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  1. I ate them.... Well that portable ram and warhammer must have cause some issue internally...... Nope, just take small bites and chew thoroughly...
  2. It is, the rules are a constant irritation. During the next Kickstarter there will be a comprehensive rules book. It doesn't have the campaign appeal of Pathfinder, but it is a pretty fun randomized dungeon runner.
  3. Are there going to be any updates for AD4? If so, I do have a request, add barriers to the mix. With so many Chests, and stashes they can be a lucrative advantage for farmers.
  4. No, cards not used disappear and are in the Vault. Picture the Vault as the inventory of the world and the decks as the characters' pockets. If you don't actively carry it, then it goes back out into the world to find again.
  5. Not much, I was sleepy at the time. It was at the Dam scenario.
  6. Dice Average Calculator It occurs to me that a lot of the new people encountering this app might not have a good grasp on averaging dice. It would be nice if there was an option to turn on dice averages located Under the +# box. That way the game would be more accessible to people.
  7. Here is the Obsidian playthrough, it may help: https://www.twitch.tv/obsidian/v/68613004 But as Hannibal stated, After selecting your party members, in the lower right corner of the map is a big button with a "P" on it. It will allow you to reorganize your decks. Give Kyra: Maces 2 Cures Inflict Give Meri Thieves tools Crossbows For allies I get as many crows as I can, as they will help you farm for better stuff. Don't worry about losing, it can allow you to get better cards. Use cards that have Recharge abilities rather than Discard abilities, and avoid cards with Banish as much as possible (Exception is acquiring Health Potion and Holy Candle). Use spells that have lower Recharge rolls. These both will help you stay alive. Next just farm gold until you can get better characters. I'd suggest Lini for starters as she is a great all around character, Also Sajan since he is quite a heavy hitter and his recharge ability keeps him alive.
  8. Sorry, this is not true. The Blessings within the game have been errata'd to use the same "has the XYZ trait" that the bounties and favors have. So they're the exact same in that aspect. The main (read: only) advantage to the bounties are that they have a lower adventure deck number, so you're able to get them earlier on (deck 1, instead of deck 3). Not even that. Look at the Favors, most of them are AD B or 1, and they are much more powerful than Bounties in that you can play more than one.
  9. Lancea Sanctum is VtR, so yeah. :/ The system is a bit broken, but house ruling fixes it.
  10. I had the same problem. It was a sync issue with my device and the server. It seems most likely to happen if your connection hiccups while opening chests. That is why uninstalling and reinstalling helps. It is a quick fix.
  11. I had a Malk that believed he was the second coming. He met just enough of the Lancea Sanctum's prophesies that they didn't quite want to kill him outright. I also had a Khabit who was a demon hunter for the Lancea Sanctum. He was 7' tall, wore a long black trench hiding a fire axe and a sawed off shotgun (both 8 again weapons). He ashed a Gangrel in 1 hit. I love playing Sanctum Vampires, they can be crazy powerful and fun if stacked right.
  12. I dunno, I think it is a conversion issue with the last patch. They all say "My quest party was now in story mode". I think whatever switch that determines what mode a party was playing in got messed up in some people's apps. I did notice that characters I had previously deleted were back in the Experienced section of story mode.
  13. Nope, but this happened multiple times on different play throughs. I took the one that lets you recharge liquids. I forget the name at the moment.
  14. Bounties are only good for acquiring. If you look at the other ones they all correspond to acquiring certain boons. But I do agree that this bounty seems a bit out of place.
  15. I do Mind's Eye Theatre, usually we're in a bar...in full Vampire gear...so slightly better then just being inside? Yup, bars are better!
  16. SWEEEEEET! So: Common = Bronze Uncommon = Blue Epic = Purple Legenary = Gold
  17. 1) A good strategy for HctF is don't close locations, it just wastes time. (And the General Store is a known bug) 2) There is a known bug, one of your characters must encounter the final card, if Magga eats it you can win but won't advance.
  18. At least your up and about, possibly outdoors, rather than sitting inside playing an app or PnP. :D
  19. I just searched to see if anyone else had this exact issue, but I don't see it. I attempt to close City Gate w/ Sajan (Drunken Master), I defeat the Bandit, and win. The deck then gives me the Explore option, I explore again, and it is the Bandit, I win again and the cycle repeats again and again until I fail. It is 100% impossible for me to close this location with Sajan, but works with any other character. This was in Adventure 3 on Heroic and Legendary.
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