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  1. Hi, normally I am the lurking type, but now I have to speak up, to express my anger about this change. I will try a real life "comparison" to make myself clear: Imagine I bought a car with manual transmission, and apart from some annoying break downs I still like it and even invest in some upgrades. Then one day I come to my garage and find a note "In case you didn't notice, we exchanged your transmission to automatic. We want to simplify things, and some people can't drive with manual transmission." But I like manual. And I bought my car with it, this was one of the reasons in the first place, also for my upgrades, which now are useless/removed/salvaged. What do you think I would do? So you just changed things without telling, cards get salvaged without my consent and you try to sell it as an improvement?????
  2. Same here. Bug fix is needed urgently. After defeating undead, chose to heal, cannot do anything, no dragging, forfeiting, ... Tried to exit, after restarting app and continuing, I get to option to heal or continue again, but neither choice makes a difference, still stuck. Playing Kyra, Merisiel and Seoni, Story mode, AD 4-4, Android 5.0.1, Asus P01T Haegar 72 #3248 PFID-F4D0E07FF3F106BF Newest Game patch Ver 662-20161014 Please help and advice what to do.
  3. I just encountered that problem. It is even a progression break, since after selecting heal I cannot do or click anything, just aborting the app (Probably will have to play the scenario again...
  4. Hi everybody, I can confirm this bug. Playing with Seoni and the 2 start characters at legendary difficulty, Fort Rannick, with latest patch Using an ASUS android pad. PFID F4D0E07FF3F106BF
  5. Paper version = physical card game ) And I didn't think of the limited number of physical copies - silly me. So my suggestion of a stash would only be possible for the electronic version and contradict the the physical version... hmmmm. Anyway, I would still like this since it would resemble what I do in PC RPGs... well, one can dream ) Thanks again for the quick reply, and topic closed.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking of something like a stash, where my heroes would store their boons for later adventures. Not only the weapons I mentioned, but also one time items like potions. E.g. if I prepare for a scenario with lots of fire damage, then I would pack some potions or spells for elemental protection in my decks which I normally don't need. (Probably this is possible in the paper version of the game?) So this is my suggestion to Obsidian for a future update!?
  7. Hello, I am not sure if this is a bug or by intention: Whenever I complete or start a scenario in story mode, I can only choose from things I aquired in the very last scenario. But since I now got the weapon proficiency feat, I would like to use the weapons I previously aquired, like shocking longbow +1 etc. Are all boons lost once I don't select them after a scenario? I use an Asus P01T with Android 5.0.1 and have the 2 basic heros and the sorceress
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