think you are WAY off on Sajan. He is my #1 dedicated killer. At first he is a bit weak, due to the hand size, but once you increase that, and get him some healing staffs, or healing allies (to recharge the few blessings he uses for noncombat or donates to other characters), He becomes a tank. Unlike others he doesn't need to depend on a weapon, he is g2g. Lini also can be pretty powerful if you level her right. Once you get her a weapon and proficiency, she can handle herself pretty well. I generally pack her up with 2 cures, 1 Augery, an Aid and the rest offensive. While she isn't a hardcore killer, she is pretty decent at higher levels (+1d4+3 is no joke). Have her bounce around when needed with cures, and you will see how great she is. Especially with the fact she is great at recharging.
  7. I used the one my friend gave me on Facebook. It gives him extra entries? I just checked my email and noticed it game me on too. I should have posted mine. I'll swap it out with the generic one.
  8. You might be able to edit your character decks and whatnot, but you couldn't, for example, unlock characters, adventures, and the C-deck on your save game. That stuff's stored on the server (like Gold is). Not completely, otherwise you couldn't play them offline.
  9. *shrug* Later in game, when you get the scythe it is helpful, or if you have the flaming mace! Otherwise yeah, it is a bit useless. my favorite Lini animals are: Crow (to start) Sabertooth Tiger (adds to combat not melee) Toad (Lets you pull spells from your discard, good for recovering after a hit) Cat (+2 to recharge!!!) Monkey (auto succeed at items or weapons!)
  10. Ditto. As I've stated many times I've seen tech that hold peoples' lives in their hands with less support and more bugs.
  11. Nope. Each party has its own Vault. There is a "bug" that if you were to (in your example) add Ezren to an existing party you can have another character ALSO with the Orb of Fire. But if you were to ever discard that card from either characters deck (in the deckbuilding at the end of the scenario or by banishing it) it would disappear.
  12. *shrug* I don't know what to tell you. There seems to be more and more people getting upset about the timeline, and there are more and more people (oddly some of them are the same people) berating Obsidian for letting a buggy release go out. When appeasing one tends to irritate the other. Yes, it would be nice to have a continually updated estimated release date, but its not like they aren't working on it and are just ignoring the community. Just look through all the posts and you can see they are communicating and trying to resolve issues. They may not have a firm date for the release, and (if the last release was any indication) they may hold off any release this week due to it being so close to a holiday weekend.
  13. While this would be the case, if someone is going to the lengths creating a save editor then they likely could just make it unlock everything and then have no need for gold anyway? Not really, Your purchases and treasures are stored on the server, so every time you reconnect you would lose what you edited. Right now you could hack your game to have 1 BILLION gold, but as soon as you log in it will revert back. As for the content, I don't know if it is already in the app or if it is an extra download, or needs a server verification to unlock.. If it is already in the app and doesn't need verification, then yes, you could in theory unlock it and play it without ever going online.
  14. 1. Is there a way to play an old scenario with the exact same difficulty (i.e. not adding new difficulty?) - Yes, click on the skull and select the difficulty, however you won't get gold for it. 2. What's the difference between adventure reward and scenario reward? From the description of the first two scenarios I see that my characters should get a skill feat, but I didn't get any. I only get the bonus cards. When completing blackfang, Merisiel was dead but Kyra was alive, so only Kyra got a skill increase. Is this a bug or should Merisiel get a reward too? (Or if not, did I miss out on her reward forever?) - Adventure reward is what you get when you complete ALL the scenarios in that adventure block. To get Merisel's reward just replay the scenario. To get the reward for a scenario a character must be alive at the end. To get a reward for the adventure the character must be alive at the end of ALL scenarios in that adventure. The skill feat is an ADVENTURE reward, you do not get it for completing those first two scenarios. 3. So at this point I have a few cards that I want to switch off from my "current deck" (these are the cards that I gained in my previous scenarios but didn't use afterwards). How do I do this? From the main menu, if I just tap on the card icon, I don't see the list of cards that I owned in the "available" section. But if I go to Vault, I do see that I own a few cards, I just can't use them in the deck building menu. Am I missing something here? - You can't. If you do not add a card to your deck it is lost. You have to find it again by adventuring. Picture the deck as what you have in your pockets, and the Vault as the inventory of the entire world. If you aren't actively carrying it in your pockets, it is somewhere out there in the world for you to find again.
