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  1. I don't have the cards to compare, but maybe the Orb of Magic is a higher check to recharge because it isn't an element? In other words, it could be a conscious rules mechanic decision to make it slightly harder to recharge compared to the others of its kind.
  2. ...What was the bug? Your topic says it has to do with Kyra's Heal ability. But it happened when you encountered a Ghoul? What happened exactly?
  3. Fort in Peril is one of the scenarios in Story Mode (AD3 I think). You must edit your team so that Valeros is the only character. Then play Fort in Peril and win the scenario with just him.
  4. Are you including the hyphens? I think you're supposed to. I just redeemed it myself about a minute ago and it worked fine. Not sure if the code is the same on all of the cards. Remember that O's (the letter) are more round while 0's (the number) are thinner.
  5. Agree with this, I had a bit of a tough time selecting the items from the dropdown. Yeah, and what's more is that it used to crunch the numbers and automatically go to the most advantageous selection. For example, if you could use CHA, DIP, WIS, PER, it would set itself to the one that worked best. If you used a blessing, it automatically switched to the statistically superior one. Say you had CHA d6 with plus two and so had a slight advantage on a base 6 check but then used blessing of Shelyn which yielded 3 d12 total, then it would switch wisdom. The blessings are kind of messed up. Not worth getting all riled up over it, but I'm a lazy bastard, so I prefer it when I have a relatively high trust for the game. It didn't always switch to the statistically superior one. Usually it just switched to whichever check was getting +2 dice (if applicable). I had one case that I can remember where Seoni was being given an Intelligence or Arcane test (which doesn't use Intelligence for her). It just so happened that the top of the Blessings Discard was Irori (the +2 intelligence blessing). So I had someone recharge that blessing, and it switched to 3d6 rather than 2d12 + 4. That was not a statistically superior change... But recently, the changes have definitely been worse than they used to be. I've seen switching to Strength instead of Strength/Melee on characters that actually have the Melee skill. Switching from Wisdom to Perception on characters that don't have the Perception skill (causing a default to 1d4, instead of 1d6 or higher). And so forth...
  6. Sounds like that shouldn't have been considered Victory, since the character died before completing the second combat test. I've seen it a couple of times where some sort of glitch occurs and the game skips straight to victory even when there is supposed to be another check left... Wish I could help you out though, Limwik, sounds like the devs are going to have to help fix that directly...
  7. Not sure, it seems like it could be handled the way they handle cards in the character's decks. Like how if you take two character that have previously played separately they can't bring into a single game more copies of a card than there are in the Vault? Similarly, each character could also "carry" a list of the cards that have been culled for that character, and compare it with the list for all of the other characters. Cards they have in common would only take the highest number of culled cards between the two (so if both characters culled the Crow once, it is still only culled 1 copy; but if one character culled 2 of them, 2 are culled in the final). The compiled list of all the characters playing determines the full list of culled cards. Or if that is too complicated for Quest Mode, just do that in story mode. The list of culled cards could be tied to the party, which I know is already tracked at least somewhat differently from the individual characters. The divergence from the way the original game handled it actually removes some of the tactics that the game has. I know that when we played through it physically, there were some boons that we never completely removed. It was a conscious choice, and one that the game explicitly has the players make for boons. While through prolonged play, the weaker banes eventually all get removed (and you can't avoid that).
  8. Device: LG VK810 4G tablet System: Android 4.2.2 ID: Kiirnodel #5932 Quest Mode: Heroic Modifiers: Defeating an Undead deals all heroes at your location 1 poison damage; When you defeat a monster, roll 1d6, on a 1 take 1 Fire damage. Villain/Henchmen: Rogors Craesby; Zombie Minions First up, just want to say that those two modifiers are a seriously obnoxious combo. Seriously? automatic damage plus a chance to take more on top of that? I'm real glad this bugged out or else I would have been screwed over just by having a bad combination here. I had a strange situation with those damaging effects. I almost never took the Poison damage, the effect would animate (poison-y looking skull, with damage sound effect) but it would immediately start rolling for the check for fire damage and it would just pass by the fact that there was unresolved poison damage. However, and I couldn't isolate what was happening, there were two times where the game popped up another roll of a d6 (with a +1 being added) and it gave me another hit of damage. Worst part, it wasn't doing a check for damage, that d6+1 was the damage! The first time I had been looking away, and I thought I somehow rolled really low on my check, because I was taking 5 damage. The second time, I was watching, but the animations moved so fast that just all of a sudden it was rolling a d6 and displaying the "+1". Then it said I took 7 damage! And I'm pretty sure it was considered combat damage, because I was able to mitigate with armor cards (luckily). Just super weird things going on. I was able to win the scenario in the end (mostly because of the lucky bugged interaction where I didn't take any damage if the Fire damage didn't trigger). But also had some lucky cases where the damage ended up hitting only on my character that had a Ring of Protection. As far as the combo of Wildcards go, any chance we could get something that limits which ones pop up with each other? Because that combo if it was working correctly would be seriously harsh.
  9. I've noticed a lot of similar situations, where the game seems to be trying to do several things at the same time. The game sort of rushes along and some of the checks/damage/extra effects just get sort of glossed over and disgarded. Sometimes it is beneficial to the player, but sometimes it skips things like abilities that can activate at the end of a character's turn. All in all, it seems to be a problem with the way the game handles phases and timing. If two things are considered to have the same timing, it's a toss-up which one happens and if the other will happen at all.
  10. The culling is random? That seems odd and not in-line with the rules of the original game. Do we have any developers that would like to comment on why the change?
  11. I haven't gotten far enough in the game for the mechanic of removing cards to take effect. Does the app game allow to choose not to completely remove boons? Because as far as I'm aware, it should...
  12. That definitely wasn't the problem. When I was trying to use Gorum, my only options were either Combat Strength or Combat Melee, both of which are Strength checks for Kyra. So it should have added two dice no matter what. Also, I ran into the same problem again later on in the same game, but with Lini using a Slingshot and a Blessing of Erastil. Very strange.
  13. Very strange bug. Quest Mode. Full party of 6, all at different locations. Kyra is active character at the Treacherous Caves. Combat comes up with a Bugbear, and she doesn't have any weapons in hand, but she does have a Blessing of Gorum. I discard the Blessing of Gorum, but it only added 1 die instead of 2. I tried going to another character and discarding a Blessing of Gorum, and it added 2 correctly. Went back and tried again with Kyra, no go. Not sure why it worked for one character but not another. I have screenshots if we need 'em, but apparently my tablet takes screenshots at a really high resolution, so I would need to edit them to pull down the file size.
  14. I've had this happen a couple of times. Usually it happens when I try to drag the card from the list that pops up to the bury pile. The best work-around I've found is using the tap-zoom and button press method. If you tap on the card you want to bury it should do the pop-up zoom as normal with the button next to the card to select Bury. It hasn't locked up on me in a while though, but that's what I would try to do.
  15. All of the characters seem to have a default starting deck. You don't really need to customize it from the start (I think overall the choices for starting deck were pretty good). I don't remember ever getting the option to fully customize the character decks when starting the game, and after playing numerous scenarios I was definitely able to get better stuff into the decks than just cards from the basic set (which is all you should have access to when first creating your deck anyway).
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