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  1. Are you sure about that? The loot card (the guitar like thing) you get after the First Story arc, I removed it from the character deck and I have seen it come up in location decks ever since I got rid of it. Unless I am misinterpreting the definition of "loot card"
  2. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android 5.1.1 Bug 1: When using the Escape Cloak (probably not what it is called just what I think of it as. It is a red cloak that allows you to evade and move) while encountering a henchman at a location that can be automatically closed. I have noticed that the location gets closed without defeating the henchman. Bug 2: When using the Cleric's "Heal" Power and Revealing/Discarding Holy Water it does not heal 1d4+1, it only heals 1d4. Bug 3: When a blessing states something like "Add 2 dice to a non-combat *STAT* check". If your Active character is in combat, and one of your NON-active characters uses a blessing described above for the stat the active character is using, it will add 2 dice instead of 1. - I don't know if this is a bug, since the non-active character is not the one in combat, but it is still a combat check so if not a bug it should be worded differently. Bug 4: When in the deck management phase after a mission, if the screen locks, when you unlock it sometimes the cards can not be moved. I found I need to force stop the app and get back into it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions: - The cards can be difficult to read at times, it would be nice if there were icons saying the pertinent things like how many dX a weapon or spell is (ie. 2 squares with 8s in them would mean 2d8s, a +1 in a square would mean it does +1). - During deck management it would be nice if cards you don't meet the requirements for (weapons where you don't have the Weapons Power, or spells that require Arcane or Divine Skills to avoid Banishing) were outlined in red.
  3. Just a tip if you want to "cheat" the system a bit: Each character has a required number of cards the MUST have, this is found after a mission during the deck editing phase. If you can not meet the required numbers, you are allowed to take cards from the Vault to make up the difference. So, start the second mission in the first story line (the one with the Pillbug poisoner guy), this mission has a few closing conditions that involve Banishing cards. Assign the character whose deck you want to edit to one of these locations, assign all of your party members to another location that does not involve Banishing. Play ONLY with the character whose deck you want to edit, pass on every other character's turn. As you play be sure to get 1 card you want to Banish in your hand per location. BE SURE TO NOT ACQUIRE ANY CARDS OF THE SAME TYPE AS THOSE YOU WANT TO BANISH! After you have Banished a few (or all) you can fail the mission. Then it will prompt you to rebuild your deck using the Vault.
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