  15. Not Melee, it is Strength Encountered Rat Swarm STR D4; triggered Beast Form, STR D10; triggered animal ally bonus STR D10 + D4; played Giant Weasel, MELEE 2D4 + D6 Lini has no "Melee" skill, and Beast Form only changes her Strength or Dexterity die to a D10. So you start the encounter attacking with your Strength (d4), you upgrade it to the d10. THEN you activate Giant Weasel, which adds a d6 to her MELEE check. When you do this it uses her Melee value, which is a d4, instead of her Strength with is (now) a d10.
  16. Given it has a deck building aspect are we meant to be gathering a pool of boons these character decks can be made from with which we can switch cards in and out of the play deck between adventures, or is the only time they can be altered between scenarios with what is found in the recently finished scenario intentional (or when you are short a certain type of boon)? - If you do not add a card to your deck, it is gone. You must find it again. You can only add/remove cards from your deck after a scenario. The only exception is when you first build a party. With Story mode you can replay on Heroic and Legendary, are these meant to also give the Adventure Reward for completing all stages on those higher difficulties? (IE getting the reward up to 3 times, it always lists the adventure reward regardless of difficulty setting, and doesn't mention 'only once', but doesn't seem to award them once a character has gained them on a lower difficulty, you only get more gold). - No You only get the Adventure Reward the FIRST time you beat it with each character. With Quest mode what is the determining factor of the end of scenario experience? (the participating characters seem to get XP for monsters and barriers but all characters gain the same amount regardless of whom individually defeated them or had help. While some scenarios can give quite a lot and others very little despite being a higher difficulty. This leaves it confusing to determine where the XP is actually coming from). - All characters gain an equal amount of XP at the end of a quest. The XP is from: Defeating Monsters, Defeating Barriers, Defeating Henchmen, Defeating the Villian, and Closing Locations. It was also mentioned (in these forums I think it was) here that you keep cards if you forfit (to represent going into a mission and leaving with some loot from the scenario), are we meant to get no xp at all, or gain a lesser amount (again like with cards representing some time spent doing a scenario, but leaving it uncompleted)? - If you forfeit a scenario you keep cards and gold earned, but you lose all XP earned. With missions does the placement of the difficulty nodes on the map have any representation to possible scenarios? - It does not seem so. Kyra and Lem actually have a total lower base skill dice (one step lower in total) than other characters, but their powers aren't any really any better, or more useful than the powers others have on the whole, so why do they have lower base skills overall when compared to the other characters? - Because that's how Piazo made the physical game. And their abilities are very useful, especially from a support standpoint. Is there any way to gain the P cards (Promo?) other than buying all the scenarios in the Runelord bundle? - Not Currently.
  17. If you are in one of your saves, and their latest game is AD1, the vault will only display those.
  18. Don't i know it! My buddy has the full Talisman set. When we play it we need 2 tables, one for the main board and play area and one for the Expansion boards.
  19. Did anyone see this gaming table on Kickstarter? They have a contest on their site (https://www.boardgametables.com/giveaway) and on BGG to win a free gaming table. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296268806/the-duchess-a-gaming-table-from-boardgametablescom
  20. Mimic (Bane) Monster Combat/Melee 15 Succeed at a difficulty 10 Perception Check or a difficulty 12 Dexterity check. If defeated draw 1d4+1 treasures. If undefeated bury the top 1d4 cards of your deck. REASON: Mimic is such an iconic monster, and with the treasure chests being a part of the app (and much easier to make a pool of these cards) it just makes sense!
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