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  1. All of those correlate directly to the Physical game. While Obsidian CAN edit some things, they are bound by the constraints of the original physical game. Where they do make a difference is that they are not combat damage, and can not be blocked by most methods of damage reduction. You need special gear to reduce this damage. Thus Characters that have loads of armor in their decks are at the same disadvantage as anyone with no armor when encountering these banes.
  2. *shrug* I beat it on the one in the picture. You just need to fail everything possible and heal a lot.
  3. No, you must use blessings, allies, powers, and spells to go through multiple cards per turn; Taking every opportunity to close a location, thus eliminating the remaining cards. You must split up your party and temporary close locations when you encounter the Villian, so you can hunt him easier. Yes you have a greater chance to time out, that is why you should only start with 2 characters. Find a pair that work well together and learn to use them. Kyra and Merisel are a good combo Lini and Sajan are my favorite The less characters, the less locations. The less locations, the less cards to go through. The less cards to go through, the less you need to worry about the timer.
  4. So the main feature of the game is the blessings deck, which acts as a timer. There is ALWAYS 30 cards (unless special rules change it). Locations are increased with the amount of characters, but ALWAYS start with 10 cards (again, unless special rules change it). So this means the more characters you have, the less turns you have per character to close out all the locations. Generally it is best to start out with 2 characters, because you will have 4 locations, with 40 cards, to go through in 30 turns. Once you get comfortable with the game (and get over the natural impulse to encounter every card) and get yourself a good feel of the characters and your strategy, THEN you can move to more characters. TLDR: Play with a 2 characters to start, encounter as many cards per turn as possible, close locations as fast as possible. Oh, and turn off permadeath.
  5. Don't want to say specifically, other than I feel sincerely bad about my previous F2P ambitions, and will be ponying-up the $25 for this and any releases to follow. The Humble Bundle shenanigans were their own fun meta-game. Maybe it'll happen again someday, but it seems fair not to be an absolute freeloader anymore. Lol. Well, I guess that's a win for Obsidian!
  6. Do you mean the Character Addon Deck that currently costs gold, or the class decks?
  7. True, but if AD 3 is any proof, they will be releasing new treasures with each AD.
  8. HAHAHA! I toally agree. I bought a total of 80 chests. After opening 20 I got bored and went back to playing scenarios. It brings up another question, though. If we don't have adventure 5 and 6 content yet wouldn't it be wise to save some of these chests to open after we have that? Otherwise, we have a lesser chance of finding the awesome cards from those not-yet-released sets. Or am I over complicating the idea? I have chests waiting for 4, 5, and 6. :D @Ethics: Where did this all happen?
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87664-1-dollar-for-40-chests-expires-620/
  10. After resolving ALL of the cards that you have too many of on all of your characters, if you have no extra cards of that type from other characters. The blue arrow should light up, clicking this will allow you to rebuild with BASIC cards.
  11. @Archangelrey: I dunno. According to google this is a fairly common question in regards to Humble Bundle, and a pretty well documented work around going back at least 3 years. While it might not be the intent, it is one of the limitations on the platform they are offering it on. On the plus side the money is going to charity, so sure you are getting more cards than intended, but you are helping those in need. @zenki: Welcome!
  12. Now that I am awake: Lini gets an automatic +1d4 bonus to ALL her checks, she is a great closer, gatherer, etc. Pack her up with some cures, Augery, Aid (Basic, Improved, or Greater), and some Attack spells. Make her first card bonus a weapon, and give her a Heavy Crossbow. BOOM awesome well rounded character who can support all your other characters. Sajan has his Blessings power, slap some amulets, spyglasses, healing staffs (later), and some allies that let you explore on him, and he can clear locations pretty fast, and do AWESOME damage, as well as providing blessings for the other characters if you are in a pinch. Build up his Fortitude first so that when you get Drunken Master, gives the staffs to Meri and take Healing Potions. He becomes a POWER HOUSE. Meri is just a great damage dealer, once she is proficient with weapons, she can use some of the bigger bows, but even before that, Deathbane Crossbow and a Heavy Crossbow provide excellent damage. Once she gets the Healing staffs, and the Snakeskin Armor it increases her self reliance a lot, which benefits her loner powers (Sneak Attack), especially with Sajan supplying extra blessings and Lini casting Aid. IMO it is my favorite self-reliant yet supportive team.
  13. Use another email to create another Humble Bundle account, and use a different form of payment. 2 deals per account per form of payment.
  14. Yeah. Completely kill the app, and log out of game center. Log back in and try again. A dev will be along at some point and get your login info.
  15. Yes, also you may want to have more than one card in a game, used by multiple characters. Such as Evangelist.
  16. Yup this is a known issue that has been reported. Anytime a wildcard condition would be satisfied it triggers. The best you can hope for is wildcards that increase checks or decrease the blessings deck.
  17. I have no idea what that map means, it looks very complicated! :D So Finland!
  18. I don't know. I only use my Phone. I *think* that since they (like gold) are stored server side, that as long as they are linked to the same Google Play or Apple account then they should.
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