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  1. I am trying to get into this game, and I wanted to provide feedback as to my experiences and how the game could be made better. Everything goes through iterative improvement, and hopefully I can affect the future of the game. I have briefly read the rules for the actual card game, to stay within those rules. No point in suggesting something that is not in the spirit of the game. The Base Set Rulebook will be referenced by page, so BSR19 is page 19 of the rulebook, used immediately below. 1. I made it through the first two story missions, and was ready to take Kyra and Merisiel out into the wide world and level them up. However, I cannot figure out how to do that, I seem to be forced to start new versions of them. The card game states (BSR19) that characters can be played in the campaign or a random game. Let me play the same party characters in story mode as in quest mode. 2. The card game states that it has enough cards to support four character decks, six if you have the character add-on deck. (again BSR19) With a digital platform, card scarcity is no longer an issue. The nicknames function that exists could use some magnification to a larger font, if nothing else. To be even more clear and concise about characters, make a universal character vault that has whatever characters I have made, with a "new" button on it for new characters, so that I can have the same experience as I would with the card-game, on a digital platform. 3. The subdued, plain, gray, cog-wheel icon has nothing about it to explain that it is the means to exit to the main menu. The standard convention is a red X in the upper left corner of the window. Maybe something in between those two? An easier, more intuitive menu scheme? Back and Next buttons? Swipe up and down? 4. I do not know how this game can deplete my tablet battery, but it most certainly does. Is there any possibility of a menu option to turn on and off the "effects", to make it a bit easier on battery life? 5. If I want to change my cards for the basic ones, then rules a better deck-building menu would be awesome. In fact, I have not figured out how to do that, but I understand that cards can be discarded, but "view deck" does not give me any such option. I would very much like the tutorial to go through this, to explain it as a core function of the game. This could be integrated into the character vault as well, to put it all in one place, using the three dot ellipsis icon and view deck option that already exists! 6. The card game rules state that decks can be built using cards that are in expansions two numbers less than the current one in play, expanding from the basic cards at higher levels. Is this implemented in the game? if not, then please put in the business logic for it, so that we can experiment with builds at later stages of the game. Thanks to everyone for the game, and please read these suggestions in the spirit that they were written - to make the game better. V/R
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