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  1. This is a rather broad bug, mentioned here also with a similar issue and screen capture.
  2. Also if you look the chapter names don't actually match up to the chapters in the Burnt offerings mission list either. Attack on Standpoint is the only title shared across them both while it is the first mission for the area list but the third entry for the completion list.
  3. There is a typo: With the card layout descriptions, point [4] Powers says "Fiction" which i gather should be "Function".
  4. Seems a waste to me even if you do get the ambassador upgrade. Given you can get the Obsidian version (what the ambassador program upgrades too) on steam for $30USD (because of the 25% off) and it will give you everything on the mobile version. While if you spend 25USD on the mobile version you still need to spend ~19USD on the steam version to use that, thus spending 44USD instead.
  5. Yikes. That's pretty rough. I admit that I don't have 2000+ samples to work with, but all signs point to the app using Unity Random.Range() to handle dice rolls. It's a pretty standard function unless you're concerned with cryptographic randomness or plan on starting an online casino. Back-end is an xorshift128 PRNG, which isn't perfect, but is fast and fairer than a lifetime of tabletop gameplay. Found a dev post I remembered reading forever ago. No reported bias in a million simulations. If there is something else causing the dice to go crooked, I haven't been able to find evide
  6. Seems an odd price point given $5 more gives you the entire game set, and you don't have use for the gold you earn, other than chests, if you do buy the set.
  7. I can assure you that the random number generator does not play favorites or hold a grudge. Sometimes the dice and scenario modifiers just aren't in your favor. Without getting too far into the details, the game uses a pretty standard method to draw random numbers. On the "randomness" scale, it should have a distribution somewhat better than the cheap plastic RPG dice that would have been found in the tabletop version of Pathfinder Adventures. ... You would think so however testing has proven other wise for me. From 1000 rolls (for the first calculation) testing the half point (be
  8. 25% chance of finding a dice skin per treasure chest redeemed is right on average. Breaking the stats down even further..., Legendary Dice have a <1% chance per treasure redeemed. Compared to Legendary Cards, Legendary Dice are at least a dozen times rarer. Good luck! Last time I checked though 25% is much lower than the 50% as mentioned by flounder. Though for me that is OK as I don't have many of the cards yet, for others that have most of the bonus cards it could be an issue though.
  9. I have been finding it is around the 25% of chests open actually give dice. That said if it is meant to be 50% to have at least one slot give a dice colour, then its only about 15% chance for any or the 4 possible slots to give a dice skin (presuming equal chances for each slot) to equate to about the 50% mark.
  10. Night Approaches is about the worst "wild card" there is as it essentially is saying "you will fail unless you get lucky, so your wasting your time" because most location decks will have more than half boons and some of them will be completely useless to the character you have there thus just making you throw away blessings (while the game is balanced already around needing to take extra turns or you will fail). That wild card alone cranks the "difficulty" way up beyond the level of every other wild card or scenario condition.
  11. Bracers of Protection cant be recharged to mitigate any combat damage (the point of them). Lini cant use the weasel on a combat check if she is "transformed". Rolls occasionally end up with a -1 to every die to defeat an enemy for no apparent reason (even on non-combat checks like wisdom for the ghost), as there is no condition for this to be the case. Doesn't seem to be any set conditions causing this issue.
  12. Not sure if Driving rain increases at higher stages but it is only +1 to all difficulties at the lower end. Which would give the end result of 17.
  13. Why is that even an issue of what die you use. All dice should behave the same regardless of its type, especially when it is the most common die type. Please test your patches better to not break fundamental mechanics as it makes it next to impossible to actually play properly.
  14. Huge amounts of gamers buy games they have already finished once or multiple times, why do you think digital game distributors (like steam and gog) go to great lengths to get older games available for players. It is because enough people will buy games they have played and enjoyed to make it quite profitable to do so (even outside of sales). A lack of players enjoying a game will kill it faster than just about anything else because they tell others (potential customers) not to bother, while they mention games they enjoy to others to try (whether a 'free' or paying player).
  15. So whats the problem then with letting people play the difficulties they enjoy for less gold than what they have the option for now? Especially if it is as easy to gather gold as you make it out to be, as it would mean it has little to no impact at all. Everyone that does play the lower difficulties will actually get it slower not faster using this approach (while not being forced to play a difficulty they may not enjoy), as legendary difficulty brings in the most gold per game. Why dictate how people have to play the game to get a semblance of progression? Keep in mind they hav
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