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  1. 1) Iesha Foxglove never rolls to summon, but still summons her 100% of the time. 2) Miri w/ Acrobat will sometime lose a blessing. It banishes and I can't figure out when. I get to the deck rebuilding phase ad she will have -1 blessing. 3) Sometimes when Temp closing locations it will close the location that the villian is at rather than the one I am attempting to close.
  2. Interesting. Did you start this party in Story mode Before or after the last patch?
  3. Wow, um, that's an interesting problem to have. Basically you gained too many levels! lol. Could you walk us through the process you used to get to this stage? Did you start that party with new characters or experienced characters? Did you play each story in Normal/Herioic/Legendary?
  4. Click the "More Reply Options" and upload them using the buttons below the text box. If they are too big I have had luck with texting the picture to myself, and letting the phone auto compress the image, then uploading it.
  5. Nice! Queen is great! Swords don't get stuck in skulls, well, not more than anything else. Sabres are preferred because when riding the curved cutting edge stays in contact with the victim longer, making a harder cut. Lances and spears are what sucks, they are one use. Axes can be great if you have the strength to actually hold on to one. The blow is intense, you could dislocate your shoulder. Flails are better, as the chain causes the blow to not be transferred, but they are difficult weapons in general, and the entire force of the horse isn't transferred.
  6. Another completely off topic post. So, on Kickstarter I've backed this game Dungeon Dice in all of its expansions so far. They are taking suggestions for new dice for their final expansion on their BGG thread (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1595656/final-expansion-requests). Has anyone else played this one? The owner of Potluck is pretty awesome, I've had a few of my ideas incorporated in the game so far (as well as in the unofficial FAQ).
  7. Ditto (although I have ridden a horse when I was younger) she is a bit more forgiving in details like this. Although I'd totally let her borrow a sword if she really wanted to.
  8. I just booked part of my anniversary present for our first anniversary! I got my wife a Horseback riding lesson! And I got her a signed leather bound edition of her favorite book.
  9. To be fair, this IS a "General Discussion" he can talk about what ever he wants in here, the only real rules are No Spoilers, No Cheating, Nothing Illegal, Nothing Offensive. Many of us here have a background in PnPRPGs, and don't mind discussing them. As for catch phrases, It depends on his group, and what his character is like. I had an Orc who spent multiple game sessions claiming he was the King because he is pretty (longish story). If he decides his character wants to spew sappy catch phrases, and his DM doesn't care enough to punish him, then I say have fun! You can always dish out some Metallica: Give me fuel, Give me fire, Give me that which I desire, Ooh!
  10. I hope for your sake that wasn't the first attack against her! lol.
  11. True, but rich players damage to games in longtime periot. Balanced system changed to pay2win system. I think, the players who too much spend gold as detrimental as farmers. Yes developers earns money but non-rich gamers will be unhappy. That all depends on the company. From what we've seen from Obsidian, they are comfortably keeping the balance between F2P and P2P. Obsidian has a good catalogue of games, and hasn't really shown much drive in going exclusively P2P. So no, I don't think rich players will destroy this game in the long run.
  12. This made me laugh. Free digital content for everyone! It is the same reason any form of software charges for anything, they are a business and need to make money. If you write the code once, you do the same amount of work if you sell one or one billion copies. Even in the physical game card scarcity is nearly an illusion. Cards don't cost a lot to print, especially in bulk.
  13. I'm sure this black marketeer is kender =) Creating powerful account not need farmers. (Specially in treasure system) Consider I have very very rich father. I bought and open more more more treasure chest and created a very powerful character. Very high probability, there are very rich players among us =) True, but at least you are paying obsidian for the privilege of being more powerful. Which supports the company and the game. The more money the game brings in, the more resources the company can put on the project. which in turn means a better app for everyone.
  14. That might be a simple fix of only having a 1 way sync for treasure cards (IE chests can't be opened in offline, and treasure can't be gained, but your treasure cards are part of your world save. When you next go online it redownloads your Gallery)
  15. Speaking of farming, I bet now that the Humble Bundle has expired there are people selling the Chest Codes. no need to bet actually: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pathfinder-Adventures-40-Chests-Android-ISO-Key-/252426740041?hash=item3ac5ce6149:g:PJUAAOSwepJXYeOK
  16. Paper version? There are 2 other versions of Pathfinder. The PnPRPG (which is basically D&D 3.5 glossed up), and the physical Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. It is not possible in the card game, because it would seriously weight what you find in your adventures (ie, you could "store" all the crappy cards, so your location decks are only good cards that help you in adventures). In the card game it is an open world Pen and Paper RPG, so you can do whatever the DM will let you.
  17. By selling legendaries or hard to find cards. That would involve sending money to some shady character's bank account BEFORE he hopefully, maybe gifts you the card in-game? Maybe I've take one 'Faith in Humanity' Feat too much, as I don't believe that would become a practice (or at least not significantly common one). But yeah, given that trading would directly cannibalize Obsidian's chest sales, even without farmers, I dont see that happening. They do it for lots of other online games. WoW for example: http://www.igxe.com/WOW/buy-WOW-Gold-WorldofWarcraft/BOE-Weapons/allServer-USD.html
  18. By selling legendaries or hard to find cards. If you can only trade treasures then it wouldn't be very over powered, but if you can trade all cards it could be.
  19. Yes, the Vault is a collection of cards available for that party to FIND, not what is available for them to add to their deck. The best way to envision this is that the Vault is all of the cards available in the world, and you deck is all the items in your pockets. If you didn't put it in your deck, it is out there somewhere in the big wide world for you to find.
  20. I guess "Help" and "Ruin" are subjective terms. If you mean let you win a majority of the time, then yes it would help. In my view the game is already easy enough, this would just make it much easier, thus ruining it.
  21. Additionally, could you imagine having multiple accounts, and farming a bunch of the desirable cards, then dumping them all into one POWER account? This could ruin multiplayer. It would need to be limited, as in how many of each card you can have, and what cards can be traded. For example if I have 3 accounts, trade off all of my Healing Staffs, Deathbane Crossbows, Heavy Crossbows, etc. into my main account. I would be able to have a crazy robust account.
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