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  1. Had it happen again today while opening a few more chests. Maybe something may happen once a certain number have been opened? A memory issue or hiccup on server side? I had to do the same thing to resolve the issue. Tried resolving it by getting off WiFi and using 4G (and back) to no avail. I won't be playing anymore Quest until this is resolved. I'm dead tired of farming a character to have to start at square one again and again.
  2. Sorry, I should have clarified that a bit more. While your suggestion is the most ideal thing to do, the truth is the design of the game is already clear. There is a gambling mechanic, or gatcha, that is here to stay at the very least for a predetermined period of time. Probably forever. Going back on it entirely can cause all sorts of legal repercussion. I know of a certain mobile game company in Washington that got hit hard after back peddling on a similar system. Having experience working on projects similar to this, selling these cards as a package or bundle is simply not an option. Maybe in a year or more, but in the short term, I highly doubt it. I wouldn't even be surprised if devs initially wanted to go your route, but lost when potential RoI results with the current monetization method were released. That or the fact certain cards worked while others were still buggy - that may have been a factor in favor of a slow and gradual release of this content. I'm just making suggestions that are more viable options without requiring a complete overhaul of their current system.
  3. This is a horrid idea. Adding too many types of paid resources does not add to the value of a game, regardless of its monetization standards. This sort of thing rarely tests well and always results in failure for mobages on all fronts. I know PFACG is different from the average mobage, but the treasure similarity is a huge factor. Please look at articles that explain the economics behind this on sites like Gamasutra (odd name, but it's a game developer news site that has a lot of very great articles on everything, including mobile and tablet gaming). What *should* be done is any of the following: - Have significant drop rate up events on certain card types or themes every 3 to 7 days and cycle through a full rotation that can be done every month or two (at most). Maybe certain types of cards, a focus on certain deities, factions or alignments. - Just have a different pool of cards available every other day. Make it consistent to the day of the week or have it offset to cater to those who have work days or schedules that don't easily permit them to play at all on a particular day (cell coverage, work restrictions, etc). Both structures have pros and cons to them, but the latter is best if the devs have a means of communicating the schedule on a regular basis, which this forum is a perfect example of (a news update page in the game's store that people can view would be priceless too). - Allow for guaranteed highest rarity drops on a pool if X# of treasures are opened. I've seen a few other forums complain about the very poor (~1% if even) rates for the Legendary cards and I generally have to agree that this type of game should never require literally thousands of dollars, if not more, to unlock all cards (when it's not even a competitive pay to win)! Other games may do this, but Obsidian shouldn't stoop to their level! Some people will argue otherwise, but Obsidian should never be targeting whales & white whales in a game like this - it's extremely exploitive and poor pricing ethics, something I can't personally condone (A major factor for why I left the mobile gaming industry. Please think of people who actually have a gambling problem and how games like these can literally ruin their lives, financially and mentally. After meeting a few myself at a gaming convention, it really put things in perspective). I really want this game to be successful, since I absolutely love and am a huge fan of both companies involved in this product's release!
  4. I've been able to temporarily fix this issue by uninstalling the game, reinstalling the game, logging into my profile and opening a few treasures. It happened *again* and I reproed the fix, so I'm not going to touch my treasures or gallery anymore. It's frustrating to need to get and open 40 chests just to access half the content you already unlocked. Plus I guess Quest mode isn't saved server side so I lost all my characters I've been working on. In particular a level 22 Lem.
  5. I noticed today while opening some treasures that I hit a fairly high priority bug, since I've effectively lost a ton of paid content in the game. Well over a hundred chests worth of content. On Android, logged into GooglePlayGames and Repro as follows: Went to store and opened treasure chests until the game soft locked. Chest animation froze and went to title screen, back to store and animation froze again. Relaunched the game. And repeat. Was able to open a few chests before hitting the lock again. Go to gallery. Attempt to salvage Greatclub card. Noticed that the tool tip regarding how salvaging worked popped up. Upon clicking "yes", nothing happened. Repeated this three or four times, then tried salvaging a different item, Ranseur. This works. Back to Greatclub. Nothing. Quit and relaunch game an hour later or so. Notice my inventory dropped from ~1650 to 1320. After navigating through my cards, dozens of them, maybe more, are completely missing from my collection. Relaunch several times to no avail. Just to test something, I note what cards are missing that I know for sure I had. (some are on characters in my quest mode) Got a Smith, Fox and Shortbow +1 in the first pack I open. Renavigate to my gallery and sort by treasures. The Smith, Fox and Shortbow +1 cards are still grayed out. So it seems the game just decided to remove many of these cards from my collection completely or this patch has made them 'invisible' to us. PF ID is 3742EE9866E7037F
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