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  1. We'll know in less than 12 hours, although were I Obsidian, at this point when I made an announcement about a release, I'd bake in some wiggle room. June? I'd say June or July. Then, if you get it out in June - you're a hero. If it hits the middle of July? You're still on the mark.
  2. I was under the impression if it's a card you might want to find, or get multiple copies of, then keep them multi in your vault. Seems like it, too, I had a lot of Chameleon Allys in my vault and I hit that ugly bald guy all the time. My kids would be watching and would be like, "eeew" every time. Question: You can't remove all cards from the vault, can you? Only certain ones? A shame, I'd like to clean it up entirely but I guess you can't just have the awesome cards be the ones you stumble into.
  3. Great news, while the game has had it's share of bugs, none have been game-stopping for me and I love how the devs have been making such quick updates. Clearly Obsidian is committed to this game, which is great.
  4. You're supposed to take a d4 damage at the defeat of a Henchman. Instead, you get it constantly. I can't even name all the triggers which will bring it forth, but right now I succeeded in gaining a Shield of Acid Resistance. i had to bury it, as per the wildcard, then I for some reason needed to take 4 points of force damage (a d4, which of course rolled 4. Not enough to just roll for damage for succeeding on a shield you can't really use - gotta be MAX damage at that to really rub salt in the wound). There are others, I think just killing a monster sometimes does it. very broken, very unp
  5. Fyi, I bought it once then bought it again. 80 chests. Is that wrong?
  6. They said June, which I interpret as mid-July
  7. 4 is my sweet spot. Realistically, I can close off three locations in the first 15-20 turns, then have the remaining turns to flush out the BBEG. I usually bring one or two versatile guys, like Lem or a higher skill level Lini, with a Dex specialist like Harsk or Mersiel, then a Wis guy, usually Kyra.
  8. I was running Lem and Sajan, found a very nice piece of armor. Neither can equip it, so it was left out after the scenario ended. Is there a way to go back to it with Valeros or Kyra and grab it for them? Stupid question, particularly if the answer is, "yes", but the tutorial didn't really fill in those blanks.
  9. The card depicts Lini blasting a plant with the spell, apparently rescuing her tiger. Neat, I play Lini, one of her allies is the sabretooth tiger. So far: So good. There is, however, a problem. Lini is a Divine caster. The spell uses the Arcane skill, thus would be banished if a non-arcane caster, such as Lini, attempted to use the spell (nevermind it would use a d4 base) Why pick Lini to illustrate it?
  10. Is it just me or are his only options Light Armor or Weapons? Both seem like a waste here
  11. Thread title about covers it. Giantbane battleaxe, which normally wouldn't make the cut for my Valeros b/c it's a d6, doesn't seem to work and do what it's supposed to go - not at least against an Ogre. So, either Ogres are not correctly set as Giants, the axe doesn't work against Giants or both.
  12. I got that power upgrade with my Sorceress, specifically thinking it would work with the Orb. It had no effect, I still needed to make a check. Is this as intended or a bug? Wicked Trident +1: def broken, you can make a roll once you reveal it.
  13. The not winning isn't the only thing bugged for me. If I fail to beat one of the henchmen snakes, I can't explore the area anymore - which makes an already frustrating scenario even more so. Also, I found a Wicked Trident +1, but it seems like everytime I try to use it, it locks up the game and I can't roll with it. They should have waited before putting this one out, it's just a mess right now - virtually unwinnable, no feedback, frustrating, etc...
  14. Are the item drops/boons the same as when you play at normal difficulty or are they better/more rare if you play on harder modes? Seems like they're the same. Working right now on cleaning up my guys and outfitting them with better gear/cards while I wait for Hook Mountain Massacre...
  15. Not really. "Early next week" is certainly subjective, but only to a point. It doesn't translate to "the last possible moment of next week." It's their game, and they can release it whenever they like. I just wish they'd simply said "next week" so we weren't all foamy over when it was going to happen. My quest mode is currently broken until the update. So here I sit. It's not just their call, working with Apple isn't easy. They do things on their own time table and generally aren't the most respectful or supportive of devs.
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